The so-called "CloTi evidence"
Okay, now let us examine the so-called "evidence" for Cloud and Tifa...

1. "
Cloud and Tifa were childhood sweethearts".

Wrong. Actually, Cloud and Tifa were little more than strangers. This is all revealed during the Lifestream event. Tifa and her friends would never
accept Cloud; they always ignored him. He did whatever he could to try and get them to pay attention to him and they never did. In fact, Tifa herself
stated that, although she and Cloud lived next to one another, they really didn't know each other at all. The truth is Cloud's childhood with Tifa was
anything but pleasant. He had to deal with the shame and humiliation of being rejected by Tifa and her snotty friends day in and day out. Then, he is
blamed for Tifa falling off the bridge at Mt. Nibel. Does this sound like they were close? In
this article, Naru, a girl who grew up in Japan, states that
she believes Cloud was actually the subject of "ijime", or bullying, from Tifa and her friends. This is, in fact, true. You can see two articles on "ijime"
here and here. These articles state that victims of "ijime" are ignored, ostracized, and humiliated. This is exactly what happens to Cloud during his
childhood. So, why would Cloud fall in love with someone who bullied him as a child? Some people don't believe Tifa bullied Cloud because they are
looking at this from a NA perspective. However, in Japan, it is a well-known fact that children wish to fit into a group. Cloud was excluded from Tifa's
group. Tifa participated in his exclusion willingly. According to the Japanese, Tifa
was guilty of subjecting Cloud to "ijime".

2. "Cloud and Tifa have a romantic evening under the Highwind".

Erm, no... There are many reasons why the Highwind Event should not be considered romantic, some of it straight from the mouths of the creators.
To see this information please visit the
Highwind Page.

4. "Cloud rediscovers his feelings for Tifa during the Lifestream event".

Actually, Cloud recalls his past on his own. All Tifa does is suggest he remember something regarding her from their childhood. And the only thing he
recalls is the fact that he and Tifa never really knew each other that well at all. He recalled a childhood crush that Tifa had never reciprocated, along
with feelings of shame and rejection. In fact, Cloud's childhood crush was not even based on a relationship with Tifa since he never knew her. I believe
Crisis Core Ultimania refers to Tifa as the one Cloud "dimly fell in love with" when they were children. Cloud dimly, faintly, somewhat loved
her? In other words, Cloud had a mere boyish crush on the prettiest most popular girl in town. It isn't difficult to imagine young Cloud developing a
crush on young Tifa. However, as the wording suggests, Cloud's dim crush was just that-- a faint crush on someone he didn't even really know.

Also, a lot can change in seven years, including getting over a baseless crush.
Past feelings should not even be considered when discussing current
feelings. Expecting Cloud to retain his feelings for Tifa is like expecting a boy in the
6th grade who is very unpopular and has a crush on the most
popular girl in school (who snubs him) to still retain those feelings for her when he is in
college and hasn't seen her or spoken to her for 7 years. Why
would Cloud maintain a baseless crush for 7 years on a girl he only spoke to
once, someone who ostracized him along with her little gang of friends?
What an absolutely
absurd notion!

The only thing the Lifestream event proved is that Cloud and Tifa were
never childhood friends to begin with. It unearths a bitter past and deliberate
deception on Tifa's part. Tifa's presence during the Lifestream event was required, as she was the
only one who knew Cloud then. Tifa was the only
one who could verify fact from fiction in Cloud's psyche.

Also, let us not forget that it was only through intervention on
Aerith's part that Tifa was able to enter Cloud's mind at all, as confirmed in Maiden of
the Planet
. Aerith was the one who guided Tifa into "Cloud's closed heart". Without Aerith, Tifa wouldn't have been able to do squat.

One last thing I would like to add: If the Lifestream event is supposed to be some great event where Cloud and Tifa "rediscover their love", don't you
think one of them would have thought about it,
at least once, during the Compilation? However, this scene gets completely ignored in the Compilation
and is
never mentioned in any of the other games, the movie, or the later novellas. This fact is enough to prove that the Lifestream event is nothing
more than what I have stated-- a revelation about Cloud's past.

5. "Tifa knows Cloud longer and has more time to develop a relationship with him".

