Love Beyond Death
CloTi nonsense: "Cloud can't be with Aerith because she is dead".

This is not a question of who Cloud can be with, it is a question of who he loves. You can continue loving someone,
even after they are dead. Think about it. Would you cease to love someone simply because they died? I would
certainly hope not! Plus, in case you forgot, Cloud's decision at the end of
FFVII was to be with Aerith, to "meet
her there" ("there" being The Promised Land). So, he is still searching for a way to be with her, even though she is
dead. This has been shown time and time again in subsequent games like
Final Fantasy Tactics and Kingdom Hearts.

Cloud and Aerith are portrayed as having a spiritual bond in FFVII:

There are two scenes in particular that show this well. The first:

After resting for a while, Cloud woke up in the nighttime.

Cloud: I feel it...

Barret: What is it?

Cloud: Aerith is here, ...and so is Sephiroth.

Barret: Wh, what! Sephiroth!?

Cid: Hey, how do you know!?

Cloud:'s not an excuse.
I feel it in my soul.

So, you can see here that Cloud can feel Aerith's presence. He can feel Sephiroth's presence because of his Jenova
cells. However, he has no such link to Aerith. The only explanation why Cloud can feel Aerith's presence in this
scene is because they share a deep spiritual bond, as soul mates would.

Another scene that shows their bond:

Scene 90
- Aerith's Gift -

(Reaching the intersection near the entrance of the Forgotten City, Cloud looks to the north.)

"Aerith's voice...... Coming from there?"

(He rushes north. Passing through a tunnel, he reaches a secluded, calm, mirrorlike pool. Sunlight shines from
above, though it is still midnight. He continues. He enters a small, spiral-shaped building. Taking a long, glass
stairway there, he reaches a huge, elegant, crystalline city, suspended in space. Continuing on, he finds a small
shrine. Aerith is kneeling inside it.)

As you can see from the picture, there is no way that Cloud could have heard Aerith's voice from where he was
standing. He was
much too far away. So, if he didn't hear her voice physically, then the only possible explanation is
that Cloud heard Aerith's voice speaking inside himself, resonating down the deep spiritual bond that they share.

Cloud and Aerith's connection in Advent Children/Advent Children Complete:

In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children/Advent Children Complete, it is shown that death means nothing. Aerith is
very much a part of Cloud's life. They interact with one another in the movie, speaking and even touching. And,
in the end, Aerith remains a part of Cloud's life as shown in the bonus videos "Calling" and "Safe and Sound". The
creators themselves have even confirmed just how deeply bonded Cloud and Aerith are: From
Distance, the
Advent Children commentary:

"The words 'memetic legacy' are used a lot in the film but in AC, rather than focusing on memories we
wanted to show that consciousness is what lives on. We took the ending of the game and expanded on that idea.
Even if they're dead their consciousness is still with us.
As for Cloud... he sees Aerith several times throughout
the film. It's not that he sees her because he feels her presence. He sees her because her consciousness
lives on inside him

This quote explains why only Cloud can see, hear, and touch Aerith. For Cloud, who is so closed-off around others,
sharing a soul bond like this, a bond in which they are melded completely and nothing is hidden between them, this
relationship must be a very intimate one indeed. Cloud can now roam freely around Gaia with Aerith by his side
always; Aerith, whom he shares
everything with. So, truly, this argument should not even be used anymore. S-E
has already shown that, in the world of Final Fantasy, death isn't really a problem for Cloud and Aerith. Aerith lives
on in Cloud's very soul. Aerith may have lost her body, but she and Cloud will
never be apart.

More official quotes that speak of Cloud and Aerith's closeness:

As long as Cloud blames himself for Aerith's death, he won't be able to move on with his life. One of the
first ideas we had for Advent Children was to have Cloud overcome and resolve that immense feeling of guilt. For
Cloud, no one other than Aerith can solve that problem for him.
I tried to create an atmosphere in which she still
seems to be by his side - in spirit at least
. (Reunion Files, p. 58)


Maaya Sakamoto (Aerith's Japanese voice actress): She's presented in this movie as Cloud remembers her, and her
spirit is still with him - talking to him throughout the film
. (Reunion Files, p. 58)


Cloud feels an incredible sense of guilt for not being able to save her [Aerith], but
sometimes he can still hear her
voice in a soft whisper
. (Reunion Files, Aerith's profile)

A few lines from Maiden of the Planet, the official Aerith novella that also prove my point:

"She was told that death was not the demise of life."


"Aerith knew that death didn't mean to be annihilated."

Death cannot stop love, especially in the world of Final Fantasy. And it certainly is not a hindrance to Cloud and
Aerith. It never was. The real world =\= the FF world. This is a world ruled by fantasy. The rules of reality hold no
sway here.

"Since Sephiroth exists, Aerith must exist."

"Since Sephiroth exists, Aerith must exist. There was no doubt about that one." (Nojima, Reunion Files)

So, what is important in this quote? Because there are CloTis who are quite comfortable accepting the fact that
Cloud can see, hear, and interact with Sephiroth, but they refuse to accept that Cloud can see, hear, and interact
with Aerith. Why? Because, if Cloud can see, hear, and interact with Aerith, despite the fact that she's dead, it makes
their "Cloud can't be with Aerith because she's dead" argument null and void.

