In Advent Children, it becomes clear that Cloud and Tifa's relationship is still strained, as it was in the official novella Case of
. Cloud has rejected the company of his former companions, including Tifa. He is seen listening to his voice mails, but not
making any attempt to call anyone back. He has distanced himself from everyone and has actually moved into Aerith's church.
For more information on Cloud and Aerith in
AC, go here.

As it turns out, Cloud has been afflicted with a terminal disease called Geostigma. Rather than spending his final days with his
family and friends, Cloud chooses to seek refuge in a place where he feels closest to the flower girl he lost. He also refuses to
tell anyone of his sickness or speak to anyone in regards to the deep burden he is carrying in his heart (sorrow and guilt for the
death of Aerith, which he was unable to prevent).

Tifa, meanwhile, is running the new and improved Seventh Heaven in Edge, just outside of Midgar. She is taking care of
Barret's daughter, Marlene, as well as an orphan boy named Denzel, whom Cloud found one day at Aerith's church. She is also
acting as a relay, sending Cloud messages in regards to his delivery service.

As the movie progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that Tifa is extremely frustrated with Cloud. He ran off without telling
her where he was going, to go live in Aerith's church. Then, he hid the fact that he has Geostigma from her. Not only that, but
he stays gone all the time, never checks in, and refuses to speak of his inner issues with her. To me, this was the first big hint
that there will absolutely never be a romance of any sort between Cloud and Tifa. No man that is in love with a woman would
treat her like this.

Honestly, Cloud and Tifa don't have many moments together in the movie. He actually spends more time communing with the
spirit of Aerith in this movie than he does in Tifa's presence (yet another big clue that the idea of a CloTi romance is pretty
much dead and buried). So, what makes CloTis think that
AC was CloTi? What is their so-called "proof"? I will be addressing
the "CloTi evidence" which is supposedly present in
AC in this analysis.

"Cloud is/was living with Tifa! That means they are lovers/Tifa is his girlfriend!"

Barret lived at Seventh Heaven with Tifa before Cloud joined AVALANCHE in FFVII. Actually, Tifa and Barret were raising
Marlene together. Does this mean they were lovers? No. Heck, there were two other men in AVALANCHE that lived there with
Tifa, too. Did she get romantically involved with any of them? No. But, suddenly, now that Cloud is involved, living at Seventh
Heaven automatically means he and Tifa are shacked up? I think not.

Actually, if you look at things logically, there are several facts that
completely disprove that Tifa was Cloud's girlfriend. All of
them revolve around the fact that, if Cloud was close enough to Tifa to consider her his girlfriend and/or lover, then he would
have no reason to act in the following ways:

Depressed, brooding, angsty- If Cloud was in love with Tifa and was loved in return, why would he have any reason
to feel this way? Wouldn't being in love with someone make him happy? Why would he want to hurt the woman he loved by
acting this way? Generally, being in love tends to make people happy, not miserable. Regardless of what issues Cloud was
dealing with, if he were in love with Tifa, he would have allowed her to help him, he would have been able to share his pain with
her, and he would have made some attempt to keep in touch with her. And yet Cloud did none of these things.

Moving into Aerith's church after he became ill with Geostigma and not telling Tifa about it- If Cloud truly
loved Tifa, he would be able to depend on her when he was faced with a crisis such as this. If Cloud truly loved Tifa, he would
want to spend the time he had left with her [at Seventh Heaven], not in an abandoned church that constantly reminds him of
another woman. When Cloud was faced with a terminal illness, he ran to Aerith (or the closest thing he could get to Aerith- her
church, where they were first properly introduced). Why would he do this if Tifa is the one he loves?

Losing the will to live- Why would Cloud lose his will to live if he had something or someone worth living for? Tifa
says herself that Cloud has chosen not to fight and was going to "give up and die". If Cloud truly loved Tifa, she would have
been enough motivation for him to fight to live. This point alone is enough proof that there is
nothing romantic going on
between Cloud and Tifa.

Honestly, Cloud does not begin to regain hope again in
AC until he meets Aerith. The turning point for Cloud in AC is after his
first meeting with Aerith, after which he learns that she never truly left him at all. It is only at the end of the movie, after seeing
Aerith smiling back at him, that Cloud realizes that he is not alone anymore. Funny that a "mere dead friend" can give Cloud
back the will to live and fight but his living "true love" cannot, huh? XD

Rejecting the company of others- In the movie, Cloud refuses to answer Tifa's calls to his mobile phone. He listens
to her messages and doesn't even call her back. We also see, in one scene, that Cloud's other friends have tried to call him and
have been unanswered. If Tifa was Cloud's chosen love, wouldn't he make an effort to speak with her? However, we see that
Tifa gets
no special treatment. Cloud obviously doesn't consider her to be any different than the rest of his friends, does he? In
fact, in one scene, the only voice that is able to comfort and reassure Cloud is the voice of Aerith.