Wrong again! As I have already stated, Tifa and Cloud were little more than strangers as children. In fact, Tifa did not really get to know Cloud until
he joined AVALANCHE. The two of them shared
one whole conversation together as children. So, in truth, Tifa really didn't know Cloud any longer
than Aerith. For a complete look at the length of relationships in
FFVII, go here. Actually, Cloud had about the same amount of non-optional
interactions with Aerith and Tifa during the game and Aerith's affection rating is
MUCH higher. To see an analysis of Cloud's affection for Tifa and
Aerith, go

And, for all of you idiots who insist that Cloud "became" Zack-- I guess Tifa didn't fall in love with the "real Cloud" either, did she? She got to know
Cloud when he joined AVALANCHE when, according to the moronic "Cloud became Zack" theory, Cloud was, in fact, Zack. XD

6. "Cloud joins SOLDIER just to impress Tifa."/"Cloud joins AVALANCHE for Tifa."

And just how do we know that Cloud joined SOLDIER just to impress Tifa? "Hey, I barely know you, and you always ignored me, and I was blamed
for you falling off Mt. Nibelheim, but I am leaving home to become a SOLDIER just to impress you!" Yeah, makes a lot of sense.
*Sarcasm* XD
Cloud says that he wants to be stronger so that he would be noticed. It is no secret that Cloud wanted Tifa to notice him. However, was she the
one??? I highly doubt that. Cloud was blamed for her fall from the bridge. He was ashamed of his weakness, then, that he was unable to do anything to
help Tifa. Don't you think that Cloud wanted to prove to
everyone in town that he was strong? Don't you think he wanted to show all of them that he
was no weakling, that he could be powerful and famous, and not just some loser who was ignored by Tifa as a child? The town's view of Cloud was
damaged when he was blamed for Tifa's fall from the bridge. I think that Cloud wanted to show
everyone, including Tifa, that he was strong-- to
redeem himself, or prove himself, to them all.

Also, when Cloud bumps into Tifa in Midgar in
FFVII, he sure doesn't seem happy to know that she is alive. The last time he saw her, he thought she
was a "goner" after Sephiroth slashed her. And yet he acts as though seeing Tifa alive and whole isn't a big deal at all. Strange behavior for someone
who supposedly "had it bad for Tifa", don't you think? Pretty odd for someone that certain rabids claim was "pining for Tifa" all those years, huh?

As for Cloud joining AVALANCHE... Tifa
begged Cloud to join AVALANCHE. He coldly refused. Tifa asked Cloud if he remembered the promise. He
not. In fact, she had to remind him of it. Tifa asked him to redeem his promise by helping AVALANCHE. He refused. In fact, Cloud only joined
AVALANCHE when Barret agreed to pay him 2000 gil (
more than the 1500 they initially agreed upon). Barret had to dip into Marlene's school money to
pay Cloud.
IF Cloud was so into Tifa, like you CloTis would have me believe, then he would have joined AVALANCHE when Tifa asked him to. IF
Cloud was so into Tifa, he would have agreed to fulfill the promise when she asked him to.
IF Cloud was so into Tifa, he would not have demanded
3000 gil,
double what was initially agreed upon, to join AVALANCHE. IF Cloud was so into Tifa, he would not have forced Barret to take money away
from Marlene's school funds to help out. Cloud demanded 3000 gil, but bargained with Barret, and finally accepted 2000. If Cloud was
truly interested
in helping Tifa, he would
not have demanded to be paid with cold, hard gil for his services. Compare this with how Cloud behaves with Aerith. He
readily agreed to be her bodyguard for
one date. Not once did he ask to be paid. The cold mercenary disappears around Aerith, because he genuinely
cares for her well-being. Cloud bluntly told the members of AVALANCHE how he felt when he stated he didn't care about them
or the planet.

So, not only does Cloud
not remember the promise, he refuses to redeem it. Not only does Cloud refuse to help Tifa when she asks, he demands
more money than he initially agreed upon. Not only does Cloud demand his money before aiding any of them, but he bluntly tells them that he cares
nothing for their cause or the planet. So, why did Cloud agree to help? In my opinion, these are the three factors (in order of importance):

Barret guilted him into it. When Barret fulfilled his promise to pay Cloud and stated "a promise is a promise", Cloud suddenly decided to help out.
Seeing Barret fulfill his moral obligation to Cloud made Cloud realize what a total jackass he'd been to Tifa, ignoring a promise he'd made to her long
ago. I sincerely believe that, without Barret's words, Cloud would have walked out on them altogether.

