The Official Commercial
Before the release of FFVII, a commercial for it was aired on TV. In this commercial, it showed Cloud laying Aerith into
the water, with the word
"Love" superimposed above the two of them....
Could Square have made Cloud's love interest any more clear here?
From a FFIX commercial, showing flashbacks of previous games.
FFIX commercial screenshot
FFX commercial screenshot
FFX-2 US commercial screenshot
FFX-2 JP commercial screenshot
JP FFVIII commercial screens
JP FFVIII commercial screens
The narrator then stated, "...a story of a love that could never be..." This statement clearly spoke of a romantic love
between two people and the tragedy that would separate them, rather in the same way Romeo and Juliet's story unfolded.

Later, during the commercial, an image of Sephiroth is shown and the narrator states,
"... and a hate that always was...".
In this way, the viewer is given a clear representation of the hero's love interest (Aerith) and enemy (Sephiroth). This
same line was also used in the official
FFVII tagline, according to IMDb: "The story of a love that can never be, and a
hate that always was"

Obviously, neither of these quotes are meant to be taken
literally. Cloud and Aerith's love did take place, they were
simply separated by tragedy. And, clearly, Cloud didn't
always hate Sephiroth; he once idolized him. However, Cloud's
hatred of Sephiroth much later becomes a hatred so's as if it is a hatred that has always been there deep in his
heart. Regardless of how you take it, Sephiroth is shown with the word
"Hatred" by him and CloudxAerith is shown with
the word
"Love" above them. If one is true (which it is), then so is the other.

Also, the words
"War" and "Friendship" appeared on the screen during the commercial. In the screen with the word "War"
was the Sister Ray canon during the time when ShinRa declared war on the planet itself by attacking the Weapons.
"Friendship" appears on the screen with an image of Cait Sith, Barret, Cid, and Red XIII. I'd like to point out that these
words were also accurately placed.

I'd also like to point out that the
only two characters shown in the Japanese FFVII commercial were Cloud and Aerith.
You can flip through the screen shots at FF Shrine
here. That's a pretty odd thing for Squaresoft to do if Tifa is Cloud's
intended love interest, isn't it? First, you have a US commercial with
"Love" dangling heavily in the air above Cloud and
Aerith and then you have a Japanese commercial where Tifa is completely absent. Hmm.... ;)

Does the commercial truly portray the intended couple?

Cloud and Tifa fans like to say that this commercial was not made by Squaresoft (their name prior to the merger with
Enix much later) and, therefore, it is not official. However, I find this statement to be ludicrous. Whoever made the
commercial was hired by Square, right? And, so they would have been given information regarding
FFVII, like who was
the hero, who was the villain, and who loved who, right? The commercial also would have had to be approved by Square
before it was released. Do you honestly think Square would have allowed a commercial to be released if it portrayed
something false?

Oh, and for all of you Google-illiterate morons who are incapable of looking up this commercial on your own and yet
insist that I simply
must be making it up (since I didn't supply a link for your helpless little selves)... here are some screen
caps and here is the commercial on YouTube, in its entirety. Watch it and weep.

In case you still have problems figuring out that Square's commercials show what was intended, take a look at the
commercials for
FFVIII, FFIX, and FFX, which all showed the official couples of the game together. If these
commercials show the intended couples, what makes you think that the
FFVII commercial wouldn't? The FFVII
commercial showed Cloud holding Aerith in his arms, the
FFVIII commercial showed Rinoa rushing into Squall's arms,
FFIX commercial showed Garnet hugging Zidane, the FFX commercial showed Yuna and Tidus caressing each other
at the spring, and the
FFX-2 commercials all showed Yuna and Tidus together. If all the other commercials aren't
portraying lies, then why would anyone assume that the
FFVII commercial is showing a lie? Some screen shots:
The absolute BEST thing about the FFVII commercial? It was made prior to the release of the game, so there were no
fandoms for CloudxAerith or CloudxTifa to cater to. Therefore, we are seeing the creator's intentions in their absolute
purest form. And their intentions were clear- Cloud's nemesis was Sephiroth and his one and only true love was Aerith!

"A love that could never be"...?

CloudxTifa fans also like to say that the phrase "a love that could never be" can only mean a love that will never
happen. Now, that makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? A commercial is made that shows the word "Love" next to two
people and then the people at Square snicker and go, "Tee-hee, it's not gonna happen! He doesn't even love her, he
loves someone else!" o_0
Seriously??? What a colossal waste of time and money! Why portray something that is a
total lie? How much easier would it be to just show Cloud and Tifa together with the word "Love" dangling in the air
next to them? As I pointed out before, the words "Hatred", "War", and "Friendship" were all
correctly placed. If 3 of
the 4 words are correctly placed, it only logically follows that
all of them are appropriate to the images shown. Trying
to say otherwise simply makes you look like a fool.

The words
"a love that could never be" obviously refer to a love similar to Romeo and Juliet, a love torn apart by
circumstance or even tragedy. The two involved love each other dearly, but cannot be together because something is
stopping them from being together, no matter how much they may want to.

Here is a general writing and grammar expert confirming that "a love that could never be" "... comes from
Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet', referring to their impossible relationship that can not go any further because of their
family differences"
. He follows up by saying, "Romeo and Juliet were two young people who were desperately in love
with each other. They met in secret whenever and wherever they could. Certainly they were in love! Yet, due to family
pressures, their love was unrequited; it could go no further. They could never marry nor share a family, the ultimate for
two people in love. Theirs was truly a love that could never be."

So, not only is Cloud's relationship with Aerith confirmed in the commercial to be that of a love relationship, it is also
compared to one of the most tragic and beautiful love stories ever written, that of Romeo and Juliet. It's as if
Squaresoft placed a huge neon sign in front of fans saying, "Cloud loves Aerith!" It's really astounding that there are so
many fans out there who are
completely clueless and who continue to deny cold, hard facts.