Refusing help when it is offered- After Tifa and Cloud are carried inside, unconscious, by Reno and Rude, Tifa says
this to Cloud:

"Don't run! We'll fight it together! We can help each other! I know we can!"

Cloud says nothing, looking at the floor.

Tifa turns away, disappointed.
"I guess that only works for real families."

"Tifa," Cloud says at last, still refusing to look at her. "I'm not fit to help anyone. Not my family, not my friends... nobody."
After that, Cloud doesn't say anything more to her.

So, why would Cloud turn his back on Tifa's offer if he really loves her? If Cloud was truly in love with Tifa, he would have
accepted her help. Obviously, rejecting her offer caused her pain. Why would Cloud treat his "true love" in such a callous
manner? [sarcasm]Um, maybe because he
isn't in love with her?[/sarcasm] XD

Feeling completely alone. Why was it that Cloud felt so completely alone if he supposedly had Tifa as his love? Why
was it that only after realizing that Aerith had never left his side (the ending of
AC) that Cloud states, "I'm not alone... not
I am sure that Cloud realized that his friends had also been there for him all along, if only he hadn't rejected their
company. But, Cloud was only able to realize this with aid from Aerith. Why would Cloud need Aerith to comfort him and let
him know that he was never alone to begin with if Cloud and Tifa are BF/GF/lovers? Shouldn't Tifa be the one to comfort Cloud
if she were his chosen love? Shouldn't Tifa be the one to keep Cloud from feeling alone? The truth is right there for anyone with
eyes to see it and a mind open enough to accept it.

Also, in Tifa's official profile from
AC, it states that she is "disappointed in Cloud, who has closed off his heart and is lost
in memories of his past"
. That sure doesn't sound like the profile of someone's chosen love, does it?

"Oh, really??? Well, Tifa was confirmed to be Cloud's lover by the creators!"

This section was getting rather large, so I gave it its own page. For information on the rabid CloTi lie that Cloud and Tifa were
confirmed to be lovers/sweethearts/or anything else of that nature by the creators, please go here:

"But it was confirmed that Cloud and Tifa are 'together'!"

Once again... no. Actually, the quote that CloTis are referring to here is from Reunion Files:

Nojima explains, "Inside, I felt one thing was for sure: Cloud and Tifa would be together. Everybody would be back home
where they belonged. Two years is too short to forget the past completely, but it's still a pretty long time... And two years older
was a good age for Marlene to start talking a little." The reason Nojima narrowed the location down to the area surrounding their
house, he says, was to create a sense of crisis close to home.

Nojima was speaking of locations here, people. Directly in front of this quote it says "Why we chose to set it two years
. It doesn't say anything about the relationship between Cloud and Tifa (or anyone else for that matter). The entire page
(and the next page after) that this quote appears on focuses on
locations, not relationships. Cloud and Tifa were together in
Edge at Seventh Heaven. They are the only two from the original game's party that
are together in some form or fashion when
AC rolls around. Barret is gone temporarily to dig for oil in Corel, otherwise he would be with them. Honestly, all you have to do
is take a look at these pages in
RF to see that I am correct. The rest of the page was devoted to other locations all over Gaia--
the Forgotten City, the Church, the Northern Crater....

And, once again, in
Case of Barret, CloTis are twisting things to their liking, stating that Barret called Cloud and Tifa a couple,
when he did nothing of the sort...

"I left Marlene with Tifa. Since she's taken to her and all."

Cid: "Good for you. Whole world's clappin' you on the back. So Cloud's with Tifa?"

Barret: "Yeah. Tifa opened a bar, just like the old days. Cloud was helpin' out, but it sounds like he's got his own business
keepin' him tied up now. A delivery service."

When, exactly, does Barret mention Cloud and Tifa's relationship? Hell, when does Cid mention it? Neither of them do. In fact,
later in the conversation, Cid and Barret go on to talk about where Red XIII, Yuffie, and Vincent are and what they're up to.
The relationships of these people aren't mentioned at all. Once again, Barret was speaking of
locations-- Cloud is with Tifa in
Edge at Seventh Heaven, running a delivery service out of the new bar that Tifa is managing. They are together in the same
location. End of story. Christ, I can't believe some people are taking this as proof of love between Cloud and Tifa. Talk about

"B-but, Cloud and Tifa are raising children together!"

