The LT in Kingdom Hearts
* In Kingdom Hearts, Cloud spends the entire game looking for "someone" and searching for his "light". So desperate is he to
find this person that he sells his soul to Hades, who promises Cloud that he will help him find this "someone". Eventually,
Cloud realizes that he has lost his way in the darkness and leaves the employment of Hades. At the end of
KH, we are shown
exactly who it was Cloud was searching for during the game as Cid brings Cloud to Hollow Bastion. It is there that Cloud is
reunited with Aerith, that "someone" Cloud was looking for.

Now, some people don't believe that Aerith was Cloud's light. So, who
was his light, then, hmmm??? The only people from
FFVII in the original release of KH were Cloud, Aerith, Yuffie, and Cid. Are you going to try to tell me that Yuffie was Cloud's
light? How about Cid? I guess he could be Cloud's light, too, huh? -_-+++ *Sighs in frustration*
Aerith was Cloud's light.
Why show him being reunited with her at the end if she wasn't? Aerith has always been associated with light. In the beginning
FFVII, we see Aerith's face bathed in light (we also see the same image at the end); when Aerith is praying on the altar, she
is surrounded by light; when Aerith reaches for Cloud from the Lifestream, her hand reaches out from the light; even in
AC, all
of Cloud's encounters with Aerith occur in a bright white light. In the International Version of
KH, it was stated that Sephiroth
was Cloud's "darkness". So, Sephiroth most
certainly isn't Cloud's light. Aerith is Cloud's light, plain and simple, just as Kairi
is Sora's light. Everyone in the
KH world has light and darkness within them, and they all have their own inner light. But, they
also have one person who is their light in a
romantic sense (CloudxAerith, SoraxKairi, AladdinxJasmine, BeastxBelle, etc...).

Despite all of this overwhelming evidence, there are
still people out there who don't believe that this game proves anything,
because it was "unrelated to
FFVII". On the contrary, Tetsuya Nomura (the director and character designer of KH, and the
character designer for
FFVII), had this to say about it:

"But if you play Kingdom Hearts, toward the end, some of the questions about the relationship between Cloud and Aeris in
might be answered."

So, yes, KH was very relevant to FFVII, especially to the relationship between Cloud and Aerith. It was stated as such by
Nomura himself, which negates
any claims that say otherwise. Nomura also stated that a ClAeris interpretation of the ending
KH can be made. Plus, in an interview with Yoshinori Kitase (the director and writer of FFVII, and the co-producer of
KH), he stated: "I believe it would be fun to create another story with Aeris and Cloud in a 'gaiden' (side-story) game. But,
for now it's more interesting for me to create new stories featuring new characters."

So, what of Tifa? It was originally intended that Tifa make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix. Some info on this
from an interview with Nomura:

"In fact, back when we were working on KH:FM, some of the staff members wanted to have Tifa show up. They said
'Battling with Tifa would be fun, in a melee sense' and originally wanted to add both Sephiroth and Tifa (into
KH:FM) but due
to tight schedules we could only go with one character so we inserted Sephiroth into
KH:FM. Because of that, we decided to
let Tifa show up in this game [
Kingdom Hearts 2]."

So, is there anything in here about Tifa being Cloud's light? Nope. Is there anything in here about Tifa being the one Cloud
was searching for? Nope. More than likely, Tifa's role would have been similar to her role in
KH2. However, it is also possible,
since they only mentioned "battling" in regards to Tifa that she was merely to be another fighting opponent in the Coliseum.
Regardless of what her role was, it doesn't change the fact that Cloud was
still reunited with Aerith in the credits. It doesn't
change the fact that
Aerith is that "someone" Cloud was looking for and, logically, that must make her his "light" in a
romantic sense.

I think that while you can say that FFVII was "left up to the interpretation of the player", it is pretty clear who the creators of
Final Fantasy consider the true and intended couple of FFVII. When asked what he wanted to portray in KH, Nomura stated
that he wanted to show that people were not physically connected and that, even when apart, people could still be connected.
In other words, Nomura wanted to show a connection of the
spiritual kind, a connection of the soul. He wanted to show
that, even though people are apart, they can still be together. This is shown with Sora and Kairi in
KH, and it was shown with
Cloud and Aerith in
FFVII (Cloud was able to feel Aerith's presence in the Lifestream after she was killed, Cloud was able to
speak with Aerith in his dreams-- both are symbols of soul mates to the Japanese) and
FFVII: AC (Cloud and Aerith were
shown to have a
very deep bond and it was confirmed by the creators (FFVII:AC Distance) that Aerith's consciousness lives
on inside Cloud).

