CloTi nonsense: "OMG Crisis Core totally proves Zeris and CloTi canon/Zeris and CloTi =eternal love!!!"

This PSP game is set as a prequel for FFVII and gives Zack time in the limelight as he is the hero of this game.
Cloud, Aerith, Sephiroth, and Tifa, along with many other characters are also present. So, what are CloTis gloating
about? I wish I knew. The simple fact of the matter is that ZackxAerith
is canon. They are a legitimate pairing.
Aerith is part of Zack's romantic history. But, that's just where CloTis confuse facts with their delusions and
desperate attempts to pair Aerith off with anyone to get her out of the way.
ZackxAerith is in the past. Aerith
stated as much herself in
FFVII. And, considering that CC takes place in the past before Aerith even met Cloud, I
fail to see what bearing it has on the love triangle.

CloTi in Crisis Core...?

CloTis seem to consider Cloud touching Tifa's face as she lay injured and possibly dying a sign that CloTi is canon
forever. I haven't played this game, but it seems to be the same basic thing that happened in
Last Order, and just as

In the
past, Cloud had a "dim love", a baseless crush, on Tifa. Yeah... we knew that already. Crisis Core took place
in the past, way before Cloud ever met Aerith. So, how does something that happened in the past override future
events? I really have a hard time understanding why people can't seem to get the fact that all of the events in
took place in the past. The events of FFVII, Advent Children/Advent Children Complete, and Dirge of
take place after Crisis Core. In other words, there is no way that the events of Crisis Core override events
that take place in the future.

Consider this: if a
FFVIII prequel were made, it would show SeiferxRinoa, wouldn't it? We all know that Seifer and
Rinoa were an item in the past. But, a new
FFVIII game that took place in the past wouldn't make SquallxRinoa
invalid. All it would do is illuminate past events and show what happened before Rinoa ever met Squall. So,
CloTi wasn't made "canon" by
CC. All that happened is that more rabid retards were confused by past vs. future.

Zeris... eternal love...?

Zack falls to the Church of the Slum during his mission and ends up meeting the girl Aerith, who's trimming
flowers. They both feel contented simply with each other's company;
it's a platonic love. They think these kinds
of happy days will last forever, but.... (
Crisis Core Ultimania, Zack's profile)


They attract to each other by
mutual feelings similar to friendship, because they're both juvenile, if you call
it love
... (Crisis Core Ultimania)


Q: Some parts we didn’t imagine from Aerith’s saying of “he’s my first love” in FF7 are depicted in CC. There are
many FF7 fans who’re pleased about it.

Nojima: The setting that “falling from the roof of the Church” repeats Aerith’s encounter with Cloud was decided in
the beginning.
Though we’re talking about love, they are still young and there’s no time to describe “how they
become fond of each other” in the game.
So I made it like “falling into a sudden crush.” Personally, the setting
that Aerith’s “how about one date” to Cloud in FF7 reappears in Zack’s lines is the greatest joy to me. Even though
this line was casually placed in FF7, I care a bit about the saying that “it was thoughtless of her to say that.” The
way of having Aerith receive Zack’s words is a defense for her. (
Crisis Core Ultimania, p. 579)

So, we have Zack and Aerith's feelings for one another being described as "platonic", "similar to friendship", and
being described as being too "juvenile" to really call it love. Then Nojima himself states that it is merely young love
and more like a "sudden crush". I think that says it all folks. Eternal love?
I think not.

Oh, and these statements say a lot about Cloud's relationship with Tifa, as well. If Zack and Aerith are too "juvenile"
and too young to really be in love at the ages of 15, then how in the world was Cloud "in love" with Tifa at the age
of 14, when he left Nibelheim? Simple-
he wasn't. According to the creators, Cloud's "dim love" for Tifa isn't
eternal and
isn't true love. If Zack and Aerith were too young, so were Cloud and Tifa.

Also, please note that Aerith had actually
moved on from Zack by the end of the game:

Aerith: Are you doing well? Where are you? It's been 4 years. This will be the 89th letter I've written but I will
not send out any more.
I hope that you receive this last letter. Zack! The flowers are selling very well. It makes
everyone smile. It's all thanks to you. Aerith. (Aerith's 89th and final letter to Zack,
Crisis Core)

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