CloTi nonsense: "At the end of Advent Children/Advent Children Complete, Cloud moves on and forgets
all about Aerith and S-E wants to leave Aerith behind and phase her out to make room for CloTi
*Insert random Aerith-hating comments and idiotic garbage about forgetting her*, etc., etc...."

This has to be one of the most ignorant things anyone could say. It would take ignoring the entire theme of
FFVII; all of the subsequent games released since FFVII; the creators' intentions toward AC/C; the official
novellas; and all of the official guide books to believe a
ridiculous notion like this.

Square-Enix and Aerith....

Aerith has been present in every Compilation title game since FFVII except for Dirge of Cerberus, where she
still made an appearance as an Easter Egg image:

Pretty strange behavior for a company who is attempting to "phase out" Aerith, huh? Considering that the entire
theme of
FFVII was life and that theme was portrayed most closely with the heroine, Aerith, I would say that
her continued appearances tie in nicely with the idea that death is not the demise of life. This theme was carried
on in
MotP and AC/C.

It is also interesting to note that, when the staff of S-E mention a character that is particularly well-loved by
them, it is usually Aerith...

"Back at the time of FFVII, I had said some things that wasn't what I intended and I had hoped to correct it, but
it was too late. Up until production this role was planned to be filled by Aya (from
Parasite Eve), but I had
requests/demands from staff who were in charge of
FFVII, so Aerith appears this time, and from there
we expanded on the story with Cloud. There are instances where the development of the character's stories
were born out of exchange [of ideas, etc.] like this." (Tetsuya Nomura,
Kingdom Hearts Ultimania, p. 525)


Q: Including Zack, there are many past characters appearing in CC. Are there any designing points that you've
used before?

Nomura: It's been ten years since FF7 was released, so the imagination to each character has been swelled.
I was very careful not to cause incongruity in designing. The most difficult one, of course is Cloud. The making
of Zack is laborious too, but Cloud is the toughest. Actually, as we can see in the movie, Cloud's pupils are a
little bit bigger than other characters, but based on his expressions, it's not that visible. All of these parts were
As for Aerith, since the staffs' love is strong, she was made to be a beauty in the beginning. I
think this part is not too hard.
(Flash, PSP, Vol. 19; 9-12-07)


Q: Compared with AC, Cloud's look is quite different....

Nomura: In AC, Cloud is a cool character and his expression is always calm. But this time, Cloud's eyes open
widely and the there are lots of changes in his look. While making his facial expression change, I was troubled
by being always cautious of "everything has to be Cloud's style".

Q: How about Zack?

Nomura: He's not easy either. Angeal, Genesis and Aerith are not a blur in expressions any more. Overall,
Aerith's design is OK because the staffs' love for her is strong (laugh). (B's Log, 9-19-07)


So, we have official sources stating that staff requested and/or demanded that Aerith be the one to make an
appearance in
Kingdom Hearts rather than Aya from Parasite Eve. We also have two interview quotes where
Nomura refers to the staffs'
love for Aerith, and how strongly they feel for her. Funny... they never mention
Tifa in this way, do they? And yet CloTis keep insisting that S-E intends to leave Aerith behind. Obviously, this
ludicrous statement is made only by rabid morons who hate Aerith themselves. It is quite clear where the staff of
S-E stands in regards to Aerith--
they absolutely adore her. As such, I have no doubt that they will continue to
include Aerith in the Compilation.

Cloud... Moving on?

Just because Cloud moves on in AC/C doesn't mean he leaves Aerith behind, forgets her, etc.... Cloud moves on
in the sense that he is no longer tormented by his past and has forgiven himself for Aerith's death. He is no
longer burdened with regret and shame. However, it is clear that Aerith is and always will be a part of Cloud's
life. It has
always been this way, starting back in 1997 when, at the end of FFVII, Cloud stated that he wanted
to meet Aerith again. This desire was carried on in games such as
Final Fantasy Tactics, Kingdom Hearts, and
Dissidia Final Fantasy where Cloud was portrayed as searching for Aerith or attempting to return to her.

