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1. Cloud and Aerith appear together in subsequent games, games that involve Cloud searching for Aerith, games that are
even about the bonds of love...
*Possible spoilers ahead*

* In Final Fantasy Tactics, Cloud appears, stating he has "lost a very important thing". He also states that he "must go to
the Promised Land". This final statement is reminiscent of Cloud's statement at the end of
FFVII ("......I think I'm
beginning to understand. An answer from the planet... the Promised Land... I think I can meet her... there...") and proves
that he is searching for Aerith in this game. He also repeats the same lines that he spoke during Aerith's death scene
("What's this? My fingers are tingling... My eyes... they're burning...", not to mention "What about this pain?") and states
"I must go to that place". Ramza then states "there's someone in your world waiting for you". Considering Cloud's
previous statements about pain, the Promised Land, and his repetition of the lines from Aerith's death, this someone can
only be Aerith, waiting patiently in the Lifestream for Cloud to free her so that she can take Holy to the planet's core.

Aerith also appears in the game as a flower girl. Cloud stumbles across her after being summoned into that world by
Ramza, who uses a
Holy stone to do so. While this incarnation of Aerith doesn't recognize Cloud, she is called "Aeris" by
Knave, who kidnaps her. Cloud then shows up and rescues the flower girl, furiously telling Knave to get his "filthy hand"
off Aeris. ^_^
It is also interesting to note that Cloud is the
only male in FFT that can equip a Ribbon (And who wore a ribbon in
? Aerith! ^_^) Not only that but Cloud has a new final Limit Break in FFT. That's right, no more Omnislash. This
time around, Cloud has
Cherry Blossoms, an elemental attack that involves flowers (And who was the flower girl of
FFVII? Aerith! ^_^)!

What is terribly interesting about this game is that it was
already being produced before FFVII was even released. So,
any claims that Aerith's appearance with Cloud in this game was mere "fan service" are
negated. When this game was
being produced, there
were no rabid CloTi fans or ClAeris fans to satisfy. They had no reason to service fans that did not
yet exist. They were merely following up on the
true romance in FFVII- that of Cloud and Aerith.

* The
Kingdom Hearts series- This section was growing a little big, so I gave it its own page! Check it out here!

* In Final Fantasy VIII, if you go to the city of Esthar, you can find a shop called "Cloud's Shop", a reference to Cloud
FFVII. If you buy enough, your stuff will come wrapped in a Ribbon (Once again, ribbons are related to what
character??? That's right-- Aerith! ^_^)

* In Final Fantasy IX, there was a soldier and a flower girl who greatly resembled Cloud and Aerith. The soldier ("Pluto
VII", as in Final Fantasy VII) declares that he is very lucky at having met such a beautiful flower girl in a
destroyed city (here we see an allusion to Midgar, a city destroyed at the end of
FFVII). The flower girl remarks, "He's
cute, but he isn't exactly Mr. Personality." This statement fits Cloud perfectly, because we all know that he was not the
most personable guy in the world. Also, the fact that these two can be found right outside a church in Alexandria hints to
Cloud and Aerith, as they were first properly introduced in Aerith's church during

* In
Parasite Eve, Cloud and Aerith can be seen together in the official Amano art of them titled "Tranquility" (the one of
them sitting together, surrounded by birds and animals-- it is actually the background for this page). This is even
proof that Amano's art is still official and significant.

* In
Parasite Eve II, Cloud and Aerith's names appear yet again. In the laboratory, the computer there has a virus called
"Fatekeeper". The anti-virus, "Cloud", can be found in a magazine called "Aeris" (Sept. issue). So, you can find "Cloud"
inside "Aeris".... I'm not even gonna touch that one. ^_^'''

* In
Final Fantasy X-2, people have brought to my attention a pair of monkeys that are, amusingly enough, reminiscent
of Cloud and Aerith. I was dubious upon first hearing this, because it seemed
really silly at the time. But, I looked into it.
If you go on the "Monkey Love" side quest in
FFX-2, it is your job to pair up each monkey with its perfect mate. The
seventh couple you match up are named Summer and Winter. Now, which couple in the seventh Final Fantasy game
is like
summer and winter? CloudxAerith. Cloud is cold, brooding, and pessimistic. Aerith is warm, open, and
optimistic. Is this a
definite allusion to Cloud and Aerith??? I honestly don't know, but it is interesting and cute all the
same. ^_^

* While Aerith did not appear in
Ergheiz, there is an item called "Great Gospel" (one of Aerith's Limit Breaks in FFVII)
that you can find in quest mode. Some people claim that this game, which
did have Tifa in it, was pro-CloTi. I cannot
understand that at all! Cloud and Tifa
beat the crap out of each other in a ring and you call that love??? o_0 Whatever...
To see more on this game, go to the
CloTi section.