The money. Cloud is a mercenary. You cannot pretend money isn't important to him. The mere fact that he demanded double the amount of pay
than he initially agreed-upon with Barret is proof of that. If Cloud wasn't interested in money, he would have accepted the 1,500 gil that Barret had paid
him before, instead of doubling his price. Also, if he was only in it to help Tifa, as some fans would have me believe, he would have done it for 1,500
and not demanded more. This is why I placed "money" as #2 on my list.

The promise with Tifa. I do believe that Cloud's promise with Tifa played a part in his decision. Back in his youth, the promise seemed to be
important to him, even if he later forgot about it and/or it became less important to him. Once reminded of that promise, some part of Cloud
must have
wanted to fulfill it... even if it was just a little bit. And when Barret said what he did about promises, Cloud probably felt extremely guilty.

Later on in
FFVII, Cloud is very rude and cold toward Tifa, regardless of what optional dialogue you try to throw in. This is just more proof that Tifa
wasn't the sole or even most important reason Cloud joined AVALANCHE. Whatever feelings Cloud had for Tifa in the past are very clearly over at this
point. Cloud took off from the playground in Sector 6 to go to Elmyra's house and didn't say a
word to Tifa or Barret about where he was going. He
started to leave Elmyra's house to rescue Aerith without Tifa. In fact, Tifa had to
ask to be included --This is amusing, because we all know she didn't
include poor Cloud in her group when they were kids. Now, she is the one begging to be around. Way to turn it around on her Cloud! XD-- Then, on
their way to the second reactor, Cloud is rude to Tifa on the train:

Tifa: "Scary... huh."

Cloud: "Too late to be saying that now. Why'd you come along anyway?"

Sounds to me like Cloud didn't even care to have Tifa around. So, I don't really understand what CloTis see in these scenes that equals CloTi love. o_0
Compare all this to how Cloud treated Aerith and you will see a
huge difference. To Aerith, Cloud didn't care about money. Cloud assumed the position
of her bodyguard for the rest of the game, treating her with kindness, respect, and caring. He
never acted this rudely toward Aerith.

7. "Oh, yeah??? Well, what about the night at the well???"

Glad you asked... XD As I have stated before, Cloud and Tifa were little more than strangers as children. Honestly, Tifa did not display any interest in
Cloud until he mentioned joining SOLDIER and becoming as powerful and famous as Sephiroth. Then, suddenly, Tifa becomes interested in Cloud.
Why? Simple-- she wanted to be associated with someone who was powerful and famous. Not only that, but she wanted a famous "hero" to rescue her
one day. And so the promise is
baseless and selfish.

Also, let us not forget that Tifa had to
BEG Cloud to make this promise in the first place. In fact, it was confirmed in the FFVII 10th Anniversary
that Tifa did, in fact, force Cloud into making the promise, saying that Tifa "strong-armed him [Cloud] into making the promise".

Cloud said, "What?" twice and then, finally,
reluctantly, agreed to it. If he was so "hot" for Tifa, like you CloTis want me to believe, wouldn't he jump
at the chance to impress her??? Why was he so reluctant? Because, as confirmed in the
Crisis Core Ultimania, Cloud only had a "dim love" for Tifa as
a child. Why would he make a promise with someone he only had a faint crush on? And why would he make a promise with some girl who had ignored
him all this time? Hell, the night at the well was the first time they had ever talked. So, why would Cloud want to make a promise like that to Tifa, a girl
he barely knew, only had a slight crush on, and who had ignored him right up until the moment he said he was going to be a famous hero? When put
this way, Cloud's reasons for being hesitant are quite clear.

However, Cloud does finally agree to the promise. And, having made this promise, Cloud takes it very seriously. The promise with Tifa actually seems
to bring out Cloud's natural protective nature. This protective nature of Cloud's became apparent when he was very young. Cloud attempted to protect
Tifa when he followed her up Mt. Nibelheim. All throughout the Compilation, Cloud acts as a protector for others and even joins a group that wishes to
protect the planet (AVALANCHE). And, in
FFVII, Cloud becomes the protector/bodyguard for the last surviving Cetra, Aerith Gainsborough. As for
why Cloud forgot the promise later on... that was not explained.