From the
Ultimania guide, Nomura's thoughts on putting Aerith into Kingdom Hearts (p. 525):

"Back at the time of FFVII, I had said some things that wasn't what I intended and I had hoped to correct it, but it was too
late. Up until production this role was planned to be filled by Aya (from
Parasite Eve), but I had requests/demands from staff
who were in charge of
FFVII, so Aerith appears this time, and from there we expanded on the story with Cloud. There are
instances where the development of the character's stories were born out of exchange [of ideas, etc.] like this."

So, what was it that Nomura had said that he wanted to correct? The statement about "killing off Aerith and putting in Tifa".
He meant that as a
joke, actually. Want to know more about this? Go here to find it. It is also interesting to note that the staff
demanded Aerith be put into KH and that Cloud's story only developed with the addition of Aerith. Was it the part of Cloud's
story that revolved around him searching for someone? It very well could be! Anyways, here are Nomura's thoughts on Cloud
KH, from the same book (p. 525):

"FFVII's main character, who even I have a strong attachment to. The single wing that appears when he uses the power of
darkness is a homage to his eternal rival, Sephiroth. I think that the scene in the ending with Aerith, which is possible because
it is parallel, is one answer."

So, no, Cloud is not Vincent in KH, regardless of all of the CloTis who claim so. Also, Nomura just confirmed that the story
of Cloud and Aerith in
KH is parallel with that of FFVII. Stick that in your back pocket, CloTis... XD

* In Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Cloud and Aerith appeared in basically the same roles they had in Kingdom Hearts.
But, in Cloud's game profile, we see a very familiar statement...
"Cloud seeks the true memories he has lost. Were they
memories of
someone dear to him, or memories of his own hazy past?"

Sounds familiar? It sounds very much like Cait Sith's prediction in FFVII: "What you pursue will be yours. But you will lose
something dear."

That "something dear", as we all know, was Aerith. So, since the only FFVII characters in KH, besides Cloud, were Aerith,
Yuffie, Cid, and Sephiroth, that "someone dear to him"
has to be Aerith. ^_^ And, no, there is no mention of Tifa ever being
included in

* Cloud is making another appearance in Kingdom Hearts 2. Once again, Cloud is shown to have a close connection with
Aerith. This time he leaves Hollow Bastion to hunt down his darkness, Sephiroth. Aerith is very understanding and is content to
wait for Cloud, who promises to return. Aerith vows to support him from Hollow Bastion since Cloud does not want her to get
involved. At the end of
KH, Aerith is shown sitting contentedly waiting for Cloud to return to her, in the exact same place
Cloud had been battling Sephiroth, almost as if she knew he'd been there.

One thing the CloTis are making a big deal of is Tifa's appearance in
KH2. Basically, all she does is show up looking for Cloud,
trash a room, and chase after Cloud the whole time. Most of her lines consist of "Cloud!" and "Cloud, wait!" She appears
during Cloud's first battle with Sephiroth. Cloud doesn't say a
word to her. In fact, he looks annoyed at the interruption. So, he
simply abandons her to chase Sephiroth, leaving her with a small army of Heartless to fight off all by herself. Later, Tifa
appears while Cloud is fighting Sephiroth again. This time she offers her light to Cloud. Cloud doesn't appear to understand
what she means and a light appears from within himself. Cloud rises into the air and chases after Sephiroth, leaving Tifa behind
yet again. Tifa then tells Sora and Co. that she will continue to search for Cloud.

First of all, I want to mention the fact that there wasn't a single CloTi on the face of this planet who would allow
any KH
evidence into the love-triangle debates. All of them stated that
KH was "AU" and "meant nothing", etc., etc.... Now, guess
what? The little hypocrites are celebrating Tifa's appearance in
KH2 and using it as CloTi evidence. Oh, so now KH has
Now KH means something because Tifa is in it??? Damn, you guys changed your minds fast! How hypocritical
can you get??? Honestly, CloTis really are
pathetic sometimes. -_-+