* In
Itadaki Street Special for PS2, Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, and Sephiroth all make an appearance. Unfortunately, this game
has not been scheduled for a NA release. :-(

Since this is a board game, I don't expect it will shed much light on the "love triangle". However, it is
still obvious which
pairing is supported in this game. I have seen a shot from this game with a large crowd of characters gathered in an open
area. In the middle of this area, Cloud is standing with Aerith while Tifa is standing alone, near the top. XD Also, in the
trailers we see Cloud walking with Aerith and Squall walking with Rinoa. Very interesting... ^_^ I was also told, by a
friend who is currently playing
Itadaki Street, that Cloud and Aerith are shown in the opening of the game and are, in
fact, the first
Final Fantasy characters shown. I recently downloaded the opening of IS and saw for myself. During the
opening, Cloud and Aerith walk together, look at the sky together, and Cloud runs after Aerith when she takes off without
him. Tifa is
nowhere to be seen. Not only that, but Aerith's Theme makes an appearance in this game. Tifa's Theme does

Anyways, it is interesting to note that Cloud and Tifa cannot appear in
any game together without some type of hint
regarding Aerith. This cannot be said of Tifa in all of the games in which Cloud was paired up with Aerith. Tifa was never
mentioned or alluded-to in
any of the games that Cloud and Aerith appeared in alone together.                          

*End spoilers*

2. Since FFVII was made in Japan, it contains Japanese symbolism, not to mention Japanese cultural influence. Some
CloTis try to refute the obvious, saying that the creators of
FFVII would never have allowed so much symbolism into a
game which would be released outside of Japan, because others would not "get it". However, what they do not realize is
ALL of the previous Final Fantasy games contained Japanese symbolism, but were "dumbed-down" for American
audiences. Want to know more? Go
here and read this paper written by a Stanford student. In this paper, it states:

"In the early days of console-based RPGs, there was a general misconception that American players were not
sophisticated enough to play complicated RPGs, preferring instead to play 'simpler' fighting or platform games."

The paper goes on to say that when Nintendo released Final Fantasy IV in America (as Final Fantasy II, because it was
only the second
FF game to make it to a US release) it was a "dumbed-down" version to make it "easier" for American
players. Squaresoft also considered American players to be "simpler" and released
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest in 1992.
The game was so simplified that it angered US players, and the game flopped. To add insult to injury,
FFMQ was later
released in Japan as
Final Fantasy USA, which made even more US players furious, as it perpetuated the "dumb
American" stereotype in Japan.
Final Fantasy V never made it to America, and some speculate that this is due to its
creators believing it was too complex for American gamers.
Final Fantasy VII was, in fact, the very first FF game to be
released in the US
completely uncut. While the translation of FFVII was utterly butchered, the symbolism remained

Whew! Okay, now that we have established that
FFVII does contain elements of Japanese cultural influence and
symbolism, let us talk about what the symbolism shows. It is quite simple, when you are referring to the "love triangle".
All of the symbolism in the game points toward Cloud and Aerith being the true couple of the game. Want to know more?
here. This site is very impressive. Everything on it is backed up with loads of research, which is more than I can say
for any CloTi shrines out there. It shows that Cloud and Aerith were the couple in the game, while Tifa was meant to be
portrayed as a tragic character. For example, just look at the colors each woman wore. Aerith wore red, the color of love
in Japan. Tifa wore black and white, which are symbols of mourning and misfortune in Japan. Another example is that of
Aerith's ribbon. Soul mates are portrayed in Japan as being connected by a ribbon or string. This is backed up when we
realize that Cloud and Aerith are connected on a deeper level (Cloud speaks with Aerith in his dreams, Cloud can sense
Aerith's presence, etc...). These examples are just
barely scratching the surface of the symbolism involved in FFVII. Go
to the link above to read more!

3. Cloud displays more affection toward Aerith than Tifa during the course of FFVII. Cloud interacted with Tifa a total of
261 times during
FFVII. He interacted with/remembered Aerith a total of 253 times during the game. Despite the fact that
Cloud interacted with these two women approximately the same amount during the course of the game, their affection
ratings are
much different. This site documents each time Cloud displayed affection for Tifa and Aerith (affection being
defined as displays of caring, concern, helpfulness, kindness, support, protection, remembrance, consideration, and
personal interest). The total affection rating for Tifa was 84. The total affection rating for Aerith was 166. So, Cloud
displayed nearly
twice the affection for Aerith despite the fact that he spent approximately the same time focused on each

4. Cloud and Aerith have been used in marketing other Square products, including a series of Coca-Cola figures and the
Final Fantasy S Generation soundtrack...