Let us compare Cloud being
forced into making a promise with Tifa to the time when Aerith asked Cloud to be her bodyguard. Cloud readily agreed to
become Aerith's bodyguard in exchange for
one date (and, gee, she only asked once, too). It is obvious Cloud is attracted to Aerith from the first
moment they met. Compared with the "promise" made with Tifa, which Cloud refused to redeem when asked, Cloud proclaimed himself Aerith's
bodyguard in front of everyone, even Tifa.

8. "Final Fantasy VII Dismantled has CloTi proof in it!"

Yeah, I looked into this so-called "CloTi proof" and it is just like the rest of the "evidence" on this page: crap. Guess what the CloTis were using
as "proof"? This quote:

Cloud: "Everyone left to find what they're fighting for. To that, Tifa stayed. I don't have to look for what I'm fighting for, Tifa taught me that---"

So, true to their nature, the CloTis automatically assume Cloud is speaking of Tifa. Did Cloud actually say he was fighting for Tifa? No. He said Tifa
taught him that he didn't have to look for what he was fighting for. And, anyways, this entire quote is a huge mis-translation by a certain biased
CloTi. A neutral fan provided me with an unbiased translation:

Cloud: "Furthermore, Tifa's here for me. I'm not fighting alone, Tifa taught me that---"

And Cloud did not have to specify what he was fighting for either, because he had already commented on what was the most important thing to him
in the paragraph before the quote about Tifa:

Cloud: "Even so, I have to fight. So, I can leave my past behind me. So I can be myself. And above all--- to unfreeze her smile."

So, the most important thing to Cloud is to "unfreeze" Aerith's smile. He never mentioned Tifa at all. Tifa taught him that he was not fighting alone-
that is
all. Cloud only spoke of Aerith in the moments before heading off to the final battle. Even when he was faced with Sephiroth, he only spoke of
Aerith. Even at the end of FFVII, all Cloud did was speak of meeting Aerith again. How much more do you need?

The CloTis also like to bring up a quote from
Dismantled in which Aerith compared Cloud to Zack. However, what they like to leave out is the part in
which Aerith states that Cloud is
nothing like Zack, and actually calls Cloud "slow". XD He is slow about women, if you think about it. He never even
caught on to how Tifa felt about him and she practically came out and told him underneath the Highwind. They also like to leave out the part where
Aerith states that she likes
Cloud more than Zack anyways. They leave it out because this nulls and voids that lame "Aerith didn't love Cloud because
she still loved Zack" theory (which has already been proven
wrong anyways if you have read Maiden of the Planet).

The CloTis also don't want me to bring up the
ClAeris proof that is contained in Dismantled. Cloud's thoughts after Aerith's death:

Cloud: "Aerith is dead. Right in front of my eyes... I couldn't stop Sephiroth. She was in my reach, and all I could do is stand there and watch as his
sword ran through Aerith. All the time Aerith used to smile, like a flower. But, Aerith won't smile anyway. I won't be able to hear her innocent laugh
again. What did she do? Why did Aerith have to be killed? What am I supposed to do about this anger, it's like endlessly boiling and burning up my
body. Yet at the same time, I was afraid. Like a chill coming from the core of my body. When I found Aerith there, offering up some prayer, what did
I try to do? If my friends hadn't stopped me at that moment, I would have struck my sword down on Aerith. It was something separate from my own
will... it was like when I gave Sephiroth the Black Materia--- Who am I? I'm EX-SOLDIER Cloud... right? Tell me, Aerith---"

Cloud speaks of Aerith's death in a very personal sense, comparing her smile to a flower, reflecting sorrowfully on how he would never be able to hear
her "innocent laugh" again. He also speaks of the uncontrollable rage he feels over her death. This is supported by the fact that part of the reason Cloud
tracked down Sephiroth was to get revenge for Aerith's murder. I also find it interesting to note that Cloud is asking
Aerith to confirm who he is. The
CloTis like to claim that Cloud is closest to Tifa. However, this statement says otherwise. Why else would Cloud ask Aerith who he really was if he did
not believe she knew who he was
deep down inside? This is because Cloud could only ever really be himself around Aerith. Around Tifa, Cloud was
always forced to live up to her expectations of him as "SOLDIER First Class Cloud".

