Pink Nazis
Who REALLY start it all...
I'm sure some of you may have heard certain rabid CloTis acting all offended because there are members of the CloudxAerith Forums who call
themselves "Pink Nazis". They act all self-righteous about the whole thing when, in fact,
THEY are the ones who started it all. That's right, it was
rabid CloTis of the CloTi fandom who started all of this "Pink Nazi" business to begin with. But, being true hypocrites, it's only funny when
they say it.

So, why call us "Pink Nazis"? Oh, because we have
RULES that keep them from spamming, insulting, flaming, mocking, and harassing members
there. Their reaction to the rules:
Trust me, I have a whole other rant on that subject. It boils down to the fact that the rules are strict to simply keep
the peace there and keep out trouble-makers. But, apparently, it really butthurt the people out there who can't get their daily dose of treating someone
else like shit.
Oh, well, I say. Maybe they should try getting a life....

So, it was simple-- we put up strict rules to keep them out and protect our members from harassment and that made us "Nazis". They started
spreading that one all over the Internet and making jokes about the "Pink Nazi Forum". In fact, it was so funny that even we found it amusing, just
in a different way. XD

So amused were we by the bitching and moaning that we made up a club on the forum called "Pink Jackboots" that revolved around us all being
"Pink Nazis" who were all out to commit genocide on the CloTis and all that. It was a big joke, just like their big joke. Only, we were mocking them
and their butthurtedness. And they didn't like that at all.

Really, it all boils down to the main ingedient of a rabid CloTi:
HYPOCRISY. It's okay to make fun of us because of our rules. However, it's not
okay for us to think you are funny because you are essentially upset that we aren't allowing you to act like a complete ass on our forum.
HYPOCRISY. It's funny for you to call us "Pink Nazis" to mock us, but it's not okay for us to call ourselves "Pink Nazis" to mock you in return.

So, the next time you hear a rabid CloTi tard going off about how we call ourselves "Nazis" or how my title is "The Nazi General of CloTi
Genocide", please inform them that this is, in fact,
a joke that THEY STARTED. I'm sorry if they don't find it funny that we mock them with their
own absurdities. Maybe they should just STFU next time....