Second of all, Tifa is
not Cloud's romantic light. In case you didn't play KH1, Cloud's soul mate, his light in a romantic sense,
was portrayed to be
Aerith. If Tifa was Cloud's light, she would have appeared in KH1 while he was actually searching for
that "someone" and trying to find his light. Instead Cloud is shown to find Aerith in the end. And, in
KH2, he no longer has his
artifacts of darkness (the wing and mechanical arm). I attribute this to Cloud finding his light in
KH1. If Tifa was Cloud's light,
wouldn't he be happy to see her? Instead, Cloud ignores her to chase after Sephiroth, leaving her to fight alone. Not only that,
but Cloud is shown to be, not only
running from Tifa, but hiding from her as well. Why would Cloud, who was so desperate
to find his light in the first game that he sold his soul, now be running from Tifa if she were his light? Simple- she
isn't his
light. If Tifa was Cloud's light, he would have accepted her light when she offered it. Instead Cloud finds the light
contained within himself, his own inner light. If Tifa was Cloud's light and was all that important to Cloud's story, she would
have appeared on the official scans with Cloud and Sephiroth. Instead,
Aerith was pictured standing next to Cloud. So, you
had Cloud standing with his "darkness" (Sephiroth, dressed in his typical black) and his "light" (Aerith- now dressed in white,
along with her signature red and pink). I mean, how the hell is Tifa anyone's light when she is running around dressed in black
leather??? 0_o

So, what are the CloTis using as proof that Tifa is Cloud's light? Well...

Tifa offers her light to Cloud. What they don't tell you is that Cloud is dubious about the whole thing and actually does
accept Tifa's light. He actually begins to glow from within. It is pretty obvious to me that Cloud has found his inner light,
because it is gold in hue, not white like Tifa's. Plus, we never see
anything transfer from Tifa to Cloud, since he never
accepted her light to begin with. Just because Tifa offers her light to Cloud
does not make her Cloud's light. Everyone in the
world of
KH has light and darkness in their hearts, even Cloud. This is Tifa's light she is offering him, referring to it as "my
not "your light". It is not Cloud's light or she would have said "Let me give you your light" rather than "Let me give you
my light". Cloud's entire side quest is about him facing his darkness (Sephiroth) and finding his own inner light. When Cloud
was leaving, Sora said to Aerith, "He'll be fine. I'm sure there's some
light in him somewhere." They are talking about inner
light, people, not a person who is his light. In case you didn't catch that in
KH1, that person who is Cloud's light in a romantic
sense is
Aerith, much in the same way that Kairi is Sora's light and yet Sora also has his own inner light.

An interview with the creators. The CloTis are making a big deal about some statements made by Nomura and Nojima
and they really don't have a
thing to celebrate. It's actually pretty funny... XD Here is part of the interview:

"Speaking of Tifa there's a scene with her and Cloud after you defeat Sephiroth, isn't there?"

Nomura: "In Nojima-san's scenario for that, it gave a more definite to Cloud and Tifa's relationship, but I had him take it out. I
think it's more interesting to get the people who play the game to think about it. For example, in the sense of 'if Sephiroth is
darkness to Cloud, then the light is Tifa', people might take it as Tifa being a kind of being, not like a regular human being.
Maybe the reason Tifa doesn't talk to anyone besides Sora, Donald, and Goofy is because she's something different, who
doesn't exist as a human being. Of course, you could also look at it like she's an inhabitant of Hollow Bastion like Cid, Aerith,
and the others. I hope you will think about it freely."

So, what does this interview mean? Well, it is Nomura being vague as usual. The CloTis like to use the "more definite to Cloud
and Tifa's relationship" to mean that Cloud and Tifa were to be shown as a romantic couple. I find this ludicrous because
Cloud is portrayed as running and hiding from Tifa. XD He never shows
any affection toward her at all (unlike the cute scene
he has with Aerith where he promises to return to her). So, this mysterious "CloTi scene" was probably anything
romantic. In fact, for all anyone knows, it could have given "a more definite to Cloud and Tifa's relationship" in the sense that
is showed them as friends only, and that their relationship was completely platonic. Hell, for all we know, it could have shown
Cloud leaving with Aerith and Tifa standing there alone. That would have
definitely been a "definite for Cloud and Tifa's
relationship" because it would not have left
any question over who Cloud's romantic interest was. So, what is Nomura saying
here? Well, like I said, he's being vague. But, it is certainly not pro-CloTi or pro-ClAeris unless you
completely twist his

