CloTi nonsense: "In Maiden of the Planet, Aerith gives Cloud and Tifa her blessing to move on together!"

Where did CloTis get this absurd idea? It all started when their strange little minds came across a passage in the
official novella
Maiden of the Planet (which most of them don't consider canon because of all the CxA bits... oh,
except for
this passage which apparently is canon... 0_o), which focuses on Aerith after her death in FFVII. The
passage in question:

"She desperately tried to talk to Tifa who was about to get intoxicated by the highly concentrated Mako. Guiding her
conscious, Aerith took her into Cloud's closed heart.

In truth, Aerith really wanted to do it herself. But she couldn't carry out the task. That's why she entrusted Tifa with
it. She entrusted Tifa with all the feelings she had for Cloud in her heart. She entrusted them to the one who was
going to 'live' together with Cloud..." (
Maiden of the Planet)

Frankly, I thought it was obvious what Aerith meant in this passage...

Aerith "entrusted Tifa with it", "it" being the task of sorting through Cloud's memories with him
to allow him to learn the truth.
Tifa was, in essence, a "fact-checker", the only one who could confirm or deny
events from Cloud's childhood as she is the
only one from AVALANCHE who knew him back then. Is there
anything romantic implied here?

Aerith "entrusted Tifa with all the feelings she had for Cloud in her heart". In other words, Aerith
entrusts Cloud's fate with Tifa because she understands that, besides herself, Tifa cares for Cloud the most and is
unfailingly loyal to him. Aerith knows that Tifa will do everything in her power to help Cloud during this crisis. While
it speaks volumes about Tifa's feelings for Cloud, it says
nothing about Cloud's feelings for Tifa. This isn't anything
new as we all knew that, at this point in the game, Tifa was still in love with Cloud. This is why Aerith entrusted all
of her own feelings with Tifa, because Tifa's feelings of love for Cloud mirror her own. Aerith never gave up her
own feelings, she merely wished for Tifa to aid Cloud in her stead as Aerith is unable to help him with his identity
crisis, since Aerith never knew Cloud as a child.

Aerith "entrusted them [all the feelings she had for Cloud in her heart] to the one who was going
to 'live' together with Cloud"
. This is basically the same as "b". Aerith is counting on Tifa to take care of Cloud in
the land of the living since she is unable to do so herself. She actually says this herself later, telling Tifa to
"take care
of Cloud and the upper world"
. Someone from the living world is required, hence the way the word "live" was put
into quotations (as it was meant
literally)- Tifa would be amongst the living with Cloud and would be able to take
care of him in Aerith's absence.

So, how does "entrusting" someone with your feelings and "entrusting" someone with the care of someone you love
because you are unable to do it yourself=
"j00 hav mah blessings to make babeez!!!"??? 0_o Especially when you
take the rest of
FFVII and the whole Compilation into consideration. By the end of the game, Cloud was still only
talking about Aerith and meeting her again in the place of supreme happiness, the Promised Land. Three years after
that and he is
still single. So, very clearly, Aerith wasn't speaking about anything romantic when she entrusted Tifa
with Cloud's care, was she?

More evidence that Aerith never gave up her own feelings:

"She loved him [Cloud] much more than her first love." (Maiden of the Planet)


"Cloud was her friend, her beloved (
koibito) — a symbol of what was important to her, and someone to be
protected." (
Case of Lifestream: White)

It is important to note that Case of Lifestream: White actually took place after Maiden of the Planet. And yet Cloud
is still referred to as Aerith's
koibito ("beloved", "lover", "boyfriend/girlfriend"). So, we have official confirmation that
never gave Tifa her blessing to move on with Cloud.
Aerith's Blessing?