On the Coke label, Cloud and Aerith appear directly below Squall and Rinoa, a canon couple. In fact, Square has been
endorsing ClAeris as a couple right along with canon couples for awhile now. As you probably know, Square releases a
lot of figures with each
Final Fantasy game. What you may not know is that there was a special cold-cast sculpture of a
scene from
FFVII released. That scene was of Cloud lowering Aerith's body into the water during her funeral scene.
What is interesting to note is that, later, with the release of
FFVIII, Square released yet another cold-cast sculpture of a
scene from
FFVIII. This time, it was of Squall and Rinoa, during the ball at Balamb Garden. So, once again, we see
Cloud and Aerith paired up in a piece of
official Square merchandise. Not only that, but they appear to be endorsing
Cloud and Aerith as a couple, right along with Squall and Rinoa.

Another hint of this type is in the latest release of
FFVII (FFVII: International).Pictured on the first game disc is Cloud,
the second disc, Aerith, and the third disc, Sephiroth. The reason I bring this up is because of previous
FF games. For
FFVIII, Squall was pictured on the first disc, Rinoa on the second, Seifer on the third, and Laguna on the fourth. With
FFIX, Zidane was pictured on the first disc, Garnet on the second, Steiner on the third, and Vivi on the fourth. Do you
not see a pattern? First disc= hero. Second disc= heroine/love interest. The other discs show either a villain or other, "less
important", characters. So, where is Tifa in regards to
FFVII:International? On the bonus fourth disc with everyone

Aerith/Aeris's name is one form of a Latin word for "air" or "cloud". "Eris" is the Greek goddess of discord and strife
("eris" also means "strife" in Greek). So, Aerith's name can be translated as "cloud" and also as "strife". This is just one
more indication of the mystical connection between Cloud and Aerith. Aerith's name has other meanings as well. Her
name can mean "flower", which is appropriate, since she was a flower girl. "Aerith" is also an anagram of "I Earth",
signifying her relationship with the planet. Also, since "Aeris" is pronounced like "heiress", this demonstrates her role as
the last Cetra and rightful heir to the planet.

Tifa's name, on the other hand, is quite different. "Tiferet" is an aspect of the tree of life (along with "Sephirot"). Tiferet
represents beauty (she is quite lovely), balance (she is very athletic), and love (she loves Cloud). However Tiferet also
self-sacrifice to the Christian Kabbalists and the "will to carry one neighbor's cross". This refers to Tifa
sacrificing her own happiness at the end of
FFVII when she realizes that Cloud wishes only to be reunited with Aerith.
She hangs her head in resignation, accepting that Aerith is the only one in Cloud's heart. Tifa would sacrifice
anything to
make Cloud happy. This includes her own happiness. Even Tifa's surname of "Lockhart" is symbolic. The two words
"lock" and "hart/heart" clearly show Tifa's inability to express her feelings to anyone, especially Cloud. It also shows that
Tifa keeps her emotions hidden deep within her, under tight lock and key. She puts on a facade of happiness to hide her
own doubt, insecurity, and sadness.

6. Aerith and Cloud are
much more compatible than Tifa and Cloud.

First let us look at Tifa and what she needs in a significant other. Tifa is a very tragic person. She has had
many unhappy
events in her life, including the death of her father at the hands of Sephiroth, the death of her mother when she was very
young, the razing of Nibelheim by Sephiroth, and the destruction of Sector 7 in Midgar. Tifa is potrayed in
being very pessimistic, uncertain, and insecure. Tifa often becomes hysterical in high-pressure situations, while Aerith
remains calm, supportive, and optimistic. When it comes to physical strength in the women of
FFVII, Tifa is tops.
However, when you look at her mental, emotional, and spiritual strength, Tifa is rock-bottom. Tifa needs a man that will
support her, comfort her, and be her "hero". Are any of these things Cloud? Sorry, but
no. Cloud is not the type of
person to support or comfort anyone, and he certainly wasn't interested in fulfilling the promise to Tifa. In fact, Cloud is
the type of person who needs someone to comfort and support

So, in
many, many ways, Tifa and Cloud are just alike. That is why a relationship between these two could just never
work. They both need someone who is open with their feelings (since neither of them can be honest with each other, or
open with their innermost feelings for that matter), someone who is confident (because they are both rather insecure),
and someone who is mentally and emotionally strong (because neither Tifa nor Cloud fit this description). Why would
Cloud open up to someone who can't open up to him? Plus, Cloud could never measure up to Tifa's expectations of him,
stating, "I could never live up to being Cloud." All throughout the game, he felt as if he had let Tifa down and Tifa was
constantly worrying about him or asking for help from him. Tifa truly expected
too much of Cloud, which made him feel
like a failure. Their relationship was just a
tad unhealthy.