Wrong again. Barret and Tifa are raising Marlene together. Barret may be gone temporarily in AC while digging for oil in Corel,
but he is still Marlene's adopted father and the only one that she sees as her dad. This was actually confirmed by the creators,
for all of you who still insist that Cloud is Marlene's "new daddy". From Barret's profile in the
FFVII 10th Anniversary

He is raising his best friend, Dyne's daughter, Marlene, as his own child, and is surprisingly doting.


The hot-blooded man who returns to the battlefield, to protect the city where his daughter lives.


Marlene better be safe! Eh?

Quote: Text near screenshot of Barret looking down at Denzel.
Even while fighting against Bahamut SIN, his head appears to be filled with thoughts of his beloved daughter as usual.


No matter how far apart they may be Marlene remains his beloved daughter.

Although Marlene is not his real daughter, Barret has a deep affection toward her. If possible, he would have liked to be together
with her all the time, however, he could not bring her on perilous trips and their time spent living apart is actually longer.
Entrusting Marlene to Elmyra's care in
FFVII and Tifa's in AC, he fights hard day after day for the future of his

Not to mention that, when Dirge of Cerberus rolls around a year later, Barret is back. I would say it is safe to assume that he
has returned to take care of Marlene, which would mean that, once again, he and Tifa are raising her together. Does this make
them a couple in a romantic sense? No, I don't really think so. But some Barrifa fans like to see it that way and, quite frankly,
Tifa and Barret get along better than Tifa and Cloud any day.

Also, I would like to point out that Barret
has been confirmed to be a member of the Seventh Heaven family by the creators. It
isn't just Cloud, Tifa, Marlene, and Denzel, like some CloTis like to think. From Barret's profile in the FFVII 10th Anniversary

Thinking he could be at least of some use to everyone before his own life was lost, he left Marlene in Tifa's care and set off on
a journey in search of an alternative source of energy in place of Mako. Upon finding out that Edge was under attack during the
midst of his travels, he rushed over toward the crisis faced by
his family and companions.

When you throw Barret in there, it just makes it even more obvious that he is the father figure of the little Seventh Heaven
family (which is exactly why some CloTis like to pretend he doesn't exist).

So, where does Cloud fit in? Cloud is much like a rebellious teenager, staying gone all the time, roaming on his motorcycle.
Even though Denzel sees Cloud and Tifa as his adoptive parents, it doesn't suggest a romance between Cloud and Tifa any more
than Barret and Tifa raising Marlene together suggests a romance between Barret and Tifa. Besides, since when have CloTis
Cloud's POV on Denzel into account? Pretty much never.

So why did he bring Denzel here? When she [Tifa] went to ask him [Cloud], he replied:
"This kid came to me."
"What does that mean?" (
Case of Tifa)

Cloud, apparently, evades Tifa's question until she asks him again later. But we see the first inkling of Cloud believing Denzel
"came to him", as if led by fate or destiny.

Once Denzel had recovered his strength, Tifa heard the boy's story. And then she thought, Denzel was supposed to come here.
He was a victim when Sector Seven was destroyed- and we're the reason it's gone. So we need to take responsibility and raise
this boy right. Denzel didn't come to Cloud. He only met Cloud so he could come to me.
(Case of Tifa)

Here we have Tifa's perspective on Denzel's appearance. Due to her own guilt at all of the lives lost when Sector Seven was
destroyed, she believes destiny led Denzel to Cloud so Denzel could in turn come to Tifa to be taken care of. Saving the life of
an orphan whose life was destroyed, in part, due to her own actions, Tifa can feel as though she has somehow made amends.

"Hey do you remember what you said to me when you brought Denzel home?"

"What'd I say?"

"You said, 'Denzel came to me'."

"I just meant..." Cloud made a familiar face, like a child who knew a scolding was inevitable.

"Say it. I'll decide later if I should get mad or not after you do."

Cloud nodded, then continued. "Denzel had collapsed in front of Aerith's church. So I thought she must've brought him to me."
Cloud paused and looked away.

"You went to the church."

"I didn't mean to keep it from you."

"But you did."


"Did I say you did anything wrong? But next time, I'm going with you."


"And Cloud, you're wrong."

Cloud looked at Tifa with a puzzled expression.

"Aerith didn't bring Denzel to you."

