CloTi nonsense: "Cloud doesn't show grief/depression over Aerith's death".

Confirmation of Cloud's feelings from official sources....

It has already been confirmed that Cloud was devastated over Aerith's death. From the official novella, Maiden of the Planet:

"She watched Cloud's face which looked as if his heart was going to fall apart from the sadness of losing her, the anger
and hate he had for her being taken from him

This one takes place immediately after Aerith's death:

"But a cry came through to her. It wasn't the sound of her cry. If it was then she would have felt the blood gushing up
through her throat and the fury that forced its way out from the depths of her soul-
It was the sound of Cloud's heart
cracking. It was the cry of his heart that could never be healed of the grief he had towards Aerith's death, the blame
towards himself and the hatred he had for Sephiroth

These lines speak of Cloud's sadness, his grief, and his guilt. They speak of how his heart was going to "fall apart", how his
heart "cracked" when Aerith died. In fact, these lines confirm just how deeply Cloud's feelings for Aerith went. The fact that
he was completely devastated and heart-broken over her death show a depth of feeling far beyond mere friendship. In fact,
Aerith herself was taken aback by the depth of Cloud's feelings for her. Why would she be surprised? They
were friends, after
all. Aerith's surprise can
only stem from her realization that Cloud was actually in love with her. Otherwise, Cloud's emotions
would not have been a revelation for Aerith.

In the novella,
Case of Tifa, it seems even Tifa understands Cloud's feelings for Aerith:

"She knew that Cloud was in great pain because he couldn't protect Aerith. Cloud was on the verge of overcoming it but
now, going back to the place where he and Aerith got separated meant that
his sorrow and regret was going to tear his
heart apart once again

Once again, it is shown just how much Aerith meant to Cloud. This passage speaks of Cloud's pain, sorrow, and regret. It also
speaks of the emotional damage inflicted upon Cloud because of Aerith's death, that seeing the place where he lost Aerith
would "tear his heart apart". Once more, it is made clear the depth of Cloud's feelings for Aerith.

Cloud's statement of "What about us... what are WE supposed to do?"

For all of you who don't get that line, let me explain with an excerpt from the editorial "What about US...?" by Anastar (visit
her site,

"Cloud is speaking of he and Aerith in the first person plural the same way that couples do. Some people argue that Cloud does
not mean he and Aerith as he says this. They interpret this phrase to mean that Cloud is asking how the group is going to fight
Sephiroth without Aerith, since she told Cloud in the Sleeping Forest that only a survivor of the Cetra can do it. However, this
interpretation doesn't fit the context of the passage at all. Cloud is in the midst of grief and shock over her death, while he is
clutching her body close to him with his head bowed over her. He is in the midst of talking about his own pain and the loss of
Aerith. Why would Cloud suddenly switch topic to ask how the group is supposed to fight Sephiroth without Aerith?"

Also, according to Shadow Spirit, a Japanese descendant, Aly is correct about the "What about US" statement. In his interview
with Aly, which can be viewed here, SS comments on the Japanese version of

"When Cloud says 'What about US? What are WE supposed to do?' in Aerith's death scene, the phrase is directed to Cloud and
Aerith in a personal sense, almost like a talk between him and her. The language usage in this scene is painful, soft, and
personal, instead of Cloud's usual rough manner of speech. Although he doesn't indicate love in and of itself, it's the only scene
in the game where Cloud shows a soft side, so it's pretty much sure that Aerith was very important to him and more than just
a friend. Aerith is the only person who captured Cloud's attention like this in the game. Since your actions reveal who you love
in Japan, then his feelings for Aerith are suggested in this scene."

A few more points about Aerith's death....

1. When Aerith ran off into the Sleeping Forest in Cloud's vision, he ran after her. Why? Why would Cloud run after
Aerith unless he wanted to be with her and/or didn't want her to leave? He didn't have any reason to think she was in danger.
After all, she told him she would come back when it was all over. Sephiroth didn't appear until
after Cloud had started
running. What reason did Cloud have for running after Aerith before he even knew she was in danger unless he just didn't
want her to go?