Another part of the interview CloTis are using is the line: "For example, in the sense of 'if Sephiroth is darkness to Cloud, then
the light is Tifa'..." CloTis think Nomura is saying that Tifa is Cloud's light, but he really isn't. Really, all he was saying is that
you can interpret Tifa as being "light".
Not "Cloud's light", just "light". During the battles with Sephiroth, Tifa does represent
light. She certainly has more of it than Sephiroth; she also has more than Cloud, who has swayed to the darkness before. It
still does not mean that she is Cloud's light. If Yuffie were there offering Cloud aid by giving him some of her light, there
wouldn't even
be a debate about their relationship. I find this whole thing ridiculous. I mean, in KH:CoM, Mickey gave Riku
some of his (Mickey's) light to help him (Riku) and no one started clamoring about MickeyxRiku.
Honestly, people...

And here is the interview with Nojima they are clamoring about:

"This is Tifa's first appearance in Kingdom Hearts."

Nojima: "Tifa wasn't planned to appear at first. I was talking with Tetsu about what Cloud could be doing in Hollow Bastion,
and we eventually moved towards him chasing after Sephiroth, but also being chased by something himself. So Cloud's really
running from something but goes around pretending, saying that he's chasing Sephiroth. Then we decided to make it him
running from the 'something warm' like what Tifa was after in FFVIIAC."

Now, I really don't get why any CloTi would be happy about this interview, but hell, they have pasted this quote everywhere.
Hellooooo??? Are you all completely ignorant, or what??? Nojima just stated that Cloud is using chasing Sephiroth as an
excuse because he is
running from Tifa! I fail to see how the hell this is pro-CloTi! XD It says that Cloud is running from
the "something warm" that is "what Tifa was after in FFVII:AC". And what
was Tifa after in AC? She wanted a "real family".
She wanted Cloud to settle down and live in the present, leaving his regrets and past behind. However, in
KH2, Cloud is
seeking his past (Sephiroth) and running from the present, that "something warm" that Tifa wanted. Why? Because the light of
the present is too bright for Cloud (as stated by Sephiroth). Tifa's light is simply too bright for someone like Cloud, who has
spent so much of his time in darkness. Cloud needs to find a stable balance between his light and darkness, not merely "cover
it with light", as Tifa suggested.

More of the interview with Nojima:

"We heard from Mr. Nomura that you could see it as 'if Sephiroth is Cloud's darkness, then the light is Tifa'. Looking at it like
that, what do you think Aerith's position is?"

Nojima: "In my opinion, Aerith doesn't belong to either light or darkness. Kind of like, she's in another world, and can go to
either if she wants to. She's independent, not steeped in either light or darkness. To put it another way, she's the most stable,
having both light and darkness."

So, what the hell was Nojima babbling about? Well, the interviewer clearly wanted to know about Aerith's relationship with
Cloud, but, clever, vague Nojima completely side-stepped the real question and ran off on some tangent about Aerith having
light and darkness. Well,
of course she does! Everyone in the KH world has both light and darkness in their hearts, even
Sora! The only ones who had no darkness whatsoever in their hearts were the "Princesses of Heart" (Kairi, Belle, Jasmine,
etc....). So, basically, Nojima told us a whole lot of
squat. He just said that Aerith is a stable being. However, CloTis want to
twist this to say that Aerith can't be Cloud's light because she has darkness in her heart.
Sora is Kairi's light and he has
darkness in his heart. Why does it matter if you do or do not have darkness in your heart? Darkness is a
normal part of you
and, being someone's light means that you are connected on a
spiritual level (which Cloud and Aerith have been shown to be)
and that you
love each other (which Cloud and Aerith have shown, IMO), not that you are composed entirely of light. That
just doesn't make
any frickin' sense! Honestly, who is dark and angsty Cloud more compatible with? A stable being? Or
someone who runs around blinding your ass with her light? XD The answer is pretty obvious.

And, just to hammer in the truth, here are my Top Reasons Why Tifa Isn't Cloud's Light and Aerith Is (in no particular

Tifa wasn't included in KH1, but Aerith sure was. That's right. Tifa was not included during the first game when Cloud's
entire side quest involved him searching for "someone" and trying to find the "light". Tifa wasn't there. She wasn't mentioned.
Nada. In fact, Cloud's side quest ended during the KH credits when he was shown reuniting with Aerith. If you follow this to
its logical conclusion, then it means Cloud was searching for
Aerith. She was that special someone. She is his light. It would
have been
really easy for the creators to throw in a cameo for Tifa and show Cloud reuniting with her in the credits instead of
Aerith, but, guess what?
They didn't want to. That should tell you something.