"Right... Just what I thought."

"You're not listening to me. Aerith brought that boy to
us. Right?"

Cloud stared at her. Eventually he smiled. It had a kindness to it, as if to say
everything will be all right.

Several days after they had that conversation, Cloud left. (
Case of Tifa)

Here you see the clashing of ideas between Cloud and Tifa regarding Denzel. Tifa obviously wants to include herself in Denzel's
destiny, not only to make amends for past mistakes, but to include herself in "Cloud's family". Cloud, however, believes that
Aerith brought the boy to
him alone, for whatever reason. You'll notice that Cloud clams up the moment Tifa contradicts his
belief. He never answers her question of
"Aerith brought that boy to us. Right?" He just stares at her and then smiles, not
wanting to hurt her by arguing about an idea that clearly makes her feel more at ease. Not long after Tifa rains on his parade
about Aerith, Cloud leaves. And where does he go? Aerith's church.

Another thing you'll notice is that Tifa becomes upset when she realizes that Cloud went to Aerith's church alone. She even goes
so far as to tell him that she will be coming along next time he visits Aerith's church (whether he likes it or not, basically).
Cloud's terse answer of "fine" suggests a negative reaction to Tifa's pushy self-invitation.

Tifa's complicated feelings [toward Aerith] continue even in AC, two years after Aerith had departed the world. This was due to
the fact that Cloud, succumbing to the notion that Aerith's death was his fault and condemning himself, construed that
was "the child which Aerith brought here" and took care of him
. In addition, Cloud had gone away to the church that
Aerith had been in. The thing that she is unable to hide her irritation toward Cloud is the fact that he isn't merely dragging the
past around,
but because that reason might perhaps be related to Aerith. (FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania, Tifa's

Cloud clearly believes that Aerith brought Denzel to him. In Case of Tifa, even Tifa notices that Cloud takes more time off work
to spend at Seventh Heaven once Denzel arrives. In
AC, Cloud has given Denzel his Cloudy Wolf ring, which Denzel wears on a
chain around his neck. So, what is Cloud's POV about Denzel-
that Aerith brought Denzel to him to be taken care of.
Cloud's bond with Denzel is
clearly influenced by Cloud's belief that it was Aerith who brought the boy to him.

"There is a picture of Cloud, Tifa, Marlene, and Denzel all happy together as a family!"

*Falls over laughing* XD Okay, the picture in question shows Tifa leaning down with her arms around Denzel and Marlene
with Cloud standing a good 2-3 feet away from them looking uncomfortable and morose. Honestly, if this is the best evidence
you guys have, then just give up now. Besides, at the end of the movie, another picture is shown, and it contains the
, not just Cloud, Tifa, and the two orphans. This picture is of Cloud's real family, which contains all of AVALANCHE,
not just Tifa and the kiddos. Also of note is the fact that the picture of Cloud with just Tifa and the orphans has been pushed to
the back and is actually partially behind the new photo. Ouch!

Also of interest is the fact that Cloud's desk is scattered with literally
dozens of pictures of the very flower field in which Aerith
was seen standing during the bonus video, "Calling". Not only that but, directly in front of all of the pictures, right where their
bright yellow color is sure to draw the viewer's eye first and foremost, are flowers picked from that very flower field. This is a
clear indication that Aerith is still very much a part of the AVALANCHE "family".

"Cloud understands at the end of AC that he will never be alone again, because he has Tifa and he rides off to
return to her!"

*Sighs* Stupid people make my brain sad. XD Okay, let me explain the ending of AC to you. Cloud has just spent the last few
minutes with Aerith and Zack. From the moment Cloud's eyes land on Aerith, Tifa is
completely ignored. Aerith tells Cloud that
everything will be alright, smiles tenderly at him, and then walks into the light. Zack waves at Cloud and follows Aerith out of
the church and back into the Lifestream. It is during this moment that Cloud states:

"I know. I'm not alone... not anymore...."

So... was there some sort of image of Tifa here? No. Cloud was completely focused on Aerith. His face is peaceful and his
smile is sweet. Cloud is healed of his injuries and his heart has finally mended.

Cloud then rides off on Fenrir down a sunlit highway, as if he is going somewhere. Aerith is shown standing alone in a flower
field. Then, she suddenly turns, as if sensing the approach of someone. Cloud hasn't passed her by yet, he is merely on the
outskirts of the flower field. Cloud reaches the flower field and begins riding through it, the pink ribbon still on his arm,
fluttering in the wind; the flowers stretch for miles and miles. The camera follows him no further. In the background, a song
called "Calling" is playing during this entire scene. This song was especially picked by Tetsuya Nomura, who said this about the

"In the scene where it plays I'm trying to portray the message of the film and Cloud's feelings through silence and the song. I
think people will feel the persuasive power of the song when they view the scene."