When Cloud approached Aerith on the altar where she was praying, he waved everyone else away. Does this remind
you of anything? Well, it should, because it is the
exact same thing Vincent did when he approached Lucrecia beneath the
waterfall. Vincent wanted a few moments to speak alone with the woman he loved. Cloud is no different. Doesn't the fact that
he wants a moment alone with Aerith imply that she is something more than a friend to him? Doesn't the fact that his friends
allow him to approach her alone imply that they are aware of how he feels for Aerith? Tifa was Aerith's friend, too, so why
wasn't she allowed to pass? If Cloud was a mere friend to Aerith, then why was he singled out to approach her alone?

Why did Sephiroth/Jenova wait until Cloud arrived to murder Aerith? I mean, Sephiroth waited around until Aerith
had already gotten her wish to the planet and bonded Holy to humanity. That was rather counter-productive of him, don't you
think? Why didn't he kill her before she did this? It would have fueled his plans much better if he had done so.

By killing Aerith after she was done praying, he actually helped Aerith to summon Holy. So, why make this troublesome girl
even more of an obstacle by doing exactly what she wanted? I mean, he showed up in the Sleeping Forest right after she left.
He knew where she was going and what she planned to do. So, why wait? I think the answer is pretty clear. Sephiroth waited
to kill Aerith in front of Cloud because he knew that nothing could devastate Cloud more than to lose the woman he loved. It
was Sephiroth's way of getting revenge on Cloud for being defeated in the Nibelheim reactor. Even when Sephiroth laughed
and claimed Cloud was incapable of feelings-- he was doing all of it to cause Cloud grief and sorrow. Even in
Final Fantasy
VII: Advent Children
, Sephiroth states that he wishes to bring Cloud despair. What better way to cause despair than to kill the
one you love most in the world right in front of you while you stand there helpless?

Cloud was the one to run to Aerith and scoop her up in his arms after she had been killed. And it was everyone else
who came up to offer their condolences, whether it was a hug, a hand on the shoulder, or an understanding nod. If Aerith was
just a mere friend, like she was to everyone else, why would everyone be comforting Cloud? Doesn't this imply that they
understand just how deeply he cared for her? Doesn't this also imply that they understand that Cloud is suffering the greatest

Cloud, alone, was the one to lay Aerith to rest in the water. No one else was visible in this scene. Just like when Cloud
approached Aerith alone, Cloud was allowed a special moment alone with Aerith. If Cloud considered her a mere friend, like all
of the others did, why was he the only one to carry her to her final rest? Doesn't this indicate how special Aerith was to Cloud?

Some further thoughts....

Just because Cloud doesn't commit suicide over Aerith's death or fall into a massive blank-stare, drooling depression doesn't
mean he didn't love Aerith. After her death, Cloud threw himself into defeating Sephiroth and saving the world. This quest
gave Cloud an outlet for his anger toward Sephiroth and kept him busy enough that he didn't have time to grieve or fret. After
all, one of the reasons Cloud was chasing down Sephiroth was to complete Aerith's mission, not to mention avenging her

Cloud: "Aerith has left us great hope. But, it cost her her life... her future..." "I'm sorry... Aerith. I should have figured this out
sooner." "...You left us without saying a word... It was all so sudden, so I couldn't think..."  "That's why it took so long for
me to find out... But, Aerith... I understand now."
"Aerith... I'll do the rest."

Cloud also mentions that a "personal memory" is one of the reasons he is fighting. He states this during Disk Two when they
are aboard the Highwind:

Cloud: "I know why I'm fighting." "I'm fighting to save the planet, and that's that." "But besides that, there's something
personal too..." "A very personal memory that I have."

The previous quote from the Forgotten City reinforces the idea that the "personal memory" is Aerith. It's pretty obvious that
the memory isn't Tifa, since she's standing right next to him when he says that. Why would he refer to Tifa as a "memory"?

Then Cloud says this when Avalanche meets with Sephiroth before the final battle:

(Cloud floats directly in front of Sephiroth.)

