The Final Fantasy VII Art Museum Cards
These cards are a part of the Final Fantasy Art Museum cards (released in 2001- Japan only). They are very
official, but are quite rare, especially in a set. Some eye candy to look over...
Some translations of these card backs (done by Clorith and Quexinos- thank you both!)...

Cloud’s misery all began 5 years ago. Cloud who is very stubborn about his own past is involved in this huge battle
that saves the Planet. However, dream and reality… Cloud’s journey to retrieve and overcome the barrier he set for
himself becomes a journey that saves the Planet.

“But I can't remain trapped in an illusion any more...... I'm going to live my life without pretending.”
(Cloud who decides to pick himself back up.)

“Memories of Aerith, we’ve got to set her free.”
(Before he decides to go for the last battle.)

You'll notice that this card corrects the mistranslation from the game, where Cloud says:

"Let's all go together. Memories of Aerith...... Although she should've returned to the planet by now, something
stopped her and now she's stuck......
We've got to let go of Aerith's memory."

What Cloud should have said was this:

"Let's all go together. Memories of Aerith...... Although she should've returned to the planet by now, something
stopped her and now she's stuck......
We've got to set her free."

You'll notice that the corrected text makes far more sense in the context of what Cloud was actually talking about.
He was talking about the fact that Aerith's will was being stopped by "something", which we later discovered to be
Sephiroth. So, why would he suddenly turn around and say that they need to forget about Aerith? It makes
sense, especially when you consider the rest of the Compilation where Cloud and the others actually
Aerith's memory and
never forget her (especially Cloud).

When you add the corrected text into the conversation, the context flows more naturally. Cloud says that
something is stopping Aerith and she is currently "stuck", unable to get her will to the planet and activate Holy. So,
he determines a plan of action- they need to free Aerith so she can take Holy to the planet. In other words, they
need to remove the barrier stopping her (Sephiroth).

What is interesting here is that Cloud's card only mentions
Aerith and no one else.

Going to the Promised Land… The fated meeting with Cloud wavers the fate of Aerith. The Cetra language that
Aerith heard from her mother when she was young. A person who nurtures the Planet. As the last of the Ancient
race, she takes it as her responsibility to go to the Promised Land that she has not seen. Aerith sees traces of Zack
in Cloud and her very pure heart leads her to develop a liking for Cloud.

“Well then, let's see...... How about if I go out with you once?”
(Payment for Cloud.)

“No, Cloud... I'm searching for you...”
(First and last date.)

Aerith's card speaks of how her meeting with Cloud was fate and that meeting him changes her own destiny. It
then speaks of Aerith promising Cloud a date if he becomes her bodyguard (which we all know he accepts) and
also mentions Aerith's date with Cloud where she tells him she wants to get to know the "real" him and not the
facade he is presenting to the world.

Please take note that Aerith's card mentions their date...
twice. ;)


Tifa closes her mouth tight... She was reunited with Cloud as a member of Avalanche but has doubts about
Cloud's transformation from the Nibelheim incident 5 years ago. Her complicated feelings for Cloud exceed that of
'childhood friends' and is what solves and loosens up his internal trauma. That is, she personally took a journey
into his past...

"You really, really are..... you... right?"
(She asks Cloud when surrounded by Cosmo Candle.)

"Cloud... Words aren't the only thing that tell people what you're thinking..."
(Said to Cloud, when the two are left alone the night before the final battle.)

A misunderstanding and hatred for his father, Seto. Nanaki understands the human speech and passed the time not
knowing the truth. The truth was hidden in Cosmo Canyon. Nanaki is told many things about his proud father's
brave story. He is the last of his race and as revered as a protector of the planet. He fought to save the planet and
the beloved people of Cosmo Canyon.

"A name with no meaning whatsoever to me."
(Said in his first meeting in regards to his given name.)

"Aerith used to pat me on the nose sometimes."
(Speaking of his memories of Aerith.)
Some translations (done by Clorith)...

#073 Rhythm
Drawing of Tifa in monotone has a red colour. Talks about air of beauty. Just describes the painting. No comments
after description.