In the two novellas written by Nojima,
Case of Lifestream: White and Case of Lifestream: Black, a glimpse into the
Lifestream is given, showing how both Aerith (
White) and Sephiroth (Black) influence the world. Sephiroth decides
to form remnants of himself from negative Lifestream to do his will on the planet's surface. Aerith wonders if she
can do the same, then decides against it, wishing to meet Cloud as he knew her. However, the fact remains- if
Sephiroth can use negative Lifestream to manifest remnants of himself, Aerith should be able to use positive
Lifestream to physically manifest herself.

If both Aerith and Sephiroth are capable of influencing the world, and they are both capable of talking to Cloud and
being seen by Cloud, then why would anyone believe that Cloud is only capable of interacting with Sephiroth, and
not Aerith? Clearly, Aerith can produce a physical manifestation, or she would not have been able to boost Cloud
upward during his battle with Bahamut-Sin in
AC/ACC. This is just one more reason why death means nothing to
Cloud and Aerith's relationship. Cloud is fully capable of hearing Aerith, speaking to her, and even touching her. So,
what's stopping them from being together?

Square-Enix Supports the Idea of Love Beyond Death:

It amuses me how many people will say that Cloud cannot be with Aerith because she is dead and then turn around
and say they are fans of Tidus/Yuna from
FFX. WTH??? Tidus and Yuna's love story was directly parallel with that
of Cloud and Aerith. Tidus and Yuna's love was based on the concept of loving someone
even after they have
. It was also about continuing to love that person and search for a way to be with them again, despite the
overwhelming odds. Yuna searched for a way to be with Tidus again (
FFX-2) much in the same way Cloud stated
that he thought he could "meet" Aerith in the Promise Land at the end of
FFVII. Cloud is also portrayed as searching
for Aerith and/or meeting Aerith in subsequent games like
Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Dissidia
Final Fantasy

Even in
FFVII itself, we see other pairings that portray love beyond death. One of these is Vincent and Lucrecia.
Years later, on into the Compilation game
Dirge of Cerberus, Vincent has not moved on. He is still in love with
Lucrecia and often visits a cave where she can be seen, her image preserved in a large crystal. Barret also chose not
to move on after the death of his wife. For that matter, neither did Dyne, who later died and was reunited with his
wife's spirit in the Lifestream. Even Elmyra, Aerith's adoptive mother, did not move on after the death of her

So, why is it a requirement that
Cloud should "move on"? Why is it so pertinent that he cease loving Aerith just
because she has died? Vincent, Barret, Dyne, and Elmyra all chose to remain alone, preferring to live with the
memory of their loved ones close to their hearts. At least in Cloud's case, he can be
with Aerith. She is still with him,
even after her death, due to her Cetra heritage. The others I have listed didn't have that luxury... yet they chose to
carry on loving their significant others even after they were gone. I think this says a lot for Cloud and Aerith and
why they shouldn't be dismissed completely just because one of them has departed the physical plane.

FFVIII, you see another great example of love beyond death- Laguna and Raine. At the end of the game, the
player is shown Laguna standing at Raine's grave, still wearing his wedding ring. He has chosen to continue loving
Raine. He has chosen to not move on from her memory.

FFX-2, Shuyin and Lenne's love endured through 1,000 years of separation. And some people say they find it
hard to believe that Cloud can still be in love with Aerith after 2 or 3 years? I believe I have provided more than
enough proof that S-E does not consider death to be the "end" of love. Nor do they consider time an obstacle. If
Shuyin and Lenne can continue loving one another after 1,000 years, then Cloud continuing to love Aerith for the
remainder of his life should not even be questioned. Why? Because S-E says so.

And, finally, in
FFXII, Princess Ashe is shown grieving for her lost love, Rasler. Throughout the game, she is
shown remembering him many times. Most importantly, though, is the fact that Ashe chooses not to move on. In
the end, she remains alone, the memory of Rasler still close to her heart.

For more information:
Cloud... Moving on?

One Last Thing (small rant):

Another thing about the whole "Aerith is dead" argument that totally pisses me off is the "Cloud would have to
become a necrophiliac in order to continue loving Aerith" statement (it cannot be called a real argument). People that
use this obtuse declaration in love triangle debates should be
shot. They are maladjusted, immature, and completely
ignorant when it comes to love. They have no concept of what love is and have clearly never been in love
themselves. For all of you morons who still don't get it, I will explain-- sex does
not= love. It doesn't even come
. Love means holding someone in your heart forever. Love means continuing to love someone even after they
have passed on. Love means searching for a way to be with the one you love no matter what the odds. Love means
waiting for the one you love for however long it takes.

Plus, let us not forget that Cloud is
not the typical hormone-driven guy. He isn't anything like you horny fan boys
out there, so stop ruining his character by lowering him to your level. Cloud is an extremely introverted and shy
person who hides his innermost feelings. He's not a skirt-chaser and has
never been portrayed as such.  

As a matter of fact, the creators agree with me on the fact that Cloud isn't some walking hormone who thinks with
his junk. During an interview regarding
Advent Children Complete with Nojima and Nozue (Dengeki PS3 Magazine),
Nojima said that he thinks that
since Denzel idolizes Cloud, there’s going to be a period where he doesn’t pay
any attention to girls

So, there you have it. Confirmation at last that Cloud isn't some he-whore whose sole concern is where his next
piece of tail is coming from. Honestly, anyone with the
tiniest inkling of what Cloud is really like already knew this,
but some people need it spelled-out for them.