Cloud: "
Aerith's memories... Our memories..." "We came... to tell you... our memories... Come Planet! Show us your
answer!" "And Sephiroth! To the settling of everything!!"

One thing is for certain- part of the reason Cloud is fighting is for Aerith. Another certainty is that avenging Aerith's death is
another motivating factor for Cloud....

Cloud: He destroyed my hometown five years ago, killed Aerith, and is now trying to destroy the Planet. I'll never
forgive... Sephiroth.

After the final battle with Sephiroth, Cloud was able to see Aerith again briefly when they reached for each other (while
Cloud's consciousness was in the Lifestream). Cloud was hopeful after that, telling Tifa that he thought he knew of a way to
meet Aerith again. Cloud believed that the planet had spoken to him while he was in the Lifestream, and that he could find the
Promised Land and, with it, Aerith.

At the beginning of
CoT, Cloud had retained this hopefulness and was ready to start over again. However, his past was not
resolved and Cloud spoke of this to Barret. Later, Cloud began traveling all over Gaia making deliveries. For all we know,
Cloud was searching for the Promised Land and a way to meet Aerith again during his travels. But, with his guilt eating at him,
this was not so easy. Overwhelmed by his guilt, Cloud was unable to hear Aerith's voice or see her. Slowly, Cloud began to
sink into depression and isolation, confessing to Tifa that his "problem" was that people couldn't "unlose their lives". By the end
CoT, Cloud had isolated himself completely, seeking refuge in Aerith's church.

Deaths of Other Characters....

Let's take a look at other character reactions to the deaths of someone they love-- Yuna didn't cry when Tidus disappeared,
she just said "I love you". Ashe didn't break down at Rasler's funeral either. A single tear slid down her face, even though it
was obvious she was devastated. And both of these women stayed true to the memories of the men they loved. Yuna searched
for a way to meet Tidus again until she had accomplished this goal in
FFX-2. Ashe's many remembrances of Rasler
FFXII were touching and bittersweet. Wow... with Cloud's utter melt-down during Aerith's death scene, he
really must have loved her. And, LOL, Yuna and Ashe are tougher than Cloud. XD Of course, Cloud being emotionally weak
isn't a new concept.

Now let us compare Cloud's reaction over the death of Aerith with another time when he believed that someone close to him
was injured and/or dying- Tifa: A close friend of Cloud and the other half of the "love triangle". Tifa was viciously stabbed by
Sephiroth and left for dead. Cloud comes across Tifa lying on the steps of the reactor at Nibelheim. She is bleeding severely.
What does Cloud do? Does he hold her close?
No. Does he scream in rage and anguish? No. Does he weep? No. All Cloud
does is set Tifa to the side. He says nothing to her. He just leaves her there to die. And, yes, Cloud did think Tifa was dying,
later admitting that he thought she was a "goner". Tifa herself stated that she was surprised that she had survived the incident.
Cloud admitted that he was "sad" that Tifa was dying. However, his sadness was not enough to break down his cold exterior
and open the emotional floodgates as we see during Aerith's death.

In fact, if it had not been for Tifa's teacher, Zangan, she probably
would have died. Zangan was the one to stop Tifa's
not Cloud. Zangan was the one who carried Tifa down Mt. Nibelheim to get her much-needed medical attention,
not Cloud. Now, compare all of this to Cloud's reaction at Aerith's death. It should be clear which of them Cloud is in love

Tifa's Rescue in AC/ACC:

Once again, in Advent Children/Advent Children Complete, Cloud comes across an injured Tifa. He picks her up and says,
"Tifa!" Then, all he does is ask her who had beaten her up. He didn't ask if she was okay. He didn't promise to deal with the
one who had hurt her. All he did was say, "Who did this?"

What is amusing is that certain CloTis like to compare this scene to Aerith's death scene, when there is really
no comparison.
Honestly, just take a look....

From the
FFVII Ultimania Omega:

(Caption beside the screen of Cloud holding Aerith's body)
"Vacantly, he could only hold her lifeless body tight in his arms..."

