CloTi nonsense: "Aerith's is like Cloud's mother! He called her mother and he is attracted to her
'maternal essence' at the Forgotten City!"

So, what are CloTis harping about here? They are speaking of the ending of AC/ACC where Cloud mutters
while on the brink of death. Cloud is lying in white space and Aerith places a reassuring hand on his
forehead while she heals him. Cloud, drifting in and out of consciousness mutters "Mother?" And CloTis, being
what they are, ignore the fact that Cloud was
unconscious and merely reacting to a comforting presence.

Tifa, on the other hand, has been described as being
like a mother to Cloud. Actually, Nomura himself stated
that Tifa has a "maternal bond" with Cloud....

"Tifa was a very difficult character to create. Like Aerith, she has a maternal side to her, but in a different
. Not only was she looking after Marlene and Denzel, but she also felt a certain maternal bond to Cloud,
who is a 'big kid' himself in some respects
. Yet despite this, she continues working as the manager of Seventh
Heaven without a complaint." (Nomura,
Reunion Files, Tifa's profile)

So, Nomura states that both Tifa and Aerith have maternal sides to them, but that Tifa's maternal side is
different. He then applies Tifa's maternal side directly to Cloud and states right there that Tifa has a maternal
bond with Cloud. Aerith's maternal side was described as being
different than that of Tifa's, whose maternal side
relates to Marlene, Denzel, and Cloud. So, how exactly is Aerith like a mother to Cloud when it has already been
confirmed that
Tifa is the one who is like a mother to Cloud and that Aerith's maternal side isn't like Tifa's?

Honestly, Cloud acts like a rebellious teenager around Tifa all throughout
Case of Tifa and AC/ACC, anyways. He
runs off on his motorcycle, stays gone all the time, clams up and doesn't speaking with Tifa, hides things from
her, etc... Tifa, on the other hand, acts like a concerned parent, worrying about Cloud and scolding him on several
occasions. A few examples of this:

(During a conversation with Tifa) ... Cloud made a familiar face, like a child who knew a scolding was
... (Case of Tifa)


Cloud gazed at Tifa with the expression of a child whose worst secret had just been let out of the bag... (Case
of Tifa


...He's like a child, Tifa thought. While it made her sad that Cloud could see another world she knew nothing
about, the idea his world was expanding at all was a welcome one.
Yes... Maybe this is kind of what a mother
feels like
. Once she saw Cloud off, Tifa was alone with the new emotions growing inside her and was happy.
Case of Tifa)


So, please tell me again how Cloud sees Aerith as his mother. We have Cloud muttering "mother" while drifting in
and out of unconsciousness,
on the brink of death, and merely reacting to the presence of a comforting hand
vs. Tifa being confirmed as having a "maternal bond" with Cloud, feeling motherly feelings toward Cloud, and
seeing Cloud as a child. Not only that but Cloud
reacts to Tifa like a child with his mother. How is this hard to

Oh, yeah, BTW- in
Crisis Core, Zack also mutters "mother..." to Aerith after falling through the church roof and
being knocked unconscious. Once again, Cloud and Aerith's relationship is being given a direct parallel to a canon
romantic couple. I mean, Zack
sure as hell didn't think of Aerith as his mother, did he?

Aerith's "Maternal Essence"...?

As for Cloud being "drawn to Aerith's maternal essence"... that is a complete lie. Nothing like that was ever stated
and, as usual, CloTis are twisting facts to make their own pairing seem more legitimate than it is.

"I think that part of the reason we decided to have Kadaj's base in the Forgotten City is because it's the one place
that Cloud avoids. But at the same time, perhaps he's drawn to it. There's a sort of hidden meaning to it, with the
maternal essence of Aerith that lingers there." (Nomura,
Reunion Files)

So, what does this quote say? It states that Cloud avoids the Forgotten City, but that he's also drawn to it. Period.
It doesn't say
anything about Cloud being drawn to Aerith's maternal essence.

Some fans seem to think that the "perhaps he's drawn to it" part actually refers to Kadaj. This would actually tend
to make more sense as it was
Kadaj who constantly sought "mother" in AC/ACC. If Kadaj was searching for
"mother" and noticed Aerith's maternal essence at the FC, it would make sense why he would choose to set up his
base there. After all, there is
no way Kadaj would know that Cloud deliberately avoids going to that particular

Since the grammar on this statement was confusing, I asked a Japanese descendant if he could discover any clues
within the Japanese
kanji on the page. This is what he had to say about it:

"I understand that the reference is towards Kadaj... even if take the context, the talk here started with Kadaj's
reason for setting his base at FC, and then, another reason (Aerith's presence on there). I don't think it's talking
about Cloud here..." (Shadow Spirit)

So it appears that, with the help of the Japanese translation, the English grammar becomes more clear: Kadaj's
search for "mother" led him to the FC where he felt Aerith's "maternal essence", and so decided to set up his base
there. After all, later in
AC/ACC, Kadaj mistakes Aerith's presence as that of "mother" again when he begins to
fade. With her help, he is purified and able to rejoin the Lifestream.
Who's Your Momma?