Cloud and Tifa's incompatibility was clearly documented in the novella,
Case of Tifa. Tifa was shown wishing time and
time again that Cloud would change. His mannerisms seemed to bother and/or annoy her at times-- Tifa didn't like Cloud's
names for the bar, she laughed at the fact that Cloud didn't know the names of a lot of fruits and vegetables, she didn't
understand Cloud's need to be alone at times, she didn't know how to speak about her feelings to Cloud, and Tifa selfishly
ignored Cloud's belief that Denzel had been brought to him by Aerith in favor of her own ideas that Denzel had been
brought to Cloud just to be brought to her (as payment for her sins while she was a member of AVALANCHE).

Also, in
CoT, Cloud showed a complete lack of understanding in regards to Tifa's personality when he remarked that it
wasn't like Tifa "to get weighed down" and that she is "upbeat and strong". However, from
Case of Tifa, not to mention
FFVII itself, you see that this is not the case at all. In CoT, Tifa was overwhelmed with guilt due to the actions of
AVALANCHE and often questioned whether or not she deserved to live or die. Tifa feared for her future and felt helpless.
Even Barret knew Tifa's true nature, saying,
"If Tifa doesn't work, she'll just get to thinkin', and 'fore you know it she
won't be able to do nothin' else."
Does this sound like someone who doesn't "get weighed down"? Does this sound like
someone who is "upbeat and strong"?

Hell, even in
FFVII, Tifa was never the upbeat, strong member of the party. She was always lamenting this or that,
whining about Cloud, saying she didn't know what to do, asking to be protected, etc... Barret even remarked once about
how much of a "wimp" Tifa had become at one point during the game. Tifa was
never upbeat and strong. She admitted
this herself in
CoT, saying to Cloud: "Now you know... how I am." In fact, the one who was always upbeat and strong,
regardless of her crappy past and all of the terrible events surrounding her was Aerith. And the one who was never
weighed down by regret was Aerith. Is Cloud somehow transposing Aerith's personality on Tifa? It seems that way.

Speaking of Aerith, let's take a look at her now... while Aerith's life wasn't always grand, she made a point out of
remaining optimistic, cheerful, and happy. Aerith was always there to support Cloud and ease his fears, letting him know
that everything was okay. In terms of strength of character, emotional strength, mental strength, and spiritual strength,
Aerith had enough for her and Cloud both. Cloud needs a woman like this. Someone who can help him through trying
times. Someone that he can open up to. Someone he can be
himself around. Aerith never let Cloud put on the "tough guy
act". She took charge and got him to open up and be himself for once. With Aerith, Cloud could be just plain Cloud. With
Tifa, Cloud had to be SOLDIER First Class Cloud.

In the official novella,
Maiden of the Planet, you get a chance to see that Aerith truly loves Cloud. In fact, she loves
everything about him and continues to love him even when she finds out the truth about his past. Aerith loves Cloud for
who he is and adores his simplistic awkwardness, a trait that actually seems to annoy Tifa in

Let's face facts here, people. With Aerith, Cloud was
truly happy. The only time in FFVII that Cloud smiled and laughed
because of one person was when he was with Aerith. And the
only time in FFVII that Cloud cried was when he lost her.
Aerith's love was the force that broke down the emotional barrier around Cloud. After meeting her, he began to change
for the better. In fact, the
only time during the game in which Cloud almost confesses his feelings to anyone is in
Cosmo Canyon, when he is trying to comfort Aerith in one of her only moments of sadness. Cloud says, "But, I'm-- I
mean-- we're here for you, right?" Tifa said basically the same thing to Cloud under the Highwind, saying that she was all
alone and had nowhere to go. Did Cloud try to comfort Tifa? No. Did Cloud say he would be there for her? No. And yet
he did
both of these things for Aerith.