Here, you can see Cloud cradling Aerith's body close to his own. His shoulders and head are bowed over her in grief. He pours
his heart out in front of everyone, including his arch-nemesis, something
very uncharacteristic of Cloud....

Cloud: ...Aerith. This can't be real!

Sephiroth: Do not worry. Soon the girl will become part of the Planet's energy. All that is left is to go North. The 'Promised
Land' waits for me over the snowy fields. There I will become a new being by uniting with the planet. As will this girl......

Cloud: ...Shut up.
The cycle of nature and your stupid plan don't mean a thing. Aerith is gone. Aerith will no longer
talk, no longer laugh, cry...... or get angry...... What about us...... what are WE supposed to do? What about my
pain? My fingers are tingling. My mouth is dry. My eyes are burning!

So... wait a minute. Sephiroth's plan no longer means anything to Cloud??? This is Sephiroth's plan to destroy the world and
everyone in it
! And it no longer means anything to Cloud??? Why? Because Aerith is gone.

Now, let's compare this scene to when Tifa was dying in the Nibelheim reactor. Did Cloud ignore Sephiroth because of his
grief over Tifa? No. Actually, he left her there to die. Apparently, chasing after Sephiroth was of greater importance to Cloud
at the time. But, when Aerith was gone, Cloud was so devastated that Sephiroth stood right behind him and struck a pose and
Cloud basically told him to get lost.

Then, in
AC/ACC, Cloud showed up to aid an injured Tifa. Here is the scene in question....

Cloud is obviously concerned here. There's no doubt about that. After all, Tifa is Cloud's closest living friend, and an important
person in his life and family.
BUT... there is no comparing this scene with Aerith's. Just look at the difference. Cloud doesn't
go into some big, long speech about his feelings, he doesn't hold Tifa tightly to himself, he doesn't express grief and regret.
She tells him he's late. He asks who did it, and then later apologizes for not being there sooner. This whole scene is about as
unromantic as you can get.

In fact, this scene with Tifa has more similarities with another scene in
AC/ACC than it ever did with Aerith's death scene.
Take a look....

Cloud actually looks very saddened by Kadaj's fate. Kadaj, who fell into his arms calling him "brother".

His expression is actually a lot like the one in the scene of him with Tifa. Of course, he showed more concern for Tifa, I
won't argue that. But, considering one was friend and one was foe, it isn't surprising. However, you'll notice that the poses are
incredibly similar. So, does this mean Cloud is romantically interested in Kadaj? Of course not. So, why would Cloud holding
an injured individual mean anything? When he holds them tight, cries, screams, and pours his heart out in sorrow. You know,
like he did with Aerith.

"Since Sephiroth exists, Aerith must exist."

"Since Sephiroth exists, Aerith must exist. There was no doubt about that one." (Nojima, Reunion Files)

So, what is important in this quote? Because there are CloTis who are quite comfortable accepting the fact that Cloud can see,
hear, and interact with Sephiroth, but they refuse to accept that Cloud can see, hear, and interact with Aerith. Why? Because,
if Cloud can see, hear, and interact with Aerith, despite the fact that she's dead, it makes their "Cloud can't be with Aerith
because she's dead" argument null and void.

In the two novellas written by Nojima,
Case of Lifestream: White and Case of Lifestream: Black, a glimpse into the Lifestream
is given, showing how both Aerith (
White) and Sephiroth (Black) influence the world. Sephiroth decides to form remnants of
himself from negative Lifestream to do his will on the planet's surface. Aerith wonders if she can do the same, then decides
against it, wishing to meet Cloud as he knew her.

If both Aerith and Sephiroth are capable of influencing the world, and they are both capable of talking to Cloud and being seen
by Cloud, then why would anyone believe that Cloud is only capable of interacting with Sephiroth, and not Aerith? Clearly,
Aerith can produce a physical manifestation, or she would not have been able to boost Cloud upward during his battle with
Bahamut-Sin in
AC/ACC. This is just one more reason why death means nothing to Cloud and Aerith's relationship. Cloud is
fully capable of hearing Aerith, speaking to her, and even touching her. So, what's stopping them from being together?
Cloud's Grief