#074 Sharpen
Here is Sephiroth who looks back. He feels tortured by his sorrows. What did he gain from it? This strong thought
directs the final result of the story.

#075 Shadow
Vincent who stands in the middle of a dark room. This is a self-image of Vincent and at the same time draws out the
inner heart and self of Vincent. From that very kind look in his eyes, you can see the thought of abstinence from a sin
that he does not intend to repay.

#076 Stillstand
Cloud and Red XIII who rest in the wet forest. We can think of it as a primary forest that has a lot of strange
mushrooms and insects never touched by people. Special colours show the international view of FFVII and Cloud’s
inner heart. Cloud’s sad and cold eyes are very impressionable.

#077 Challenge
(Not too sure what this card says! XD) Cloud who fights… We see a strong sense of protection in his eyes. He who
fights above sacrificing himself… fights to remove sadness… Sword holds his real power…

And who is that "strong sense of protection" directed toward? Just take a look at the next card to see....

#078 Protection
Aerith who sleeps in Cloud’s hands. Mysterious black birds that flock in the dark room seem to be trying to lure
Aerith into death. The black dress that surrounds Aerith’s body gives the strong image of a burial.

#079 Calmness
Birds, butterflies and unbelievable/mysterious animals are in the midst of protecting Cloud, who tries to hold the fallen
Aerith up. His eyes and his hands have the feeling of a final parting. We can feel his gentleness and sadness towards

I don't think I have to point out how much this card reeks of CloudxAerith. Cloud's "gentleness and sadness towards
Aerith"...? Cloud and Tifa get
nothing like this.

#080 Moment
Cloud and Red XIII who run in the darkness. From the strong looks in their eyes as they face front, we can feel their
resolution to use their own powers to open the future. The two of them part from the darkness and run to the future.
What kind of a tomorrow do they face?

#081 Find
In the narrow corridor of time that is constantly changing, Aerith and Sephiroth who feel the Planet’s fate. From the
sad atmosphere and air that the two of them have about them, you can feel the loneliness and sadness of people that
carry the fate of the future. The two of them, in order to get to the future that their fate promises, walk towards the
Promised Land.
Some translations (done by Clorith)...

#082 Cloud/Image CG
Cloud who looks up to the ShinRa Building in the middle of Midgar. In the taken away memories lie the secret that is
kept deep inside his heart. When he is betrayed by the huge dream of the past, Cloud feels a strong sense of loss and
starts on a journey to find himself again.

#083 Aerith/Image CG
Aerith who sends off the flying jet at Junon Airport. Aerith is an Ancient, her fate and bloodline…(not too sure). The
Cetra were born from the Planet, speak with the Planet, and unlock the Planet. And then the Cetra will return to the
Promised Land. The blood of the Cetra will bring Aerith to the Promised Land in order to obtain the promised future.

Random Translations:

I have no idea which cards these go with, LOL.... But, they were translated by Clorith many years ago.

Stealing the Planet from Mother…
Calamity from the skies… Aerith who sells flowers in Midgar saw the commotion and felt uneasy. (something about
Avalanche against Shinra) At the same time, Cloud joins Avalanche in their bombing activities. Aerith meets Cloud
and their destinies collide. They start a journey to the Promised Land. A battle that puts the Planet’s future at stake
takes place.

Once again, you see how Cloud and Aerith's destinies are intertwined, a theme that is often used with romantic
couples in all types of media.

The Cetra were born from the Planet, speak with the Planet, and unlock the Planet. And....... then...... The Cetra will
return to the Promised Land. A land that promises supreme happiness.

The heroes are nothing but a threat to the Planet. (??) Cloud and company decided to fight Sephiroth in the North
Crater. They saw the miracle of the Lifestream. Time passed, and he (Red XIII) rides on for the city that promises
wealth and prosperity. The days of fighting alongside people who protected this Planet…

The Planet’s largest amusement park is run by Dio. Cloud and company visit this place many times in their battle.
They meet Cait Sith here. A promised date that ends in a magical night. In the city of desire that floats above the
sands, the light memory of the two people is asleep even now... (??!!)