To read a great essay on the relationship between Cloud and Aerith, go

7. Aerith and Cloud fit Square's idea of the perfect couple. How do I know this? Just take a look at the other canon
couples from
FFVIII, FFIX, and FFX, FFX-2, and Dirge of Cerberus... *Possible spoilers ahead*

* Final Fantasy VIII:  Want to see Cloud and Aerith reinvented in another game? Then play FFVIII and take a look at
Squall and Rinoa. This pairing is Cloud and Aerith remade. Squall and Rinoa give us a look into what
might have
happened if Aerith had not died
Squall is the brooding, dark soldier with a mysterious past. He is very much of an introvert and a loner, never
opening up to anyone. Sound familiar? It should, because he acts
exactly like Cloud. He even has the same job-- he is a
mercenary (Squall was hired to protect and help out Rinoa; Cloud was hired by Aerith to be her bodyguard). Heck, he
even carries an oversized weapon and has Limit Breaks that are reminiscent of Cloud's. During the course of the game,
Squall begins to open up to Rinoa, much in the same way Cloud opened up to Aerith and was able to laugh and cry.
Squall's moment of greatest emotional breakdown was when he thought he had lost Rinoa, saying to her:

"(Rinoa... You feel so cold. Are you going to be like this forever?)... Isn't there anything I can do?! You were so full of
life. Now you don't even make a sound. I want to hear your voice...."

Compare that to Cloud's speech at Aerith's death (the moment of Cloud's greatest show of emotion)::

"... Aerith. This can't be real!" "Aerith is gone. Aerith will no longer talk, no longer laugh, cry... or get angry.... What
about us? What are WE supposed to do? What about my pain? My fingers are tingling. My mouth is dry. My eyes are

 -Rinoa is the cheerful, optimistic, and flirtatious daughter of a noted general. Just like Aerith, Rinoa is someone of
importance, often referred to as "princess" (Aerith was the last of the Cetra, and the rightful heiress to the planet). I have
heard CloTis attempt to compare Rinoa with Tifa. This is absolutely laughable, because Rinoa is
nothing like Tifa. She
has dark hair and eyes. That is the
only way Rinoa resembles Tifa. In all other things, Rinoa is just like Aerith. Tifa was
an introvert; Aerith and Rinoa are extroverts. Tifa could not express her feelings to Cloud; Aerith and Rinoa are outspoken
and flirtatious with Cloud and Squall. Tifa was a physical fighter; Aerith and Rinoa are both mages. I am only scratching
the surface here, too.

It is also interesting to note that Squall and Rinoa made their promise to each other in a
flower field. They promised to be
reunited there. And just
who is associated with flowers, Tifa or Aerith? Aerith, of course! In fact, Aerith is shown
meeting with Cloud in a field full of flowers in
FFVII: Advent Children.

Final Fantasy IX: Just like Cloud and Aerith are opposites, Zidane and Garnet are also opposites...

Zidane is a cocky, flirtatious thief. Like Cloud, he has a mysterious past and later discovers that he is, in fact, an
experiment. Zidane also has a polar opposite in the game, the silver-haired villain, Kuja. Sounds rather like Cloud and his
polar  opposite, the silver-haired Sephiroth, does it not? Zidane is a physical fighter, just like Cloud and Squall.

Garnet/Dagger is a princess, someone of great importance, just like Aerith and Rinoa. She is one of the last of her kind,
one of a mysterious race known as Summoners (Aerith was the last of the Cetra, another mysterious race). Garnet is
quiet, yet strong-willed, a complete opposite of Zidane. She is also a princess while Zidane is, let's face it, a criminal. How
opposite can you get??? Garnet is also a white mage, weak physically, but strong in mind and magic.

Final Fantasy X: Tidus and Yuna are also opposites; Tidus's name/celestial objects refer to the sun while Yuna's
name/celestial objects refer to the moon. Not only that, but their story is
directly parallel to that of Cloud and Aerith...

Tidus is an outspoken, cocky blitzball star who, like all FF heroes, has a mysterious past. He also becomes a Guardian
for Yuna during her pilgrimage, vowing to protect her from her fate.

Yuna is the daughter of a famous man, High Summoner Braska. Like Aerith, and all of the female FF heroines before
her, she is someone of great importance. She is also a white mage and a Summoner, someone with unusual powers, just
like Aerith (a Cetra), Rinoa (a Sorceress), and Garnet (also a Summoner). Yuna is traveling on a pilgrimage with her
Guardians to Zanarkand, where she will obtain the Final Aeon. We later discover that Yuna will die upon summoning the
Final Aeon. And yet she bravely moves forward, with the good of the world in mind. Sound familiar? Aerith willingly
sacrificed herself for the good of the planet in

It is only later in the game that Yuna realizes the truth about Tidus. He is merely a dream, to be lost when she destroys the
enemy. And yet Yuna bravely presses on selflessly, much the way Aerith did in
FFVII. Even when Tidus is lost to Yuna,
she does
not stop loving him and she does not stop looking for a way to be with him. Just like Cloud, at the end of
FFVII, who expresses his desire to be reunited with Aerith, Yuna searches for a way to be with Tidus once again. Again,
we see the idea of love beyond death being presented. CloTis may mock this, but it is something Square
clearly believes
in. It is amusing for me to see so many CloTis that are fans of TidusxYuna, but not of CloudxAerith. Hellooooo????
These two pairings are the same!

