The CloTi/ClAeris Alliance
How I supposedly destroyed it single-handedly with
pure sarcasm.
Okay, so here's one for you.... This new girl joined the CxA forum claiming to be a CloTi fan who wanted "peace" between the two fandoms of CloTi (CloudxTifa)
and ClAeris (CloudxAeris/Aerith). She told us that she
didn't hate ClAeris and that she thought that both sides should be given a fair chance. She also said that she
wanted to talk without debating and was sick of other CloTis making fun of the members of CxA. She reported that she was "accepting of all opinions" and

Sounds great, huh? I sure thought so, because I know I, for one, am sick to death of debating the same damn points over and over and am even sicker of rabid
CloTis being total assholes. As nice as it all sounded, I was still dubious. There are simply
too many years of resentment between the two sides and, after having
watched several rabid CloTis attempt to be civil to ClAeris fans, only to dissolve into porn-posting and flaming, I wasn't really sure it would work out. Still, I was
willing to give this girl a chance, because it all sounded nice and fluffy.

At first, things were peachy. The leader of the CCA (CloTi/ClAeris Alliance) seemed very tolerant of CxA and would make seemingly decent comments about our
discussions on the forum. However, she started slipping. Subtly, she would turn conversations into debates about Aerith loving Zack more than Cloud or Aerith not
knowing the real Cloud, or another one of those ridiculous CloTi ideas we have crushed more than once with factual evidence. People started complaining about her
to the staff at CxA and the staff remarked on more than one occasion about how this "leader" was pushing her limits in regards to the forum rules.

Later, it was brought to the attention of the staff of CxA that this "leader" was anything but "accepting of all opinions" and didn't mind in the slightest when CloTis
made fun of the members of CxA. Hell, she was doing it
herself on CloTi forums! That's right. The supposed "peace leader" of the "alliance" was copying and
pasting our ClAeris opinions and evidence on a CloTi forum where she and her rabid CloTi friends proceeded to mock what we had said and attempt (very poorly, I
might add) to dismantle our evidence. Um, what happened to giving people a fair chance and all that bullshit??? If anything, she was
perpetuating hate between the
two groups,
not helping! Not only that, but people she claimed to be friends with were some of the very people being mocked by her at this CloTi forum!

So, what did I do? I
waited, along with the rest of the CxA staff members. Not wanting to be accused of being ZOMG UNFAIR PINK NAZIS, we decided that we
couldn't do anything to her for what she was doing on other forums. As far as CxA went, she continued with her ruse and was sickly sweet to everyone there,
hiding the knife behind her back to stab us with later. Of course, other members eventually found out and a discussion began in the Cetra-only sections of the
forum. People wanted her
gone. Period. But, being moral staff members, we told them that we could only wait for her to slip up as she wasn't currently breaking
any rules.

However... this "leader" later joined
Devotion, a CxA club that I founded on another forum. No one who actually knew about what a back-stabber she was wanted
her there, including me. But, again, I waited to see what she did. Well, she screwed up. I was already angry at the things she had been saying, at what an utter
hypocritical little shit she was, and she starts that subtle CloTi warfare bullshit in
Devotion. My first thought was "Oh, hell no...." The minute she started
attempting to argue about whether Aerith loved Zack or Cloud more or whether Aerith really knew Cloud or any of those other retarded things rabid CloTis think
are real arguments... well, I
exploded. I told her what we knew and told her to STFU and GTFO of Devotion before I reported her. I told her we didn't need
two-faced people as friends and that some of the members of CxA had really been hurt by her actions.

So, what did she say? OMG, she
denied it!!! I couldn't believe what a liar she was! I finally had to copy and paste the things she had said directly into Devotion
before she would finally leave! Humiliated at being busted-out in public for being a back-stabbing twat, she left CxA, too, all the while playing the "pity me, I've
been wronged" card even when I had her mocking posts to shove right in her face. For a long time, she made a big deal about me lying about her actions,
when I posted her bullshit openly
!!!! How the fuck am I lying when I just pasted your hateful remarks about members of CxA publicly where everyone and
their brother could see it?!?! And you really call
us delusional???? WTF???? She even accused us of changing what she said!!!!! I was stunned. I couldn't
believe someone could
lie this fucking much!!!

What happened to the "CCA", you ask? Oh, it dissolved. After being busted-out, she went back and showed her true colors. She started treating the ClAeris
members like shit
openly, instead of behind their backs, and they all ended up leaving. And, yeah, that was apparently all my fault, too.

Anyways, as it goes, she started spreading her bullshit all over the Internet, about how she was "framed" by the "ebil Nazi FF_G", and how I had changed her
quotes to say nasty things just to destroy her alliance. According to her, I hated the alliance all along
and conspired to destroy it!!! *Insert maniacal laughter*
Apparently, she was told this by another rabid CloTi who, BTW, knows all of
jack and shit about me. But, since this particular rabid liked to use big words to
cover up the fact that he is really just another fucking moron, she believed him.

My reaction was "
WHAT??? Wow... not only do you think WAY too much of yourself and your paltry little 'alliance', but you must really think I have less of a
life that you apparently do." I couldn't
believe how absurd the whole thing had become! Really??? I had created a conspiracy to end your little club? Was it really
so important? Did I really care that much? The answer to all three is-
FUCK NO!!! I'm sorry, but I really didn't care if your club succeeded... or failed, for that
I have slightly more important things going on in my life that whether or not your little teen club makes it on the 'Net or not!!!

Oh, and I would also like to make it clear that all other CxA fans felt the same way I did. They felt betrayed and angry about the whole thing and wanted this girl
gone from our forums and our club. I was just the only one with enough guts to tell her what everyone thought of her and her obviously fake alliance.

So, where's this girl now? She's assumed a different user name and is currently debating against ClAeris fans at a local love-triangle debate forum. It's too bad she
lied when she said "the game has no canon pair" and "there is nothing to prove", too, huh? But, then again, she's not exactly known for her honesty, is she? *Winks*