“I think I must have seen him again, in you... But you're different. Things are different... No, Cloud... I'm searching
for you...”

Once again, you see Cloud and Aerith's date referenced, not just in Aerith's words at the end of the card, but in the
"A promised date that ends in a magical night". There was only one promised date in FFVII and that was the
date Aerith promised Cloud if he would become her bodyguard (which he did). This makes
four times the Cloud
and Aerith date gets mentioned in these official cards. By contrast, none of the other dates get mentioned at all,
which isn't surprising considering that Aerith is the default character for Cloud's date.

So, not only is Aerith the
default character for the date scene with Cloud, but it appears that Cloud's date with
Aerith is the
only one being considered by Square in regards to the storyline. All of the other dates get ignored,
including Cloud's date with Tifa.

Sephiroth who holds all the power to change the fate of this Planet. Aerith goes to the City of the Ancients in order
to stop Meteor. When the two opposing strong thoughts and meanings clash, a sad parting hits Cloud and company.
Aerith who summons Holy on the altar in the water is suddenly attacked by Sephiroth’s long sword. The life that
was returned to the Planet cannot return again.

“What about my pain? My fingers are tingling. My mouth is dry. My eyes are burning!”

The quoted words were spoken by Cloud during Aerith's death scene.

Cloud who buries Aerith in the lake in the Forgotten City as a final parting. The summoning of Holy changed her life
in the end. Aerith saves the Planet with the Lifestream. As she is the only survivor of the Ancient race, the strong
mission to live the fate pushes Cloud and company along. Above that, it is in order not to lose the thing they must

“The secret is just up here. At least it should be. ...I feel it. It feels like I'm being led by something. Then, I'll be
going now. I'll come back when it's all over.”
(In the Sleeping Forest, Aerith who appears in Cloud’s dream.)

Once again, Cloud and Aerith are given a special nod. This time, it is showing when Aerith appears to Cloud in a
dream, almost as if the two are connected on a higher level.

Cloud who decides to fight in the North Crater with Jenova and Sephiroth. He feels Sephiroth calling him deep into
the Planet. Cloud challenges Sephiroth to a final battle. Sephiroth, who holds powers and skills that are much better
than Cloud, is defeated. The gentle light of the Lifestream surrounds Cloud.

“Aerith's memories... Our memories... We came... to tell you... our memories... Come Planet! Show us your

Once again, we see Cloud talking about Aerith before the final battle. One thing is for certain- part of the reason
Cloud is fighting is for Aerith.

Sephiroth calls for the battle. In the Planet’s body, Sephiroth who fights and loses to Cloud. He invites Cloud to a
final battle that brings him into a world of consciousness and thoughts. The two people’s thoughts that’s totally
released starts a final battle that puts at stake all of themselves. Sephiroth, who is attacked by Cloud who uses his
entire power, returns to the center of the Planet in a flash of light.

“I am becoming one with the Planet. Mother..... it's almost time.... Soon..... we will become one.”
(In the Temple of the Ancients.)

The answer from the Planet, the Promised Land. Cloud who decides because of the consequences with Sephiroth
finds an answer in himself. What kind of answer does the Planet give? Aerith’s prayer, everyone’s prayer, becomes
one with Holy and moves Cloud and company out of the North Crater. They see the Lifestream’s light that
surrounds the Planet, this is the Planet’s answer.

“......I think I'm beginning to understand. An answer from the Planet... the Promised Land... I think I can meet
her... there.”

Again, we see Cloud talking about Aerith. This time, he has received an answer from the Planet. What did he ask?
Well, he answers that question himself-
"...the Promised Land... I think I can meet her... there." Obviously Cloud
was wondering if he'd be able to see Aerith again. He reaches toward the Lifestream and Aerith responds, reaching
back for him. Cloud understands that, when he finds supreme happiness (the Promised Land), he'll be with Aerith

So, there you have it, translations of some of the
FFVII Art Museum Cards. It is hard to deny that they are heavily
slanted toward Cloud and Aerith. Just
more proof of who the true and intended pairing of FFVII is... :)