Final Fantasy X-2: In this game, we see a continuation of Yuna's search for Tidus. Although he is gone, she continues
to love him, hold his memory dear, and search for a way to be reunited with him. Also, in this game, we see
story that supports love beyond death. Shuyin and Lenne, while dead, still love one another, although they haven't seen
each other for a
thousand years. They are soul mates and their spirits persist in Spira, searching for one another. This is
love means, people. Loving someone forever is something that a lot of CloudxTifa fans are unable to comprehend.
Their idea of love is shallow, at best. If you cannot grasp the
true meaning of love, as demonstrated by CloudxAerith,
TidusxYuna, and ShuyinxLenne, then you are a very
sad person, indeed, and have clearly never experienced true love.

FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus: This game takes place one year after the events of Advent Children (therefore, 3 years after
the events of
FFVII). It focuses on Vincent as the main character and sheds light on his painful past and his love for
Lucrecia, the beautiful scientist who gave birth to Sephiroth. The similarities between VincentxLucrecia and CloudxAerith
are astounding in this game...

Vincent Valentine is an ex-member of the Turks, an elite band of gunmen loyal to Shinra (strikingly similar to Cloud,
who was previously employed by Shinra). Vincent is quiet, withdrawn, and melancholy. His personality is, in fact, very
much like Cloud's and the creators of FF have remarked about this on more than one occasion. Vincent, like Cloud, was
also experimented-upon by Hojo, but to a greater degree. Vincent believes that his greatest sin is that he could not save
Lucrecia, the woman he loved. Cloud also believes his greatest sin is that he could not save Aerith, the woman he loved.
In fact, Cloud asks Vincent in
AC if sins could be forgiven, showing the similarities between their "sins". I believe Cloud
felt he could open up to Vincent about his guilt because Vincent would understand.

Lucrecia Crescent is a beautiful and brilliant scientist employed by Shinra. Not only does she physically resemble
Aerith with her chestnut hair tied back with a ribbon and her fluffy bangs, but her personality is very much like Aerith.
Cheerful, sweet, and outgoing, Lucrecia often likes to tease Vincent, just as Aerith often liked to tease Cloud. Lucrecia
even has Aerith's cute pose of bending forward to peer up into people's faces. Lucrecia is also portrayed as being
surrounded by white light in the final FMV, just as Aerith is often portrayed surrounded by light. Lucrecia and Aerith were
both experimented upon by Hojo. And Lucrecia and Aerith both took on dangerous tasks (Lucrecia going forward with
the experiments on herself and Aerith going to the Forgotten Capital to pray for Holy, where she was sure to meet
Sephiroth). Also, neither Lucrecia nor Aerith ever blamed Vincent or Cloud for what happened to them, even though
Vincent and Cloud blamed themselves.

The similarities between Vincrecia and ClAeris are unbelievable, don't you think? And I haven't even finished letting you in
on all the many ways these two pairings are alike! More similarities: Vincent was Lucrecia's bodyguard, just as Cloud was
Aerith's bodyguard. Vincent and Lucrecia share a scene in a flower field, just as Cloud and Aerith shared scenes together
in a flower field. Vincent hangs around in Lucrecia's cave, just as Cloud hangs around in Aerith's church. Vincent can
hear/see Lucrecia, just as Cloud can hear/see Aerith. Also, we see yet
another couple that portrays a love that endures
time, separation, and even death. So we have CloudxAerith, LagunaxRaine, TidusxYuna, ShuyinxLenne, RaslerxAshe, and

So, who
does Tifa resemble? In FFVIII, it would definitely be Quistis. Like Tifa, Quistis grew up with the main hero.
Quistis also develops feelings for Squall, the same way Tifa develops feelings for Cloud. However, the hero does
reciprocate their feelings. Squall loves Rinoa and does
not reciprocate the feelings of Quistis, his "childhood friend".
Cloud loves Aerith and does
not reciprocate the feelings of Tifa, his "childhood friend". Also, later in the game, Quistis
realizes that her feelings are actually those of a sister, when she remembers growing up with Squall at Edea's orphanage.
This is similar to Tifa's romantic feelings for Cloud transforming into those of a mother in

FFIX, Freya is most like Tifa. She is an "old friend" of Zidane's, like Tifa was an "old friend" of Cloud's. Freya is also
physically strong, like Tifa, and has a painful past. Neither of these females are strong with magic.

