Cloud and Aerith
The intended pairing of
A site by FF_Goddess aka Shiva
As the title suggests, this is a site that supports Cloud and Aerith as the true and intended couple of FFVII.
While I believe that no couple has been made "official" or "canon" in regards to Cloud, I believe the
answers are there for those who seek them. Those answers, I have found, typically point to Cloud and
Aerith being the true couple,
not Cloud and Tifa.

That being said, I am a firm disbeliever in Cloud and Tifa. I think they are horribly incompatible and have
very little true evidence to back them up. As you can imagine, I have loads of anti-CloudxTifa information
on here, so if you are a Cloud and Tifa fan, this is probably not the best place for you. However, if you are
a Cloud and Aerith fan, stay for a little while and enjoy the loads of evidence I have for you here.

* So-Called "Proof" Against Cloud and Aerith:
~ Kicking holes into this "proof" with facts and logic ~

* The Cloud x Aerith Proof:
~ Why they are and always will be the true pairing of FFVII ~

* The So-Called "CloTi Proof":
(A guest essay by Anastar)

* Other Stuff:
~ Opinion pieces and rants ~

The essays above are all new and/or updated. The ones below are still waiting their turn for updating. As
to when I will update them, I cannot specify. I am really busy IRL right now, so who knows?

* Cloud and Aerith: The PROOF

* Cloud and Tifa: The MISCONCEPTION

* Advent Children: The SEQUEL
- Cloud and Aerith: The FACTS
- Cloud and Tifa: The FALLACY

*~* Warning: Extremely ClAeris-oriented material is contained in these links. I am not responsible for the
emotional state of CloTi (CloudxTifa) fans who wander knowingly into these areas. In other words,
your own fault if you get pissed off
. *~*
Thanks to:
The fantastic staff and members of the CloudxAerith
forums! Thank you for your inspiration and insight!
Devotion: Cloud and Aerith's Love