Tifa and Cloud are not shown to have any type of spiritual connection, but Cloud and Aerith are. First of all, Cloud
and Aerith were portrayed in
KH1 whose entire theme was about "connections". Second of all, in KH:FM, Aerith asked Sora
if he'd seen a "spikey-haired guy" at the Coliseum. Aerith was an entire world away! And yet she
still seemed to know where
Cloud was??? The only reason Cloud had trouble finding Aerith was because he "lost his way in the darkness" and "couldn't
find the light" (*cough*Aerith*cough*). Also, at the end of
KH2, Aerith is last shown sitting in the exact same place you last
see Cloud fighting Sephiroth with a little smile on her face, waiting for Cloud to return.
How did she know? She wasn't even
there during the battle!

Now compare this with Tifa, who blundered around in town the whole damn time trying to find Cloud when he was right
under her nose a few screens away. She was kicking walls, looking under desks... It was
really pathetic considering Cloud
was hanging around in the
same town. Aerith knew where Cloud was when she was in a completely different world and yet
Tifa can't find him when he is in the same
town??? The last time Tifa is seen in the game, she is about to go looking for Cloud
yet again. Clearly, if she and Cloud shared any kind of a connection (or if she really were Cloud's light, like some CloTis
claim) would she
really need to look for him for so long?

Cloud is running and hiding from Tifa. So, in KH1 when Cloud was actually searching for his light, he is shown to be
looking for, and being reunited with,
Aerith. And, in KH2, when he is searching for his darkness, he is shown to be fleeing
Tifa. I fail to see anything romantic about Cloud running away from Tifa. Sorry, but, when I like someone, I don't run
away from them. o_0 Cloud has
never been portrayed as searching for Tifa. He never even mentioned her. And now he is
trying to
hide from her??? This should automatically kill the "Tifa=Cloud's light" theory for anyone with any common sense.

Cloud shows affection toward Aerith, but doesn't show any for Tifa. When Cloud was speaking with Aerith in KH2, his
tone was soft and gentle. He was kind to Aerith, trying to reassure her that he would always come back, no matter how far
away he went. Now compare this to how Cloud treats Tifa. He acts annoyed at her interference in his battle with Sephiroth, he
refuses to accept her light, he leaves her alone to battle dozens of Heartless by herself, he runs away from her, he hides from
her, etc, etc.... The
only thing that convinced me that Cloud didn't flat-out hate Tifa was that he protected her from Sephiroth
and Cloud would have done that for
any of his friends. So Tifa is portrayed as a well-meaning, but pushy friend, and nothing

Tifa's light blinds Cloud/Tifa's light isn't suitable for Cloud/Cloud and Tifa are incompatible. When Tifa first
approached Cloud, her light blinded him. He covered his eyes and winced away from it as if it pained him. Light doesn't
usually cause Cloud pain. When Hollow Bastion was transformed into Radiant Garden, that light didn't bother Cloud at all.
This should make it pretty clear that Tifa's light is too bright for Cloud. It
isn't suitable for him at all. Cloud's own inner light
was a much more subdued gold, not the bright white of Tifa's light. This is just one more reason why Aerith, who is a stable
being with both darkness and light, is more compatible with Cloud than Tifa.

Tifa also doesn't seem to understand what Cloud needs. What Cloud needs to do is solve his problems
by himself. He needs to
discover his
own inner light and find a way to reach a stable balance between light and darkness inside himself. He doesn't
need someone else's light as a crutch. That wouldn't solve anything and neither would covering up his darkness with light, as
Tifa suggested. How would covering up the problem actually solve it? This is why Cloud refused to accept Tifa's light.
Because it isn't a solution to his problem and he knows that. Light cannot destroy darkness. Darkness is a part of all hearts in
the world of
KH, as is light. Tifa's complete lack of understanding in regards to Cloud's heart and what Cloud needs speaks
volumes about how incompatible these two really are.