FFX, Lulu is a remade Tifa. She has long dark hair, wears black, has reddish-brown eyes, and is... "well endowed", if
you get my drift. She has a painful past (she has lost people she cared about, like Tifa), is very pessimistic, and has a
difficult time letting others see her softer side, just like Tifa. She is also a supportive friend to Tidus, like Tifa supports
In fact, there is some optional dialogue in
FFX where you can actually have Tidus say he likes Lulu more than Yuna.
Does this change who the canon couple is? Nope! Also, based on what options you chose for Tidus to say, he can ride to
Macalania Temple with either Rikku or Lulu (much like the dating mechanism in
FFVII and just as pointless- it was all
added to increase replay value). If he rides with Rikku, she hugs him (much the same way Yuffie kissed Cloud on their
"date"- and one more indication that anyone else besides Aerith, the default for the date, was just there for the player's
amusement). Does this change who the canon couple is? Again,

Yuffie has corresponding characters that are like her-- hyperactive, optimistic, and cheerful. These would be
Selphie (
FFVIII), Eiko (FFIX), and Rikku (FFX, FFX-2).

8. Nomura admitted that Tifa was not replacing Aerith in FFVII. In an interview with EGM, Tetsuya Nomura had
this to say about the creation of Tifa and the death of Aerith:

"People think that I wanted to kill of Aerith and replace her with Tifa as the main character! [Laughs] The actual
conversation between Mr. Kitase and myself was very, very long. Originally, there were only going to be three characters
in the entire game: Cloud, Barret, and Aerith."

So, how can Cloud and Tifa be a couple when Tifa wasn't going to be included to begin with? Cloud and Aerith were a
long before Tifa came along. And, no, Tifa never took Aerith's place as heroine or as Cloud's love interest.
Confirmed by Nomura himself

In this same article, Nomura was also asked which
FFVII female is his personal favorite. His answer?

"[Laughs] I'm not really interested in any superdeformed females."

So, all that self-insertion nonsense I have seen on CloTi sites that state that Tifa is Nomura's favorite female character
because he lusts after big-breasted women (without actually backing any of it up with quotes, sources, or any other

Aerith's feelings for Cloud were confirmed to be that of romantic love in Maiden of the Planet. Why is this
important, you ask? Because, as shown in
Case of Tifa, Tifa actually has motherly feelings toward Cloud and sees him
as a child. Actually, Tifa was confirmed to have a "maternal bond" with Cloud in
Reunion Files:

"Tifa was a very difficult character to create. Like Aerith, she has a maternal side to her, but in a different sense. Not only
was she looking after Marlene and Denzel, but she also felt a certain maternal bond to Cloud, who is a 'big kid' himself in
some respects. Yet despite this, she continues working as the manager of Seventh Heaven without a complaint." (Nomura)

So, Nomura states that both Tifa and Aerith have maternal sides to them, but that Tifa's maternal side is different. He then
applies Tifa's maternal side directly to Cloud and states right there that Tifa has a maternal bond with Cloud. Honestly,
Cloud acts like a rebellious teenager all throughout
Case of Tifa and AC, running off on his motorcycle, staying gone all
the time, clamming up and not speaking with Tifa, hiding things from Tifa, etc... Tifa, on the other hand, acts like a
concerned parent, worrying about Cloud and scolding him on several occasions. A few examples of this from
Case of

(During a conversation with Tifa)
... Cloud made a familiar face, like a child who knew a scolding was inevitable...

Cloud gazed at Tifa with the expression of a child whose worst secret had just been let out of the bag...

...He's like a child, Tifa thought. While it made her sad that Cloud could see another world she knew nothing about, the
idea his world was expanding at all was a welcome one.
Yes... Maybe this is kind of what a mother feels like. Once
she saw Cloud off,
Tifa was alone with the new emotions growing inside her and was happy.

So, if Tifa no longer has romantic feelings for Cloud, why do CloTis insist on pairing her up with him? Aerith was the
one confirmed to be romantically in love with Cloud. Who do you suppose S-E is portraying as Cloud's love interest,
someone who loves him in a
romantic sense or someone who loves him in a platonic (maternal) sense?