9. "It was Nomura's idea to kill off Aerith, because he didn't like her character, and put in Tifa as the main heroine."

What started this idea? An interview with Nomura in which he stated this:

"Actually, we had only Aerith at the beginning, and Tifa did not exist. But on a Sunday evening, I phoned the director Mr. Kitase and suggested, 'Let's
kill Aerith and put in Tifa' (laughs). So, now we have two heroines, and we have an event where one of them dies."

First of all, Nomura never said anything about not liking Aerith's character and he sure never said anything about Tifa taking her place in Cloud's life.
Secondly, this entire interview was a
joke. Yep, you heard me, a joke. An interview with Game Maestro cleared it all up...

Interviewer: "FFVII had a story depicting death, what with the heroine being killed by [Cloud's] old foe, Sephiroth, wasn't it?"

Nomura: "Yeah. There are people who believe that I thought of the scenario where Aerith dies, and I've had some rather strong attacks from some
(laughs). In a strategy guide interview the core part was left out, and only the joke bit ended up being published. I told them 'hey, that's not right', but it
was too late. I suddenly became the villain of the FF staff (laughs)."

So, no, actually, it was not Nomura's idea to kill off Aerith. That entire original interview is pure crap and should be tossed out. You have the truth
right here from
Game Maestro, which was a series of interview books dealing with several people from successful video game companies. The
Nomura interview appears in Vol. 4. In yet another interview (with both Nomura and Kitase), this time with
EGM, Nomura tried yet again to set the
record straight:

EGM: "We heard that the death of Aerith and the creation of Tifa both originated in a phone call between you two [Nomura and Kitase]...."

Nomura: "It's funny, some magazine ran that story, but only the beginning and ending of it. People think that I wanted to kill off Aerith and replace her
with Tifa as the main character! [Laughs] The actual conversation between Mr. Kitase and myself was very, very long. Originally, there were only
going to be three characters in the entire game: Cloud, Barret, and Aerith...."

Another thing of interest in the Nomura interview contained in Game Maestro is Nomura's explanation of Aerith's death and what they wanted to
accomplish by it:

"To tell you the truth, FFVII's theme was 'life'. We had instructions from Mr. Sakaguchi saying, 'More than depicting life in the theme, you have to
depict life and death. Anyhow you have to portray death.' With the death of a character, we wanted to have the player feel pain. So to do so, portraying
the death of the heroine Aerith would be the most painful and important/heavy [on the feelings/emotions]. So, to portray death properly, it was decided
that we would show Aerith's death."

So, it was Sakaguchi's idea to kill off a character, and he did not specify which one. That was decided later. It is interesting to see that they wanted to
make the
most of the death, a death that would affect the players and the characters the greatest... and they picked Aerith, the heroine of FFVII. So,
basically, this just sunk one of the CloTis favorite arguments, that Nomura "hated Aerith" and "killed her off to get rid of her because she was weak"
and that Nomura wanted to "sub Tifa in for Aerith to be Cloud's girlfriend". It is all
nonsense and has been proven wrong. In fact, these interviews
show just how
important Aerith's death was meant to be, for all of you who missed that point. And they also show that Tifa was never meant to take
Aerith's place as the heroine of the game
OR as Cloud's love interest. In fact, Cloud and Aerith were created first, and then Barret. Tifa was a
last-minute addition. And, trust me, if S-E hated Aerith's character, they simply wouldn't have used her, would they? Not to mention that every time a
character's beauty or the staff's love for a character is brought up, it's about Aerith.

A later interview (2003) with Yoshinori Kitase in
Edge magazine:

"In the real world things are very different. You just need to look around you. Nobody wants to die that way. People die of disease and accident. Death
comes suddenly and there is no notion of good or bad. It leaves, not a dramatic feeling but great emptiness. When you lose someone you loved very
much you feel this big empty space and think, 'If I had known this was coming I would have done things differently.' These are the feelings I wanted
to arouse in the players with Aerith's death relatively early in the game. Feelings of reality and not Hollywood."