Tifa also constantly runs after Cloud as if she were afraid of losing him forever. She doesn't seem to have much confidence
that she will see him again. Aerith, on the other hand, is completely at ease with the knowledge that Cloud
will return to her
when he discovers his own inner light. Rather than interfering, Aerith is content to wait for Cloud to return. She also seems to
understand perfectly what Cloud needs. She doesn't offer Cloud any crutches, placebos, or other temporary solutions to his
problem, because she knows that this is something Cloud needs to figure out on his own. Aerith, being a stable being with
equal amounts of light and darkness within herself, understands the struggle Cloud is engaged in, deep in his heart.

Aerith has always been associated with light. This is another reason why I believe she is Cloud's light. When Aerith was
first introduced to the world in
FFVII, you see her face, bathed in light from the Lifestream. During the game, Aerith is shown
in a vision to Cloud, running away into the light. On the altar where she died, Aerith was praying in a stream of white light. In
the final FMV, Aerith reaches toward Cloud from a white light. And, at the very end, Aerith's smiling face was shown, once
again, surrounded by the light of the Lifestream. Even in
FFVII:AC, Aerith is associated with light. In every encounter with
Aerith, the background is a bright white light. Aerith was the only spot of color and life in the movie. While everyone else was
dressed in subdued blacks and grays, Aerith was there in her red and pink dress, surrounded by colorful flowers. In a gray
world, Aerith's white light was a refreshing change. In
KH1, Aerith was portrayed as being Cloud's light. And, in KH2, Aerith
is the one to tell everyone that Hollow Bastion's original name was "Radiant Garden". After that, white shafts of light begin to
rain down on the town. Not only that, but Aerith is now wearing white along with her signature red and pink.

So, when has Tifa been associated with light? When she blinded Cloud with her own light like a clumsy oaf in
KH2. That's it.
Like I said earlier, she is running around in
black leather. If she were really intended to be Cloud's light, why not change her
wardrobe a little, hmmm?

Aerith was shown with Cloud and Sephiroth on the official scans. That's right, Aerith was shown standing with Cloud
and Sephiroth,
not Tifa. So, since Cloud's darkness is being shown on the scan, doesn't it make sense that his light be there,
too? And that would be
Aerith. If it were Tifa, she would have been on the scans instead of Aerith. But, she wasn't.

This all goes back to a statement by Nomura in
Reunion Files: "Since Sephiroth must exist, Aerith must exist. There was no
doubt about that one."
And why is this? Because Sephiroth is Cloud's darkness and Aerith is his light. Sephiroth and Aerith are
opposites. More on that...

Sephiroth and Aerith have always been portrayed as opposites. In FFVII, Sephiroth was the corrupt and evil villain;
Aerith was the pure and innocent heroine. Sephiroth commanded the ultimate black magic, Meteor; Aerith controlled the
ultimate white magic, Holy. Sephiroth is the "child" of the alien, Jenova, a creature who wished to destroy the planet; Aerith is
the child of a Cetra, people who wished to preserve the planet. Aerith summons a white-green pure Lifestream to destroy
Meteor in
FFVII; Sephiroth summons a black, corrupt anti-Lifestream in Advent Children. Sephiroth destroys; Aerith heals.
Sephiroth is Cloud's nemesis; Aerith is Cloud's love. Sephiroth is darkness; Aerith is light.

Do you see here how Tifa doesn't even factor into the "Cloud's light" equation?

Aerith was shown in the credits and Tifa wasn't. What's so important about this? Well, in the first KH game, the fact that
the creators specifically chose to focus on Cloud's reunion with Aerith was very important (and a large ClAeris hint to boot).
However, the fact that many other characters were shown reuniting with their loved ones is also important. Cloud was shown
meeting up with Aerith again as was Aladdin with Jasmine, Beast with Belle, etc....

KH2, Cloud wasn't shown in the credits due to his absence (chasing after Sephiroth). However, Aerith was shown, sitting
on the ledge at Radiant Garden where Cloud and Sephiroth had battled earlier in the game. She was shown to be smiling
contentedly and looking up at the sky, as if content to wait for Cloud to return, as he promised to do. So, why wasn't Tifa
shown if she is supposed to be Cloud's romantic light/love interest? Why not focus on Tifa doing something that has a special
connection to Cloud (looking for him or waiting for him as Aerith is)? Instead, we don't see Tifa at all in the credits, she is
totally ignored. Aerith, on the other hand, is shown to be waiting in the exact spot that Cloud had been at previously, happily
awaiting his return, much like Kairi is often shown waiting for Sora.