Important ClAeris scenes are given special recognition in the FFVII Compilation. What scenes am I
referring to?

  a. Aerith's burial scene. This was a very poignant and bittersweet scene for all ClAeris fans as it showed the depth of
Cloud's sorrow for Aerith and yet also portrayed his gentleness toward her. It was a scene that spoke volumes of his true
feelings for Aerith. This scene was reproduced during the flashbacks to
FFVII which were shown at the beginning of AC.

Cloud falling through Aerith's church roof. This scene was the beginning of Cloud and Aerith's relationship, and
was the first time in the game they were properly introduced. It was after this that Cloud promised to be Aerith's
protector for the chance to go on a date with her. It is a scene that many ClAeris fans adore.

This particular ClAeris scene has been reused many times during the Compilation. During
Before Crisis, one of the
characters falls through the church roof. Later, in
Crisis Core, Zack is shown making a similar entrance and meeting
Aerith in the same way Cloud does years later. Also, in
AC, after Aerith heals Cloud, she transports him back to the
church. For the second time in his life, Cloud awakens lying in Aerith's flowerbed (albeit a flooded one) after a traumatic

The hand reach scene. This particular scene is one of the few romantic scenes contained in FFVII and an absolute
favorite of ClAeris fans all over the world. After Cloud defeats Sephiroth, he notices he is surrounded by Lifestream.
Reaching up toward the light, Cloud is rewarded by a glimpse of Aerith's hand, reaching out to take his own. However,
they are interrupted as the Northern Cave begins to collapse.

AC, though, Cloud and Aerith get a second chance. Aerith descends from the heavens to boost Cloud into his battle
with Bahamut-Sin. They reach for each other and Cloud is
finally able to take Aerith's hand, as he was unable to do two
years previously. From
Reunion Files:

Nojima: "The ending scene of the battle with Bahamut, the scene where Aerith reaches out her hand, is homage to the last
scene from a previous production. It was Tetsuya (Nomura)'s idea...."

d. The night at Cosmo Canyon. It was during this scene that Cloud came very close to confessing his feelings to
Aerith. Aerith was feeling very alone after learning about the Cetra and realizing that she was the last of her kind, saying,
"I'm......alone... I'm all alone now..." Cloud attempts to comfort her and, in doing so, slips, revealing more than he
"But I'm...... we're here for you, right?"

In Maiden of the Planet, Aerith remembers this scene fondly: She looked up into the sky like the time she sat beside
Cloud around the kindling fire in Cosmo Canyon.

So, there you have it-- four ClAeris scenes which receive deference in the Compilation. So where are all of the supposed
"CloTi scenes" from
FFVII? I noticed that there has been no mention of the Highwind scene or the Lifestream sequence
which rabid CloTi fans constantly insist show Cloud and Tifa making love or "rediscovering their love". In fact, neither
Cloud nor Tifa have bothered to reminisce about either of these supposedly "romantic" scenes. If these scenes were so
terribly important and showed something romantic between Cloud and Tifa, don't you think that, at the very
least, Tifa
would have stopped to remember them at some point??? And yet there remains
nothing, no homage scenes, no allusions,
no flashbacks,

In fact, the
only CloTi scene which receives any attention at all in the Compilation is the childhood promise scene at the
well. It is mentioned in
Before Crisis and Crisis Core, two games that take place in the past, during a time when Cloud's
promise to Tifa was important to him. Of course, as we all know, for some reason, Cloud forgets about the promise by
the time he is reunited with Tifa during
FFVII. He remembers Tifa, but not the promise. Strange... and perhaps related to
the experiments he was victim to at the hands of Hojo. However, even when reminded of the promise, Cloud blows it off
and demands money.

So why does the promise scene get brought up? Simple-- it's
all Cloud and Tifa have together. That promise is the only
thing that binds these two together after all the years they were apart. Honestly, they never even knew each other as
children. Cloud always admired Tifa from afar and wished to be a part of her group and Tifa barely knew Cloud existed.
In fact, they had never even talked to each other until that night at the well. Without that promise, they
never could have
fooled themselves into thinking they were
ever friends and Tifa would not have been able to deceive Cloud. Tifa would
not have had a bargaining chip to get Cloud to rejoin AVALANCHE either. Without that childhood promise, Tifa would
have just been another face from the past, of no consequence to Cloud who barely knew her to begin with. But, with the
addition of the promise, they actually shared a memory from their childhood and that was enough to provide some sort of
bond and a basis for the "childhood friend" deceit. All in all, it is a brilliant plot addition. And a necessary one at that.