Pretty interesting words coming from one of FFVII's creators, don't you think? It's mighty interesting that he stated he wanted to arouse feelings of
reality with the players at Aerith's death and, just before that, he speaks of
losing someone that you love. Is it the players who love Aerith? Well,
maybe, but that doesn't really make much sense. XD Who is it that is losing someone that they love in this game? Well, considering that Cloud was
given special consideration by all of his companions during the time after Aerith's death, I would say that person is Cloud. It was
Cloud that they
comforted, even though Aerith was a friend to them all. It was
Cloud who was allowed a special moment alone with Aerith. It was Cloud who was
also allowed to bury Aerith alone at the spring. Doesn't this suggest that the entire party understood Cloud's feelings for Aerith surpassed that of a mere

I also want to point out to all of you sick freaks that laugh when Aerith dies- you just missed the
entire point of the game! The point of the game is life
death. Aerith's death was hugely important. It was meant to convey feelings of loss and pain. But, you totally missed that, didn't you? Way to go-
completely overlooked everything that the creators of FFVII were trying to express! Proud of yourself, are you? -_-+

I would also like to point out a quote from that interview with

EGM: "Which female character in FFVII is your personal favorite?"

Nomura: "[
Laughs] I'm not really interested in any superdeformed females."

That is for all of you dumbasses who actually buy into all of that "self-insertion" bull. For those of you who haven't a clue what I am talking about...
well, there exists an essay that claims that Nomura liked to place himself in the position of the heroes of the game and basically goes on to say that he
contrived Tifa from a wet dream. This, therefore, makes CloTi canon. o_0 Yes, I know, it is
completely absurd, not to mention lame and retarded. I
never believed any of it to begin with, because it was just some flake making up
nonsense. She had no proof whatsoever and made an ass out of
herself making assumptions that were so far-fetched the other CloTis laughed at her. She went on to say that her "theory" was proved by the fact that
all of the other heroines in the FF games to follow were just like Tifa. o_0 Huh???
Excuse me??? No, hon, they were just like Aerith. Want to know
more about how the FF heroines from
FFVIII, FFIX, and FFX were like Aerith? Then go here.

10. "Cloud sacrificed his masculinity when he dressed up as a woman to rescue Tifa from Corneo's!"

Okay, this is yet another incredibly stupid thing that CloTis like to harp on. First of all, is Cloud all that macho to begin with? Do you think someone
that says "let's mosey" is all that macho??? Er,
no. In fact, Cloud has a very boyish personality. He wants to be admired by the other kids of Nibelheim,
he wants to be cool like Sephiroth, and he has a hard time accepting help from girls. He isn't some macho dude like Cid or Barret.

Secondly, let's not forget it is
Aerith's idea for Cloud to dress up. It was Aerith that pushed the idea off on Cloud. And Cloud only agreed to it to
prevent Aerith from going in to Corneo's alone.

Thirdly, this entire sequence was meant to be taken as a
joke. It was all very silly, finding a dress and wig for Cloud to make him pretty (everything
else was optional). XD It's all about humor, especially when you are trying to get Cloud picked by the Don and you end up nearly kissing Don or
admitting you have feelings for Barret! XD How can
anyone take this whole thing seriously??? o_0 And the fact that CloTis use this as "proof" is
hysterical! XD It is a light-hearted jaunt through an otherwise depressing city. It is a bit of comic relief and
nothing more. And it certainly doesn't
have any bearing on the "love triangle".

How can you compare Cloud putting on a dress and a wig to rescue Tifa with Cloud's rescue of Aerith in Shinra HQ? I mean, with Aerith's
rescue, Cloud climbed to the upper plate through a maze of wires, busted in to Shinra HQ, fought his way up 69 floors, obtained all of the keycards,
crept past the guards, solved the Midgar puzzle, crawled through a vent in a smelly bathroom, and fought boss battles with HO512 and Rufus. When
you look at it this way, Cloud's rescue of Tifa is
obviously meant to be nothing more than a humorous escapade.

Another thing...
why is it that Cloud stood around wondering how to get in to Corneo's when it is just a mansion full of thugs? When Aerith was in
danger, Cloud busted into Shinra HQ to get her, fully prepared to face all of the guards, SOLDIERs, machines, Turks, and the Shinra president, all of
which were fully armed with a variety of weapons. When Aerith was in danger,
none of this mattered to Cloud. He rushed in without a second
thought. With Tifa, however, he stood there wondering what he should do when he
could have just rushed in and kicked some ass. If it hadn't been for
Aerith's idea, Cloud may
never have saved Tifa.