Here are the lyrics for the song, which have heavy ClAeris overtones:

"Calling" by Kyosuke Himuro

I wonder how many sleepless nights you have to count, before you find your way
After how many lives are lost, will the strife end?
Clowns that cannot be saved, just tumbling atop of history
Like someone said one day before
The answer is in the wind.

How many times does your face have to be hit as you turned it away, before you stop pretending that you don't notice?
How much pain must your endure, before you smile freely?
If you're going to accept defeat again, still bound by rusted chains
Like someone said one day before
The answer is in the wind.

With your voice strained and your hands gripping tightly
Waiting for the time when your destiny is sure to change
With the faint power of a tiny love
Always waiting for your sadness to be embraced

Pitiful frauds working their puzzles of lies
Foolish romanticists who gracefully entertain with clumsiness
The premonition of the coming of the day when history will tell you nothing
Like someone said one day before
The answer is in the wind.

With your voice strained and your hands gripping tightly
Waiting for the time when your destiny is sure to change
With the faint power of a tiny love
Always waiting for your sadness to be embraced.

So, Cloud and Aerith basically have their own music video with a song that speaks of love and sadness (which is supposed to
reflect Cloud's feelings and help the viewer understand Cloud). Also, these scenes are actual locations,
real scenery with Cloud
and Aerith interposed on top. Special, no? ^_^ What do Cloud and Tifa get?
Nothing. Tifa is not even shown in the ending,
except in the photos on Cloud's desk, along with the rest of Cloud's friends. And, in front of those photos are some of the
yellow flowers from the
exact flower field Aerith was standing in. Also, scattered all over the desk are photos of that same
flower field. What does this tell us? That Cloud is visiting that particular flower field
very often. And, more than likely, he is
visiting with Aerith there. ^_^ With this scene we know that Cloud has figured out where the Promised Land is and, as he
vowed at the end of
FFVII, he has found a way to meet Aerith once again.

How exactly does this have
anything to do with Tifa? o_0 Cloud was not shown riding back to Seventh Heaven. And Tifa was
shown waiting apprehensively at the door to Seventh Heaven, as if awaiting Cloud's return. All that is shown is Cloud riding
off alone toward a flower field that appears to be the same one that Aerith is in. This is between Cloud and Aerith folks. Tifa is
not even a
factor here. Nomura ended AC, Cloud's story, with nothing but pure ClAeris. Live with it.

"Cloud takes a day off to spend with Tifa!!!"

Um, no. In the extra short, "Reminiscence", we get a chance to see what Cloud was up to during the time he was shown
traveling about in the video "Calling". Is he shown at Seventh Heaven?
No. Actually, he is out riding around alone, still very
much the lone-wolf type. During this segment, Cloud receives phone calls from his friends regarding a package he is to pick up
from Barret for Marlene and Denzel. Cloud is shown at various locations, talking with his friends via cell phone and meeting up
with Barret. Barret gives Cloud a present from Yuffie; it is a sign that says "Closed for Business". XD

The last call Cloud receives is from Tifa. Where is Cloud standing? You guessed it! The flower field! Here is Cloud's
conversation with Tifa (you can only hear Cloud's part of the conversation):

"Yeah, it's me. All I've got left are the Midgar deliveries. Why, did a client come in? Tell them no. I'm taking tomorrow
off. No reason. Hey, Tifa. Can you close the bar tomorrow? That was easy. Okay. Tell Denzel and Marlene. I'll see you later."

So, how in the world does Cloud's convo=hawt date wit Teefz??? As I have already proven, Cloud doesn't treat Tifa like a love
at all. In fact, in his conversation, he doesn't ask how she is doing, he doesn't ask her to go anywhere with him,
nothing. I am completely at a loss trying to find anything romantic about this conversation. 0_o

Would you like to know what I think? Well, too bad, because I am going to tell you anyways... XD Yuffie is the one who gave
Cloud the "Closed for Business" sign. Why in the world would Yuffie give Cloud a sign as a hint to close his business unless she
was planning something with him that included herself? Does Yuffie even
remotely sound like the kind of person to go, "OMG,
here take this sign, close your business, and take Tifa on a date! *Giggle*"
Hell no.