Later, Cloud is shown in
AC/C seeking Aerith once again in order to hear from her own lips that she never
blamed him for her death. At the end of the movie, it is clear that Cloud and Aerith will never be apart in "Calling"
when they are shown to be meeting in a flower field. This idea is backed up by Tetsuya Nomura himself, in an
interview in the documentary

"The words 'memetic legacy' are used a lot in the film but in AC, rather than focusing on memories we wanted
to show that consciousness is what lives on. We took the ending of the game and expanded on that idea. Even if
they're dead their consciousness is still with us.
As for Cloud... He sees Aerith several times throughout
the film. It's not that he sees her because he feels her presence. He sees her because her consciousness
lives on inside him
." (Nomura)

In FFVII itself Aerith says at one point that consciousness is the same as a soul:

(They follow Aerith to the pool in the center of the room. It begins to emit bright, pure purple light.)

Aerith "It's full of the knowledge of the Ancients."
"No... not knowledge...
consciousness... a living soul..."

So when Nomura says that Aerith's consciousness lives on inside of Cloud, he actually means that Aerith's
lives on inside of Cloud. This is possible because all living beings are created from Lifestream. In other words,
flesh and blood are the Lifestream in solid form, while spirits are the Lifestream in spiritual form. It's similar to
the difference between ice and steam - the same thing (water) existing in two different states (solid, gas). Cloud
himself has been subjected to even more Lifestream energy during the experiments which subjected him to
Mako. So, Aerith is no mere memory to Cloud. She quite literally lives within him, existing simultaneously within
Cloud and the Lifestream itself.

Aerith Gainsborough, a girl with the blood of the Ancients running through her veins, who Cloud would never
. (Dirge of Cerberus game manual, Aerith's Bio)

Considering that Aerith had no screen time in DoC, apart from a few Easter eggs, S-E still decided to include her
bio right with everyone else, making sure that every player would know that Cloud would
never forget Aerith.
The direct Japanese translation of Aerith's bio is even more revealing....

A girl with the blood of the Ancients flowing through her veins who is engraved in Cloud's heart for the rest
of his life

The Japanese word used in this sentence, shougai, means "one's existence until death". So, it is confirmed that
Cloud's feelings for Aerith are
eternal. More than that, it states that Aerith is "engraved in Cloud's heart".
Typically, if your feelings for someone are engraved into your heart for all eternity, this suggests a great bond of
love for that person, love of a romantic nature. You don't usually see someone's friend described as an eternal
engraving on your heart that will never fade, do you?

It mentions the images (of a face or appearance) that even now live in Cloud's heart, with images of the bottom
half of Aerith's face, the flower garden, and the Forgotten Capital. (Interview with Nomura published at
FFVIIAC Reunion)

So, not only is Aerith engraved in Cloud's heart, not only does her very soul live on inside Cloud, but we also
have a statement that Aerith, as well as places and imagery (flowers) associated with her continue to live in
Cloud's heart for
two years after her death. All of these statements combined are extremely strong words to be
used if Aerith were simply a friend and/or comrade to Cloud.

I believe for those who formerly traveled with her as comrades and for the viewers, each carries their own
feelings and love for Aerith. In this story,
Cloud also carries his own undying feeling for Aerith, even to
this very day
.... It's relation with the church scene is... . Yup. I'll leave this part to your imagination. [Laughs]
(Tetsuya Nomura,
PlayStation magazine)

And so we have another confirmation that Cloud's feelings for Aerith are never going to change. This time,
Nomura himself states that Cloud carries an
undying feeling for Aerith. This completely debunks the idea that
Cloud is "moving on" from Aerith and "forgetting about her".

What is most interesting about this quote is the fact that Cloud's feelings for Aerith are specifically denoted as
different from those of his comrades. The Japanese word used for "love" in the statement "each carries their
own feelings and love for Aerith"
is aijou. From what I understand, aijou has the same function as ai- they can
either mean a platonic sort of love or a romantic/true love.

So... what kind of feelings do Cloud's comrades have for Aerith? Obviously, they carry a feeling of platonic love
for Aerith. This being said, it automatically nulls the idea that Cloud's love for Aerith is platonic in nature. After
all, it was specifically stated that Cloud's love for Aerith was
different, his "own undying feeling". Therefore,
the only logical conclusion is that Cloud
doesn't love Aerith in a platonic way- he loves her romantically for
all eternity
. Subtle, yet powerful, Nomura. Well played.
Cloud... Moving On?