Tirades and Rants
This is basically just a place to vent my frustrations at the stupidity of those involved in LTDs,
namely rabid CloTis. I am sure there will be tons of things in here that would piss off a rabid
CloTi as well as loads of foul language (I
DO have a potty mouth). So, if you are a rabid
CloTi or a sensitive individual, please take your leave now. I will not be responsible if you get
You've been warned!!!

* The CxA ClAeris Fans Are SO Mean!!!: OMG they have RULES!!! D:

Pink Nazis: It's only funny when rabid CloTis say it!!!

The CloTi/ClAeris Alliance: The conspiracy that didn't happen....

CloTi and ClAeris Perspectives: How CloTi makes me WTF...

Don't even think this page is done... I'll be back to rant more later.... XD