Even when Tifa goes along to rescue Aerith, Cloud doesn't seem too concerned about her safety. When Cloud is taking Aerith with him to the Sector 7
slums he says to Aerith:
"How could I ask you to go along when I knew it would be dangerous?" Going to Sector 7 is a heck of a lot less dangerous
than breaking in to Shinra HQ and yet Cloud didn't seem to be worried about Tifa's safety at all. Cloud was also concerned about Aerith's safety at
Corneo's, refusing to let her go in alone. And when the time came for them to face Corneo, this is what was said:

Cloud: "No, Aerith! I can't have you get involved."

Aerith: "Oh? So it's all right for Tifa to be in danger?"

Cloud: "No, I don't want Tifa in..."

Again, the lack of concern for Tifa is pretty obvious.

11. "In Case of Tifa, Cloud says he wants to start a new life with Tifa!"

Actually, no, he doesn't. Here is the exact scene from the novella:

But right next to her, Cloud was watching the same scene [the ruins of Midgar] and smiling serenely. That smile was nothing she'd ever seen during
their travels. Cloud noticed Tifa was gazing at him.


"Cloud, you're smiling."

"I am?"


"This is where it starts. My new--" Cloud paused, searching for the words. "My new life," he finished. "I'm going to live. I'll never be forgiven unless I
do. So much has... has happened."

"It sure has."

"But I thought it was funny, considering all the other times I thought my 'new life' was starting."

"Why is that funny?"

"'Cause I always screwed it up."

"That's not funny."

"This time... I think I'll be okay."

Cloud was silent for a long time before he spoke again. "Because I have you."

"You've always had me."

"I mean from tomorrow on." Cloud answered with another smile.

Now, please allow me to bring this scene to light:

        a. This scene takes place right after the end of FFVII. What is so important about that? Because, at the end of FFVII, Cloud was only
speaking of trying to find a way to meet Aerith again. Why wouldn't he be optimistic, hopeful, and even smiling? Cloud believes he has an answer from
the planet that will allow him to find the Promised Land and meet Aerith there.

Cloud says "my new life", not "our new life". If he intended to begin a romantic relationship with Tifa, why wouldn't he say "our" and
include her as well? If Cloud chose Tifa at the end of
FFVII, like so many CloTis think, he wouldn't have a problem with including Tifa in this

Cloud's entire reason for going on living was stated right there: "I'll never be forgiven unless I do". And who does Cloud wish
forgiveness from?
Aerith. So, right then and there the truth comes to light-- Cloud has chosen to go on living because he wishes to be forgiven for his
sins. I am sure he knows that Aerith (not to mention Zack) would want him to go on living and not be consumed by regrets. So, Cloud's "new life" is
based on an attempt to be forgiven by living for the sake of those who died, not some idea of a romance with Tifa.

Starting over again isn't a new experience for Cloud. He states in CoT that every time he thought his "new life" was starting, he always
"screwed it up". So, the idea that Cloud is starting a new life just to go make lots of babies with Tifa is pretty much quashed. This is something Cloud
has attempted more than once. And, later in
CoT, Cloud really does "screw it up" when he starts the long downward spiral into depression. Cloud's new
life doesn't truly start until the end of
AC, when he is free of regrets (and riding out to see Aerith in the flower field *smirk*). And, considering that a
CloTi romance
still hadn't bloomed by then or even a year afterward, I'd say the chances of Cloud and Tifa ending up together are pretty much nada.

Cloud states he'll be okay because he has Tifa with him, not that he's starting a new life because he has her with him. Honestly, I don't
see anything romantic here. o_0 Cloud speaks of being a failure in the past when trying to start anew and then says he thinks he'll make it this time
because he has Tifa there to support him. Tifa is his best friend and is like a mother or a sister to him. Why
wouldn't Cloud count on her for support???