So, logically, what makes more sense? Yuffie giving Cloud the sign to push him into taking Tifa and the kids out (when one of
those kids is Barret's, therefore leaving one child's true father totally out of the loop)? Or Yuffie giving Cloud the sign as a hint
to take the day off to spend with
all of them (AVALANCHE)? Honestly, when did you think that group picture you saw after
"Calling" was taken? Obviously, there was a get-together at
some point. And Yuffie was always the one who complained that
they didn't see each other much in the two years between
FFVII and AC. So, doesn't it make sense that Yuffie would be the
one to plan this reunion (no pun intended)? They probably all met up at Seventh Heaven, had a little party, and snapped the pic.
Makes a hell of a lot more sense than Yuffie planning a blind date with Tifa and two kids, doesn't it?

Another thing of interest is that, during Cloud's convo with Tifa, only
his side of the phone conversation is heard. This is the
only call of this kind during "Reminiscence". So, what does this mean? Is this conversation being heard from a different POV
than Cloud's? Obviously. But,
whose POV is it? Since it takes place in the flower field, it is possible that this conversation is
being listened to by Aerith, who is there with Cloud.

"ZOMG, Tifa is wearing a Cloudy Wolf ring! She and Cloud are engaged/married!!!!!!"

Once again, some people are so dumb, it is scary.... I have a few points to make about this issue:

Tifa is not wearing Cloud's ring. First of all, do you really think Cloud would wear such a feminine-looking piece of
jewelry? It was
clearly made for a woman. Second of all, I doubt Cloud's ring would fit so nicely on Tifa's much smaller hand.
Thirdly, Cloud has his
own ring, which he gave to Denzel (the boy wears it on a chain around his neck). So, Cloud doesn't even
wear his Cloudy Wolf ring, Denzel does. I guess that makes Cloud a pedo, huh? XD

Barret also wears a Cloudy Wolf ring. This point alone proves that Tifa's ring means diddly squat. Barret and Tifa are
both wearing their rings, but Cloud isn't... hmm...
BARRIFA 4EVA!!! XD In fact, I have a better idea about what the rings are
for. Since the wolf in the movie was confirmed by Nomura to represent a burden deep within Cloud's psyche, then perhaps
Cloud, Barret, and Tifa, the last three members of the original AVALANCHE crew, are wearing them to symbolize their regret
for the lives lost due to the actions of AVALANCHE. Tifa's guilt was actually confirmed in
Case of Tifa. Doesn't that make a lot
more sense than Cloud being engaged to both Tifa and Barret? XD It could also be the reason why Cloud gave his ring to
Denzel, since the boy
did lose his parents when the plate fell on Sector 7 during the game (which was a result of Shinra trying
to crush AVALANCHE). Maybe Cloud felt somewhat responsible for the death of Denzel's parents, since he was a member of
AVALANCHE at the time.

When do we ever see Cloud buying the rings for Tifa and Barret? Never. For all we know, Tifa bought them, or even
Barret. We don't know who bought them or where they came from.

Tifa's ring doesn't get a special close-up to highlight her romance with Cloud, as some rabid fans are claiming.
The scene in question takes place when Tifa is berating Cloud for his brooding, angsty behavior. She is sitting on the bed,
glaring at Cloud, while he stands with his head down, over by the Turks. Frustrated by Cloud's apathy, Tifa slams her right
hand down on the bed, the camera cutting to her hand as she does so. So Tifa is acting out in anger against Cloud who has lost
the will to live and is shutting her out of this heart. And this is romantic
how? Give me a break... XD

Besides, Barret's ring also gets a quick close-up when Barret tosses Cloud up in the Bahamut battle. Hell, Barret is holding
Cloud's hand during the close-up of
his ring. I'd say that screams Clarret more than CloTi, don't you? XD

Tifa is wearing the ring on her right hand, not the left. Engagement/wedding rings are worn on the left, people. *Can't
believe she has to point that out* However, Barret is wearing
his ring on the left! Score #2 for Clarret! XD

"Cloud rescues Tifa in the church and a romantic scene ensues of them lying in flowers!"

Are you saying that Cloud wouldn't rush to rescue Barret or Yuffie??? Are you also saying that Cloud holding an injured Kadaj
toward the end was romantic??? Cloud rushing to aid an injured friend is something that Cloud just
does-- it is part of his
nature. And the fact that Cloud also holds Kadaj and looks just as concerned over Kadaj's injuries when he is fatally wounded
completely negates any idea that Cloud holding a fallen Tifa holds any romantic connotations.

