The CxA ClAeris Fans Are SO Mean!!!
Because we have rules... D:
I feel that, in light of certain accusations, I just need to vent here. There are certain CloTis who feel the need to join the CloudxAerith Forum. They don't
like CxA, but they still want to join. Why? Who the hell knows??? I certainly don't. I don't understand it at all. The day you see me join a CloTi
forum will be the day Satan skates to work. I don't like the pairing and I don't want to participate in any forum that supports it. End of story.

So... why do I have a problem with CloTis joining the CxA Forums? Because they constantly want to bitch about something or start trouble. Now, sure,
not all of them are like that. I have no problem at all with hybrids (people who like both ClAeris and CloTi) joining because they are usually tolerant and
nice people who, apparently, can
read because they don't break the rules.

Speaking of the rules.... Yes, the CxA Forum has
RULES. As an Admin at that forum, I can assure you that those rules are very strict. Why so harsh?
Because of the rabid CloTis in the fandom. It's really that simple. Before the CxA Forums were brought online, ClAeris fans couldn't go to very
many places online to try and enjoy their fandom without some pathetic douche doing their best to ruin it for them. You couldn't start a thread or a club
about Cloud and Aerith without a pack of rabid CloTi tards coming by every five minutes to spam up your thread with insults, porn, or something else
equally childish and low.

Tired of all of it, Anastar, a long-time debater in the love-triangle debates, started the CloudxAerith Forums with the idea in mind of a place where
ClAeris fans could go and speak their minds, enjoy their pairing, and not have to worry about being harassed. It would be a place entirely free of trolling,
rabid CloTis. However, in order to do this, Anastar and the other staff at CxA had to come up with a set of very strict rules and a harsh
warning/banning system. The CxA Forum does not allow
any kind of support of CloudxTifa, nor does it allow any harassment of its members, or any
type of love-triangle debates. This way, if people just want to hang out with other CxA fans, they can, without any worries about being insulted, flamed,
or harassed by CloTi fans with nothing better to do.

Because of the strict rules of CxA, certain CloTis have been bitching for quite some time. Here is the simple truth for you whiny little tards--
the rules
were set into place because of people like YOU!
If you could keep your stupid asses out of a forum for a pairing that you don't even like, maybe we
wouldn't need rules like that. If rabid assholes like you could GTFO and STFU for once in your sorry lives, we wouldn't need to protect our members
from the likes of you, would we?

refuse to allow you to harass, insult, and flame our members. We refuse to allow you to post CloTi garbage all over our forum. We refuse to
allow you to constantly challenge every statement we make and turn every little thing into a debate on our forum.
We refuse to allow rabid little
bitches the run of our forum... PERIOD. If you don't like it, then QUIT JOINING UP, YOU FUCKING DUMBASSES!!!!

**Deep breath**

Honestly... if you haven't had any run-ins with rabid CloTi fans, consider yourself lucky. Here's a little information on the things they do to ClAeris fans:
they have stalked us all over the Internet to various forums, they have sent viruses through emails to us, they "invade" the forums every now and then to
insult the members and/or post porn, they have even set up entire blogs with the sole purpose of picking out individual members of CxA to mock, insult,
and slander. Seriously, their entire time online is spent mocking and insulting CxA fans rather than supporting their own pairing.

So.... Are you wondering why they are so interested in CxA and its fans? Well, that's pretty easy- they're threatened by us. If they weren't, they would
be indifferent to our presence. You know, sort of like how I don't give a rat's ass about what gets said at CloTi forums? I don't care what they say
there, because I think they're full of shit and I think their proof is
ludicrous. I also think their pairing is horribly incompatible and downright BORING.
So, why waste my time listening to their bullshit?

So, basically, the gist of this rant is to let the rabid douche bags out there know that,
YES, we do have rules and, YES, they were put in place to KEEP
and give CXA fans a place where we don't have to listen to your mouth every five seconds. If you think the rules are too harsh for you, then
make the right decision and
DON'T JOIN. If you join because you are curious about the pairing, don't start harassing the members there with your
opinion or overreact to certain topics or
YOU WILL BE BANNED. We DO NOT put up with asshats on the CxA Forum who want to walk all over us
and shove their opinions down our throat.