Tifa's reaction doesn't suggest that she took Cloud's statement in a romantic way. Considering that Tifa once had romantic feelings for
Cloud in the past, she should have picked up
immediately on romantic flirtation from Cloud. However, she merely responds with a bland "You've
always had me"
, no nervousness or shyness that any normal girl would have displayed if a present/past love interest was displaying romantic intent.
This entire conversation had
nothing out of the ordinary in it, and Tifa's reaction is proof of that. Her simple answer is enough to tell even the most
ignorant person that Tifa is merely letting Cloud know that she has always been there to support him and always would be. Tifa's later revelation of
motherly feelings for Cloud also serves to crush any ideas of romance in this scene. If Cloud and Tifa were flirting and hinting at a future romance,
why the sudden change in emotions for Tifa?

The Compilation says otherwise. Later in CoT, Cloud reverts to his usual lone wolf behavior, running off on his motorcycle, Fenrir, and
staying gone all the time; hiding things from Tifa; and refusing to speak about his feelings with Tifa. Nothing has changed by the time
AC begins, only
Cloud has actually stopped speaking to Tifa and everyone else
altogether and has sought refuge in Aerith's church. When DoC occurs, you get to see
that Cloud is still out running around on Fenrir and not spending time at Seventh Heaven; the only thing that
is confirmed is that Tifa keeps in close
contact with both Barret
and Cloud. If Cloud and Tifa truly started a "new life" together at the beginning of CoT, S-E sure has a funny way of showing

15. "O rly? Well, Cloud blushes at Tifa!"

The scene in question?

When they were alone, Cloud commented, "It's not like you to get weighed down."

"Now you know... how I am."

"No. You're upbeat, and strong. And if you forget that, then I'll
get you to remember."

"Oh, you will?"

"Yeah, probably," Cloud added with a blush.

When looking up the definitions for the word "blush", you will note that blushing is considered a reddening of the face from embarrassment, shame,
modesty, or guilt. So, no, blushing isn't strictly a reaction to someone else's
hawtness. XD Cloud only blushed when Tifa called him on his statement
that he would get her to remember how "upbeat and strong" she is. Cloud's confidence evaporates when Tifa questions him and he answers with a
mere "probably", a sign of embarrassment and/or shame.
How is that romantic??? Cloud has had problems remembering promises to Tifa in the past
(e.g. the promise at the well), so why wouldn't he be embarrassed at the reminder? And, of course, down the road in
AC, it is evident that, once again,
Cloud forgot a promise made to Tifa. He never once reminded Tifa that she is
supposedly "upbeat and strong".

Also, it is interesting to see Cloud attempting to support Tifa in this scene. Considering he had been supported all throughout
FFVII by Aerith, Tifa, and
his other friends, Cloud is trying to return the favor in this scene. Therefore, Cloud is speaking words that he truly isn't comfortable with, and putting
up a brave (but false) front. When Tifa turns to him, in either concern or surprise by Cloud's attempt to be positive, and questions him, Cloud becomes
uncertain and embarrassed (e.g. stammering out a lame
"Yeah, probably" and blushing in embarrassment). After this scene, Cloud is never shown
attempting to support anyone like this again, which just goes further to prove that Cloud's behavior here was a facade.

Another thing to note here is Cloud's
complete lack of understanding in regards to Tifa's personality. He remarks that it isn't like Tifa "to get weighed
and that Tifa is "upbeat and strong". However, from Case of Tifa, not to mention FFVII itself, you see that this is not the case at all. In CoT,
Tifa was overwhelmed with guilt due to the actions of AVALANCHE and often questioned whether or not she deserved to live or die. Tifa feared for
her future and felt helpless. Even Barret knew Tifa's true nature, saying,
"If Tifa doesn't work, she'll just get to thinkin', and 'fore you know it she
won't be able to do nothin' else."
Does this sound like someone who doesn't "get weighed down"? Does this sound like someone who is "upbeat and

Hell, even in
FFVII, Tifa was never the upbeat, strong member of the party. She was always lamenting this or that, whining about Cloud, saying she
didn't know what to do, asking to be protected, etc... Barret even remarked once about how much of a "wimp" Tifa had become at one point during the
game. Tifa was
never upbeat and strong. She admitted this herself in CoT, saying to Cloud: "Now you know... how I am." In fact, the one who was
always upbeat and strong, regardless of her crappy past and all of the terrible events surrounding her was Aerith. And the one who was never weighed
down by regret was Aerith. Is Cloud somehow transposing Aerith's personality on Tifa? It seems that way.

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