Next, let us look at the scene of Cloud and Tifa lying in the flowers, which some CloTis claim is romantic. I am going to prove
that this scene is merely pretty CloTi fodder with absolutely no CloTi substance behind it. It is totally shallow, merely there to
titillate the CloTi fandom with an attractive image for them to rip for the sigs and avvies. But, is there anything remotely CloTi
about this scene? Nope, not a thing... and here's why:

Location, location, location. The scene itself takes place among flowers planted and tended to by Aerith before
her death-- flowers that have become a sort of symbol for Aerith herself. Not only that, but this scene takes place in Aerith's
church, the place where she and Cloud first met. Add in the fact that "Water", music that only plays when Aerith's presence is
near, and the fact that Cloud and Tifa are surrounded by a white light that only appears when Aerith is on screen and the idea
starts to become more concrete. Throw in the wolf, the symbol of Cloud's guilt, standing right next to him and the truth reveals
itself-- the scene is actually all about Aerith. Cloud and Tifa lying unconscious in Aerith's flowers, in Aerith's church, while
Aerith's music plays, surrounded by Aerith's light, and accompanied by the symbol of Cloud's guilt for Aerith's death... and you
came up with the idea of a CloTi romance how??? 0_o

Just to hammer this home, I have proof from
Reunion Files:

"There's some foreshadowing that the church is where Aerith is going to appear," says Nojima. "There's a point in the plot
where Cloud and Tifa are lying unconscious on the flowers here and their wounds are healed. Also, Aerith has a sort of 'watery'
image about her, so we used water to convey her presence."

So, yeah, you CloTis can go on all you want about CloTi this and yin-yang symbolism that, but you know what? The creators
say otherwise. The creators stated that the scene was about Aerith healing Cloud and Tifa and foreshadowed her later
appearance in the church. So, please do us all a favor and stop making up shit.

Total hypocrisy. Cloud lying unconscious from a terminal illness in flowers next to Tifa, who has been beaten to
the point of unconsciousness is "romantic", according to the CloTi side of the fandom. And yet (according to the CloTis) Cloud
standing next to Aerith in a flower field, where he speaks of his deepest emotional issues and tries to see her face is not. Also,
apparently, according to the CloTi fandom, Cloud riding out through a field of flowers to meet up with Aerith and keeping loads
of pictures of this flower field, not to mention picking flowers from said flower field means nothing. And, yeah, you get the
picture.... What

So, where is the CloTi evidence from this scene??? As I have proven already, the scene was about Aerith, not some cliche
CloTi idea of romance. So, S-E gave the CloTi fandom their pretty, shallow scene so they can use it for wallpapers and such
without any true substance behind it.

"Cloud smiles just at Tifa at the end!"

Riiight... *Sighs* Allow me to, once again, as sad as this may be, point out the obvious:

Cloud's expression doesn't change one bit. Tifa smiled at Cloud and that expression received focus from the creators
because she was giving Cloud a beautiful "I knew you could do it!" smile. But did Cloud's expression back to Tifa receive any
special focus? No. Cloud is smiling at all of his friends, Tifa's smile is shown, the camera pans back to Cloud who still has the
exact same expression on his face, and Cloud immediately turns away to smile at the children. And he was smiling just at Tifa
when? When, exactly, did Cloud's expression to Tifa receive some sort of special focus? Oh, that's right-- it didn't.

Cloud's smile at Aerith is much, much longer and receives special focus. Yep, that's right. While Cloud's
expression didn't change a bit when Tifa smiled at him, Cloud's expression changed into his most wondrous yet the moment
Aerith appeared on screen. Tifa completely faded into the background the moment Cloud spotted Aerith and his attention was
focused totally on her.

Actually, to be blunt, Cloud's expressions in
AC are focused upon a great deal when Aerith is around and his face shows much
more expression and life when Aerith is near than anyone else. In
RF it was stated that Cloud's facial expression received extra
attention because Cloud speaks with his eyes instead of his mouth. Just take a look at all of the attention Cloud's face receives
when Aerith is near-- his expressions are documented closely when in the flower field, when thinking of her, when seeing her in
the Bahamut battle, and at the end, when Cloud's expression broke out into the most beautiful smile yet was when he was
looking at Aerith.

Tifa, on the other hand, has two moments in
AC where she gives Cloud a meaningful look. The one I mentioned already above,
which showed no reciprocation from Cloud and the one where Tifa stares determinedly at Cloud before tossing him into the air
in the Bahamut battle. Amusingly enough, Cloud's expression was not even shown after Tifa gives him this meaningful look,
which tells me that the creators did not consider it to be that important.

Honestly, take a look at Cloud's body language in the movie. He spends half of his time with Tifa with his back turned to her.
Either that or he isn't looking at her at all. Compare this with Cloud straining to turn and see Aerith, looking her in the eyes in the
Bahamut battle, reaching out for her, taking her hand, watching her every move at the end... After his initial meeting with her in
the flower field and his first attempt to see her, Cloud spends the rest of the movie looking directly into Aerith's eyes, facing
her, reaching for her. How much more obvious does it have to get?


"When Cloud regained consciousness, he found himself in the Church. He saw the familiar faces of his friends and the orphans
watching over him, and a smile slowly spread across his face. Aerith and Zack stand beyond the door, watching over them. At
last, Cloud is no longer alone."

"...Then Cloud finally fights with Sephiroth, the kids gather around him by the water,
he smiles, and Aerith smiles and
watches them from a distance..." (Nomura)

What, no mention of Cloud's "special smile just for Tifa"? XD

"But the script says...!"

If someone starts spouting stuff at you from the script, just ignore them and politely inform them that the script included in the
FFVII:AC Collector's Edition is an earlier draft, not the finished product. There are loads of things in this script that were
changed up in the final product or were completely omitted. A couple of examples:

"Cloud's left arm glows with a pale light as the geostigma begins to heal. While Cloud watches this happen, Kadaj destroys the
wall near the rafters
and escapes. Cloud ignores this and gazes at Aerith's flower bed. He sees Aerith's figure through the
misty spray

The two items I bolded are events that were omitted and/or changed in the final product. In AC, Kadaj doesn't destroy anything
to escape, he just rides off. And Cloud never saw Aerith in the misty spray of her holy rain, he just gazed out at Aerith's flooded
flower bed with an expression of peace. The latter was probably removed due to the intent of the creators to save Aerith's face
until the end of the movie.

"In the midst of battle, Cloud glances earthward and sees Midgar. White Lifestream weaves betwixt the black
Lifestream, and the former is cleansed by the latter. Cloud smiles

This entire sequence was removed from the final version of AC. Obviously, there is an error here, as the white Lifestream
would be the one to cleanse the black Lifestream, not vice versa. But, I am guessing this sequence was removed because the
creators wanted to save Cloud's rare smile for the end to show him smiling at the children and Aerith.

These two examples only scratch the surface. There are
tons of other sequences and events in the script included with the
Collector's Edition that were omitted and/or changed. So, how can you rely on this script at all? With so many changes to what
was obviously an earlier draft of the film, there is no way to tell if something is correct or not. This script is interesting, but that
is it. It should not be used as proof for
either side as it is ridiculously unreliable. Too bad, really, because there were some
lovely ClAeris-y bits in there.... :(

FYI: When AC was released, there was a lot of wailing, bitching, and moaning in the CloTi camp. So powerful is the
overwhelming ClAeris evidence in
AC that even some of the most rabid CloTis converted and are now avid ClAeris fans. Still
others, who once hated ClAeris, and even Aerith, are getting in touch with their "ClAeris side", admitting to liking ClAeris fan art
and acknowledging that they don't really hate ClAeris so much after all. ^_^

Still other CloTi fans started screaming
"FANSERVICE!!!" about the direct sequel of FFVII, when just prior to the movie's
release they were talking about how
AC would "prove CloTi canon" and how much they were looking forward to seeing "the
truth about Cloud and Tifa's relationship". Well, you have the truth about Cloud and Tifa-- they are friends who are like family,
just like the rest of AVALANCHE, and nothing more. So, now that your couple wasn't proven canon and you were all proven
wrong the movie is suddenly nothing but fan service??? What hypocrites! -_-+

Still other CloTis are in complete denial about the fact that Cloud clearly doesn't love Tifa romantically and have resorted to
making up their own evidence. There are several CloTis who are quite talented when it comes to making up evidence that
doesn't exist, twisting facts to suit their own purposes, and putting words into the mouths of the creators which were never
intended. Many of the CloTis who had their pride wounded flock to these fact-twisting rejects simply because they refuse to see
the truth of the matter. But, as I have spelled it out--
CloTi is nothing but fanon. The subtle clues all point to Cloud loving
Aerith and continuing to keep her alive in his heart. There is absolutely
no proof that Cloud loves Tifa in anything more than a
platonic way.
Cloud and Tifa in Advent Children